Where does evil come from ? (Philosophical Tale by Leo Tolstoy)

“Where Does Evil Come From” is a philosophical tale by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy. It depicts a discussion between a hermit and several forest animals. The question these companions ask themselves is simple: “But in fact, where does evil in the world come from? What is its source? "For the crow, it is hunger which is the mother of all misfortunes. The pigeon speaks rather of love and the snake claims that it is wickedness which is the source of the world's evils. The deer rather highlights fear. In this story, no one agrees. The story “Where Evil Comes From” shows us that everything is a question of point of view. Since the suffering that each individual experiences is different, it is normal for everyone to think that their source is unique, intimate to them. The hermit comes to bring his witty wisdom and settles the question: all the evil in the world comes from one and the same element… the nature of being. If everything that exists implies the presence of being, evil must necessarily come from it. Here is the message of this Russian tale, and of Leo Tolstoy.

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