Wishes from Past Lives: Understanding them to free yourself

Past life is a fascinating concept that can teach us a lot about our present.

Concretely, it is possible to discover what we experienced in our past lives and how this influences our current journey.

The answers obtained through certain visions offer powerful and profound insights into the obstacles encountered as well as the means to free oneself from them in order to progress on the path of one's personal destiny.

Contents :

1. The concept of reincarnations

2. Past life wishes: definition

3. Chastity, celibacy, silence, etc.

4. How to free ourselves from the wishes of our past lives


The concept of reincarnations

The concept of reincarnations is a fascinating topic explored by many cultures around the world.

This is a belief that when a person dies, their soul can be reborn and take on a different physical form. Followers of this theory believe that souls are eternal and will continue to travel between lives until they reach their highest spiritual potential.

It is actually difficult to give a more precise definition of the thing: people who believe in reincarnation each tend to have a different sensitivity on the question.

In any case one thing is certain, it will always be interesting to consider each experience as an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.

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Past life wishes: definition

According to some spiritual beliefs, past life wishes are promises we made to ourselves or other beings in past lives. These wishes can be positive or negative, conscious or unconscious, and can have an impact on our current life.

Past life wishes are often associated with the concept of karma, which describes the spiritual law of cause and effect whereby our actions in the past have consequences for our current and future lives. Past life wishes can be considered a form of karma, in that they can influence our present life depending on the quality of these wishes.

Past life wishes can be positive, such as promising to do good in the current life, or negative, such as promising revenge on a person or situation. These wishes can be conscious or unconscious, and can be activated by events or situations in current life.


Chastity, celibacy, silence, etc.

Sometimes vows are promises that certain individuals may make to themselves or to a religious institution as part of their spiritual practice. These vows can be considered sacred promises, which impact the life and choices of the individual who makes them.

The vow of chastity is a commitment to abstain from sexual activity. It can be done within the framework of certain religions or spiritual practices.

The vow of celibacy is a commitment not to marry or have romantic or sexual relations. It can be done by priests, monks, nuns or others who are dedicated to a spiritual life.

The vow of silence is a commitment to refrain from speaking or to limit one's speech. It can be done as part of certain spiritual practices such as meditation or contemplation.

These vows can be seen as forms of spiritual discipline, aimed at helping the individual achieve a higher state of consciousness or draw closer to God or the universe. However, it is important to note that these wishes are not appropriate for everyone, and should be taken consciously and with full knowledge.

x_How to free ourselves from the wishes of our past lives

How to free ourselves from the wishes of our past lives

In reality, there is no simple answer to this question, as beliefs and practices vary across spiritual and religious traditions. However, here are some general approaches that can be helpful in freeing yourself from past life wishes:

Become aware of wishes: The first step to freeing yourself from past life wishes is to recognize and understand them. This can be done through meditation, introspection, or by working with a spiritual advisor or therapist.

Perform release prayers and rituals: Some religions and spiritual traditions have specific prayers and rituals to help release past life wishes. For example, in Tibetan Buddhism there are purification prayers to release negative wishes.

Working on your energy: Some spiritual practices involve using energy to release wishes from past lives. For example, practicing meditation or yoga can help release blocked energy in the body and release wishes.

Change behavior: In some cases, freeing yourself from past life wishes may require changing behavior in the current life. For example, if you made a negative wish in a past life, you can try to redeem yourself by doing good deeds in the current life.

It is important to note that releasing past life wishes can be a complex process and often requires patience, perseverance and regular practice.

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