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Irish Claddagh Ring

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The Irish Claddagh ring is a lucky charm that many use to mark their romantic commitment.

  • Irish lucky charm linked to friendship, love and loyalty
  • Discreet and cute ring, many love it for its appearance
  • Selected by our expert jeweler
  • Material: silver plated brass and zirconium stones
  • Several sizes available
  • Refund ALWAYS possible (see our returns policy)

The Claddagh ring? What is this again?

In Ireland, the Claddagh ring has been known as a great symbol of friendship and/or love since the 17th century.

The Irish Claddagh ring traditionally bears a design consisting of a pair of hands holding a heart, and with a crown above.

These three symbolize are respectively associated with love, friendship and loyalty. The thinking here is rather easy, it’s true. However, how these things can help us is perhaps a little more complex.

Wearing an Irish Claddagh ring on the right hand and with the design facing outward traditionally sends a clear message : this person is single and ready to commit to a new relationship.

More than just a tradition, wearing your ring this way is supposed to attract and ultimately offer you sincere love.

This is a commonly shared idea and, according to some accounts, a very tangible reality. Finding an explanation for the phenomenon is, however, a complicated task.

Indeed, there are many legends that tell us the origin of the Claddagh ring. We will tell you the one that seems most likely to us.

While sailing towards the West Indies, a member of the Joyce clan of Galway was captured and enslaved by a pirate from Algiers. During his long years of imprisonment, he was the "property" of a very famous goldsmith in the city.

It was in this context that he created the design of the Irish Claddagh ring, putting into it all his hopes and his love for his beloved native land.

When William III of Orange became king, he demanded that the Moors release all prisoners of the British crown.

Once back in Ireland, our talented craftsman set up his own business and his creations were very successful... Perhaps because the Irish lucky charms he made showed real effectiveness, who knows?

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