Which Symbol of Passing Time suits you?

The question of the passage of time has sparked the most lively debates among wise men, philosophers and scientists... since the dawn of time. (That's the case to say !)

The complex nature of this measurable but impossible to capture physical quantity ultimately leads each individual to bring to it a meaning that will be personal to them.

Associated with the ideas of memories, projection, imagination and anchoring in reality (to name just a few), there is really something to do with our topic of the day.

In short, together we will try to understand what time is through some of its most famous symbols because, as everyone knows, everyday symbolism often hides great truths about our world.

Contents :

1st symbol: the hourglass

2nd symbol: the clock

3rd symbol: infinity

4th symbol: the Ouroboros

5th symbol: lucky numbers

Landscape of a fantasy world with a giant hourglass in front of an arch.

1st symbol: the hourglass

The hourglass is perhaps the most obvious symbol of time.

This is really no coincidence: it carries within itself some of the greatest messages linked to the notions of time, duration and transience, but also to the human condition in general.

A theme commonly associated with hourglasses is that of the implacability of fate.

Indeed, the sand in the hourglass flows, and will always flow no matter what. The same goes for certain events in our lives.

Everything in nature unfolds in a cyclical pattern that, although we can sometimes influence them, will never stop rotating...

Another idea linked to this great symbol of time is that of the link between the spiritual and the material, the sacred and the profane.

If you look at an hourglass, its symmetry is striking: it is divided into two perfectly identical parts, one being at the bottom and the other at the top.

The principle of the clepsydra (the ancestor of the hourglass), however, requires that there be a fine channel allowing communication between these two parts.

This fine channel also exists between the sacred spheres and those where you and I live...

When we also see that an hourglass is regularly turned over, and that the part below passes over it and vice versa, certain complex esoteric teachings take on their full meaning...

“As above, so below.” This sentence which made more than one mind wonder is expressed wonderfully through this great symbol of the passing of time that is the hourglass.

If this kind of philosophical consideration speaks to you, this hourglass that we offer on our site should arouse your curiosity.

Old clock with an aged and damaged dial.

2nd symbol: the clock

Many of us don't particularly like clocks: they remind us that we have obligations in our day and that we sometimes fall behind.

In other words, a clock is a symbol of time passing… or rather, time slipping through our fingers.

The most philosophical among us, however, will not see this the same way. For them, the clock will rather be a reminder that the time allotted to us (in our day, but also in our life) is strictly limited and that we must therefore use it as best we can.

If seeing a clock puts you into stress and gloom, it's clearly not a good thing.

If, on the other hand, it reminds you that you must enjoy every moment, do as much good as possible around you and spend time with your loved ones, then the clock will become a resolutely positive symbol.

It is also interesting to note that clocks are encountered very frequently in dreams and in the world of imagination in general.

This strong symbol of the passing of time should not be ignored and should make you ask questions…

Are you using your time wisely?

Are you missing something important?

Should you take more time for yourself?

Only you can answer these questions.

Giant infinity shaped fireworks display.

3rd symbol: infinity

The word infinity is derived from the Latin term "infinitas", which means "eternity", "endless". Its meaning has therefore been known for millennia now without ever having been modified.

Most of us know infinity as a mathematical symbol that expresses "something that knows no limits." This is correct, but can also apply to other areas.

If we look at it through the concept of time, the symbol of infinity takes on a much deeper meaning.

The interpretations here are numerous and we will limit ourselves to mentioning only the most striking:

  • In the face of time, the moment we are experiencing literally sucks. Dividing a fixed quantity by infinity indeed gives the result zero. This makes us clearly understand how fleeting our reality is.
  • If time is infinite, how can it have a beginning or an end? How then could the universe have been created without one moment preceding all the others? Is this proof of the existence of God?
  • Trying to understand the infinity of time is a mise en abyme commonly used to induce modified states of consciousness.
  • Through its curve, this symbol of time indicates a perpetual movement in constant evolution. This clearly resembles how the world works...

It’s clear, there are many interpretations here.

There is a model that we would like to focus on: the double infinity.

Composed of two infinities nested within each other, it represents the eternal nature of a relationship that binds two people. Here it is more the feelings than the time that are put forward.

If we tell you about it, it is simply because for us the double infinity is one of the most beautiful lucky symbols that you can wear, and our community is absolutely delighted with this bracelet that we are offering which highlights it. 'honor.

Two drawings of ouroboros in symmetry.

4th symbol: the ouroboros

If the term infinite comes from Latin, ouroboros comes from ancient Greek.

This expression literally means “ one who devours his tail ” (in Greek, tail translates as “oura” and eat as “boros”).

In fact, that tells us pretty well what we're talking about. The ouroboros is in fact this legendary snake which bites its tail, wrapping itself in itself as it advances on its meal.

You will have understood: his quest is futile and the ouroboros is destined to bite his tail for eternity.

This is therefore a symbol of the passing of time and above all of its cyclical nature.

More broadly, the sages of antiquity associated with the ouroboros the notions of regenerative cycle, renewal and, inevitably, perpetuity.

We can further learn a great message through this mythological figure…

Time is constantly passing and flowing, with the old continually being destroyed to make way for the new.

If time stopped, the old could no longer die... and the new would no longer have room to appear.

In other words, it is the perpetual and unchanging nature of time that allows life, creation and change to exist.

To learn more about this Greek mythological figure, we recommend the Wikipedia page on this subject, which is complete and quite serious.

Dozens of numbers in all colors.

5th symbol: lucky numbers

We could not talk about the symbols of time without talking about numbers.

Although not all of them have a direct connection to our subject, some are truly evocative and carry great spiritual messages.

In short, here are the lucky numbers that we can relate to time:

  • 0 : Time is infinite, so is 0. In fact, the absolute of anything is a mise en abyme comparable to that of something that has no limit. In other words, 0 is an expression of the infinitely small, literally.
  • 1 : We often divide time into the past, present and future. However, in the end, each part of these categories is only made up of moments. Even if the past seems past and the future uncertain, their essence is profoundly the same as that of the moment we are experiencing now. Unit time, that’s the meaning of 1.
  • 3 : As said before, we divide time between the past, the present and the future. .. and this is relevant in certain points! Each of these categories indeed remains distinct (at least from our point of view). The number 3 therefore expresses this reality.
  • 8 : The 8 drawn in the same way as the symbol for infinity. This is obviously full of meaning. In numerology, this number expresses eternity and the unsurpassable... Interesting!

To delve deeper into the subject, here is an article from another site which focuses on the meaning of numbers from other angles.

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