What is the best lucky charm for the astro sign of Virgo?

Virgo natives are known for their analytical nature and attention to detail. They are diligent, organized and responsible people who can be counted on to stay focused on their goals. Virgos have an excellent sense of responsibility and pride themselves on their work ethic.

In terms of luck and fortune, Virgos are associated with several different lucky charms that help bring success and fortune into the lives of people born under this sign.

Today we are going to discover three of the most powerful.

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Overview of the Virgo sign

Lucky charm #1: lucky coins, for financial success

Lucky charm #2: a hand of Fatma, for protection

Lucky charm #3: a scale of Justice, for balance

Lithotherapy: which lucky stone for a Virgo?

Virgo's lucky plants

Virgo constellation drawn in a starry sky

Overview of the Virgo sign

Astrological signs are known for their notable differences in the personalities of different signs.

As such, Virgo is one of the most intelligent and rational signs of the zodiac, and here are some ways this character is expressed:

  • Virgos are attentive to details, able to see right and wrong and tell the sometimes unpleasant but necessary truth.
  • Virgo is an earth sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury. People born under this sign have a deep, analytical mind that likes to organize things.
  • They can be perfectionists, but their attention to detail means they never miss anything important.
  • The nature of the Virgo astrological sign makes them very practical. You can count on them to resolve any problem, because they always know how to resolve a difficult situation, often in record time.
  • In general, individuals born under this sign have a strong moral conscience and are loyal to their friends or spouses.
  • They have quite a subtle sense of humor and can be quite critical.
  • Aside from a tendency to have strong opinions, Virgo signs are generally loving, caring, and adorable.
  • This makes them the perfect friend or partner for many!

Lucky coins in a casino game

Lucky charm #1: lucky coins, for financial success

It is said that Virgos are particularly linked to coins, a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

These coins, which can be earned, inherited, or kept as souvenirs from a faraway getaway, are considered powerful symbols of luck and can help boost the sense of positivity and optimism that Virgos would need.

By keeping a coin with you and regularly taking the time to feel it in your pocket, it will be a new strength that will be offered to you when you need it.

In short, such lucky coins are believed to bring success in the form of financial gains to people born under this sign.

A lucky bracelet with a blue hand of Fatma

Lucky charm #2: a hand of Fatma, for protection

The hand of Fatma is another quality lucky charm for people with the astrological sign of Virgo.

This ancient, millennium-old symbol offers a sense of stability and security to anyone born under this sign.

The hand also means that all unlucky people, despite their bad luck or circumstances, can be helped and pampered by a divine power.

Obviously, it is appropriate for each star sign to follow its own path but carrying a hand of Fatima can stimulate additional confidence for those who see in it its real power.

If you are interested in wearing a hand of Fatma, that's a good thing: we have created this collection entirely dedicated to this powerful lucky charm.

Goddess of Justice holding her scales and her sword

Lucky charm #3: a scale of Justice, for balance

For people of the Virgo astrological sign, the scales of Justice represent a very positive symbol.

The idea behind this lucky charm is simple: you can find happiness in the balance between justice and morality, whether on a personal level or regarding more universal issues.

Astrological signs that have the Virgo sign in particular can use it as a source of inspiration, since these signs are known to love harmony and seek solutions to relationship problems.

In addition, this specific lucky charm could offer opportunities for self-improvement, even to those for whom this seems difficult to achieve.

In any case, this brooch bearing the scales of Justice will be an ideal gift (to give to yourself or to others) when it comes to a person bearing the sign of Virgo!

Lucky stones for Virgos

heal yourself with stones

thanks to the powers of lithotherapy


Lithotherapy: which lucky stone for a Virgo?

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice based on the use of stones and minerals to improve the body and mind.

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, then you can choose several birthstones to balance the incoming and outgoing forces according to your zodiac sign.


The first lucky stone for a Virgo is obsidian, as it is linked to the spiritual properties of innovation, inner strength and clarity.

Obsidian is considered to be the protective stone par excellence, specifically suitable for protection for people born under the sign of Virgo.

In addition to amplifying your positive energy, obsidian highlights hidden possibilities so you can better understand your deep yearnings and hatreds that impact your overall happiness.


Virgo people tend to be hardworking, honest and organized; qualities that can be encouraged by malachite.

This lucky stone is considered one of the most powerful for signs belonging to the earth sign group.

Yes: malachite helps amplify the power and inner strength of its owner and this is why it is very often associated with the most emotionally stable signs.

If you are looking for a lucky stone for a Virgo, consider malachite!

The sapphire

Lucky stones are believed to be the source of a positive physical, psychological and spiritual influence on the corresponding astrological sign. For a Virgo, this will be particularly the case with sapphire.

This crystal brings stability to anyone who needs it to make important decisions or simply lead a more balanced life.

Additionally, it is believed to awaken romantic feelings and lower stress levels.

It is therefore an excellent idea to own a sapphire if you were born under the sign of Virgo!

Other stones and crystals for Virgos

Other best stones to add to your wardrobe to ensure good luck in Virgo signs are Cirolite, Amazonite and Chrysoprase.

Each of them works its own magical benefits on your psychology, giving you a feeling of intimate spiritual connection.

By adding these stones to your lithotherapy collection, you can find greater inner balance and renewed confidence as you seek greater happiness.

A red orchid

Virgo's lucky plants

Those bearing the sign of Virgo are known for their practicality and intelligence, which is reflected by their choice of representative plants. These include ginseng, daisies, sage and nettle.

These spiritual links to these famous plants can offer the Virgin additional moments of luck, which will be sources of new opportunities.

In terms of flowers, one of these lucky plants to recommend to Virgos is the orchid. Indeed, it represents the sign of Virgo in its pure and most fragile form.

Placing a yarrow in one's living space is also very beneficial for a Virgo, as this flower is linked to long life and good health.

Finally, gentian will be another lucky plant to recommend to Virgos.

Fun fact: it is said that the Virgin Mary was also a Virgin. Therefore, many symbols related to the mother of Christ are considered good luck charms for Virgos. These include roses, lilies and wheat.

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