What to do to Clean up your Karma? (practical advice)

When we arrive in this life, we bring with us many things from our past lives.

We could cite unconscious memories, memories of other existences... This is in reality our daily life and creates challenges for us to overcome. All this “debt” (whether positive or negative) has a specific name in many spiritual traditions: karma.

Sometimes we do not understand the reasons for the difficulties, the fears that we encounter, and all this creates us many doubts and insecurities that hinder our walk, generate anxiety and block our path. Therefore, it is important that we understand how we can change our reality, how we can free ourselves from this weight of past actions... In short, how to cleanse our karma!

In this article you will find a list of things you should start doing in your daily life in order to start cleaning up your karma right away.

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Things to do to cleanse your karma

The concept of karma reminds human beings that for every action an individual takes, there will be a reaction. According to the Hindu and Buddhist religions, this idea can designate the fact that specific actions lead to consequences, sometimes delayed in time and in forms that are at least unexpected.

Cleaning up your karma is therefore an understandable objective if we want to have the best future for ourselves!

To achieve this, here is a list of some tips that you can follow.

Use the right tools

First of all, know that there are many tools (from equally varied spiritual traditions) that offer you the possibility of improving your karma at little cost.

By acting on our vibration rate, a certain chakra, our subtle bodies and a whole bunch of other things, some of these tools are recommended by therapists around the world.

We are now bringing together a few in this part of our site dedicated to meditation and spiritual practices. In particular, we advise you to take an interest in the functioning of Tibetan prayer flags or even that of the singing bowl. ..

Learn to be quiet

Calm down ! Sometimes, in the most difficult moments of life, we talk, say or shout things that we later regret. A good way to clean up your karma is to keep quiet, to learn not to say things that plant seeds that will then grow into bad karma.

We often think that our emotional blocks cause us to keep quiet. Sometimes, on the contrary, they push us to speak. However, very often healing and awakening come from silence. The hubbub is rather the characteristic of an excessive ego and pride.

Avoid judging others

We're all different. It's easy to judge others, but we don't always put ourselves in the other person's shoes to know their situation. One way to cleanse your karma is to try to understand others.

The other is not stupid, not bad, just different. He is the embodiment of something that exists. His physical body is worth as much as yours. Respect him and you will receive respect in turn.

Our souls are all linked, and their harmonization could well be the goal of our incarnations here on earth.

Forgive, be free

Don't let yourself be locked in. Did they hurt you? So let the negative emotions flow. If you focus on the harm you suffered, it will hurt you even more and block your spirituality.

If you think negatively, you will have negative karma. This karma will deviate your life path and decrease your vital energy. However, this is not what the divine plan has decided for you. So you will have to learn to let go.

Have a free life. Be free.

Focus your attention

Focus on positive things. If you receive 100 positive and negative comments, focus on the positives. One past life is negative while another is positive? Place your attention on the second. We all have free will to do this.

Do you like to sing? Sing. If you like to dance, dance. If you try to be happy, you will radiate happiness and the world will send you more happiness. Happiness is therapy for us, but also for others.

Speak positively

If you speak positively, you will quickly perceive positive changes around you. Our life is then marked by serenity, acceptance and positivity. According to many psychologists, this is how karma works.

By speaking positively, by being in a positive mode, we create positive imprints in our mind. And this turns into positive karma. Suffering is then reduced while our vitality increases.

Love without expecting anything in return

By giving love, you receive love. But if you give love in order to receive love, you will only receive self-serving love, false love. Such a vibration is necessarily bad and can create seemingly inexplicable discomfort.

A bit like with the law of karma, it is important to love without expecting anything in return, to give love no matter what you receive. Follow your intuition with kindness and compassion, and everything should be fine.

Practitioner of taichi and other energy arts who trains above a mountain.

How to Reverse Karmic Debts

In addition to the methods described above, it is appropriate to have and maintain appropriate behaviors which will serve to alleviate the weight of our karmic debts, whatever they may be. To better understand this concept of karmic debt, here is a blog post from the astro part of femmenouvelle.fr which describes what we are talking about quite well.

In fact, more to the point, these actions are so positive that they can reverse your karmic debt, turning it into positive karma more than just cleaning it up.

We will highlight the most important of them:

  • See children as true temples of God and never hurt them physically and/or verbally.
  • Share the little or the much that we have, in accordance with the "law of Providence", which allows us to lack nothing.
  • Forgiving those who offend or mistreat us, understanding that these may be people who have crossed our path because of our previous karmic debts.
  • Respect yourself, take care of your body and seek out activities and distractions that make the mind happy.
  • Do not avoid obstacles, face them with humility and with the conviction that you will do your best to resolve them.
  • Try to establish a temple of love in your heart and pass every event that happens in your life through this love potion before making any decision.

Statue of the Buddha meditating in front of an altar with offerings.

The power of meditation on karma

Meditating every day is a good way to cleanse your karma, learn about ourselves and reflect on your life.

You can start meditating twice a day, in 5-minute sessions. Increase the frequency and duration as you go and according to your needs. If you can't stay calm enough to sit on a blanket on the floor in a meditation position, you can first try to relax as much as possible. You will then notice that you have many tense points on your body, facial muscles, legs, etc.

You can cleanse your karma by focusing on these points and trying to release the tension from them. At the same time you have to try to clear your mind, your mind has to think of nothing, it's difficult to achieve and you won't get there in a day or even a week, but you will make progress with each try.

While you meditate, your body should stop all muscular and mental activity, and in this peace you will discover many things about yourself. Five minutes is nothing in a day. If you do it daily, once you get the hang of it, you will naturally want to spend more and more time meditating.

Really, meditation can have real impacts on our karma (positive impacts, of course). If you want to discover more about this link between meditative practices and liberation of karma, here is an interesting line of thought offered by the site inexploré.com.

Reiki pendulum with a high energy crystal at the end, used for healing.

Cleansing your karma with Reiki

There are many ways to accelerate the cleansing of karma and even that of the soul, to free ourselves from this weight that weighs us down so much. There are many possible ways to achieve good results, provided you always have a serious intention to improve yourself and seek spiritual elevation. What we are going to talk about now is the method of clearing your karma using Reiki.

Cosmic energy, which circulates through our energy points (our chakras for example) and our meridians promotes our karmic cleansing. Indeed, when the energies of our being are clean, pure and stabilized, we begin to heal from within, healing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems.

This is what Reiki provides and this is how we feel serene and become able to understand the intuitions that show us “what comes next”. We must then be able to easily overcome problems, making the right decisions, based on the feeling on the heart, on the mind that speaks.

Good behavior, associated with good functioning of the chakras, will allow you to open new paths and quickly leave behind your heavy karmic burdens, whether they arise from previous lives or from this one!

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