What is the point of Mastering your Chakras?

Discovered and transmitted by traditional Indian medicine for more than 5000 years, the chakras have numerous virtues. Also, they have beneficial effects on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

However, these vital energies are largely unknown to many people. The latter ignore the importance of chakra mastery. However, popular disciplines like yoga are based on the knowledge and exploitation of these energies.

Here, discover the whole point of mastering the chakras.

Shadow of the symbol of a chakra shown on a meditating woman.

A chakra: what is it?

Chakra is a word from an Indo-European language in which sacred texts from India are written. Translated into French, it means wheel or disk. Indeed, it has a connotation of movement.

The chakra reminds us that even in a state of rest, the body is always in movement. It is important to master these movements, to know their degrees, forces and impulses. Man is not only made up of flesh, blood, and tissue. It is animated by energy and a vital force.

The chakras represent the energy centers of the body. They are arranged along the spine. In the body there are more than 88,000 chakras. However, only 7 main chakras are considered. They are associated with particular stones and colors. To benefit from the beneficial effects of the chakras, you must master them.

Relaxation session with various tools supposed to soothe the chakras.

The importance of chakra mastery

The first chakra is red in color. It is located at the level of the perineum and connected to the coccyx. This is the root chakra. Its element is earth. Its stones are onyx and carnelian. It connects man to the physical world and allows him to take root in the elements necessary for his material survival. It gives stability, self-confidence and courage.

The second chakra is orange in color. Called the sacral chakra, it is located above the genitals. Its element is water. It provides sexuality, creativity and vitality. It is deeply linked to the feelings and relationships that man has with those around him.

Yellow in color, the third chakra is located between the solar plexus and the navel. It is called the solar chakra. His element is fire. It gives self-confidence, balance and spontaneity. It constitutes the center of physical energy.

The fourth chakra is green in color and located in the middle of the chest, at heart level. It is called the heart chakra. Its element is air. Its stones are rose quartz and aventurine. This chakra is that of love. It strengthens love towards oneself and towards others.

The fifth light blue chakra is located at the throat. More specifically, it is found at the location of the thyroid gland. Called the throat chakra, it is connected to the larynx. Its element is ether. It provides communication, productivity and expressiveness.

The sixth indigo blue chakra is located between the two eyebrows and in the middle of the forehead. It is called the 3rd eye chakra and is linked to the pituitary gland. Its element is the mind. It allows open-mindedness, extrasensory perceptions and knowledge.

The seventh chakra has a purple color. Its location is the top of the head. Called the crown chakra, it is linked to the epiphysis. Its element is the cosmos. It connects man to the spiritual world and allows self-realization.

Mastering the chakras allows you to avoid the negative effects they cause when they are closed. It also allows you to benefit from the benefits of the vital energy provided by the chakras.

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