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Phallic Tintinnabulum Pendant

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Phallic pendant of the tintinnabulum is a Roman lucky charm with a rather... provocative shape.

  • Roman lucky charm with... astonishing appearance
  • Used to distract the evil eye, and therefore protect us from it
  • Very popular symbol in ancient Rome
  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Refund ALWAYS possible (see our returns policy)

The tintinnabulum, I can see clearly that it is a phallus... But what could it possibly be used for?

Well let's fight the evil eye!

Before telling you more, we will explain to you what the “evil eye” really is.

This concept teaches us that some people have the ability to cause harm just by sending an ill-intentioned look.

The evil eye can be cast intentionally or by accident. It is therefore not always possible to determine who has the power of the eye, and sometimes those who have it do not know it themselves.

The Romans were particularly aware of this phenomenon. They had also found strange ways to protect themselves...

In ancient Rome, wearing a phallic tintinnabulum pendant was a way of paying homage to Fascinus, a protective deity of men whose cult was usually entrusted to the famous "Vestal Virgins". (You might suspect, but yes, the word “fascinate” comes from the name of this Roman god.)

In ancient times, it was believed that by distracting the evil eye with sexually explicit images, it would be "fascinated" and forget to look in your direction.

The phallic pendant of the tintinnabulum was therefore a very popular Roman lucky charm when it came to protecting oneself from the evil eye.

According to Pliny the Elder, amulets featuring phalluses were worn by everyone from military generals to small children.

In short, all this shows us that we sometimes have to go beyond our first impressions, this tintinnabulum pendant being (much) more than a simple obscene symbol.

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