14 Benefits of Lavender (use, powers, virtues)

Lavender is an aromatic plant that offers many benefits. It has been used for centuries for its medicinal, curative and spiritual properties.

As experts in esotericism, we know that lavender can be a powerful tool for balancing the energies of the body and mind.

In this article, we'll explore some of the surprising benefits that lavender can bring to your life.

Contents :

1. Lavender from a botanical point of view

2. History of Lavender Use

3. What active ingredients are in lavender?

4. Benefit of lavender #1: an anti-stress

5. Benefit of lavender #2: antibacterial and healing

6. Benefit of lavender #3: better sleep

7. Benefit of lavender #4: a soothing scent

8. Benefit of lavender #5: better skin

9. Benefit of lavender #6: less pain

10. Dangers and contraindications of lavender

11. Dried lavender

12. Lavender essential oil

13. Lavender soap

14. Lavender in cooking

Lavender from a botanical point of view

Summary of the virtues and uses of lavender

Lavender is a perennial herbaceous plant with multiple benefits. Used in medicine and perfumery, it offers many benefits for physical and mental health.

First of all, lavender has a relaxing effect on the central nervous system which helps reduce anxiety and stress. By breathing in its sweet, soothing scent, you feel calmer and rested throughout the day. Lavender is also known to relieve occasional headaches caused by stress and anxiety.

Additionally, it has natural antiseptic properties that can be used to treat various types of skin infections such as minor cuts or skin irritations related to insect bites or other common skin allergies. It also contains anti-inflammatory components which help reduce swelling due to minor injuries or other common musculoskeletal problems such as a ligament sprain for example.

Furthermore, there are different cosmetic products available in the market made from purified lavender essential oils which are very effective in hydrating dry skin and presenting a fresh complexion all day long!

There are also spasmodic aromatic oils specially designed to promote deep sleep without nighttime interruption thanks to the calming virtues offered by the pure extracts resulting from the distillatory process traditionally applied by our ancestral ancestors.

Finally, lavender has always been known as a magical herb capable of helping its wearer.

Some people using shamanic rituals use it to stimulate certain psychological aspects such as:

  • Courage
  • love
  • Strength
  • Inspiration

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History of Lavender Use

In fact, the use of lavender dates back to ancient times. The Greeks and Romans used this plant for its medicinal, aromatic and magical properties.

Lavender was considered sacred by these ancient people who made offerings to the gods. It was also associated with spiritual purification and cleansing of evil spirits.

During the Middle Ages, herbalists developed a more systematic practice of using lavender therapeutically. It was believed that its scents could cure various physical and psychological ailments such as stress, anxiety and lack of appetite. Today, it is still widely used to treat a multitude of mental and physical disorders thanks to its very powerful essential oil.

Lavender has also long been used in magical rituals to attract love or drive away misfortune. As a protective herb, it was placed on doors to prevent evil forces from entering the home or around graves to protect those who rest in peace after death. In some modern religious rites, lavender is still burned as intense to positively attract blessed spiritual vibrations towards oneself or one's home.

Today, many continue to appreciate the unique relaxing scent of lavender as well as its multiple therapeutic virtues, which have been recognized for so long by humanity!


What active ingredients are in lavender?

Lavender is a widespread medicinal plant that has soothing and relaxing properties. It can be used to treat a wide range of physical, mental and spiritual problems.

The first active substance found in lavender is phenol eugenic acid or “eugenol”. This molecule helps relieve muscle and joint pain associated with colds or minor injuries such as bruises.

It also has antiseptic properties that can help fight some common skin infections like acne or psoriasis.

Additionally, it acts as a powerful muscle relaxant that can help you feel calmer and less stressed after a busy day at the office or on the sports field!

Another important active ingredient found in lavender is linolenic acid, or “mala”. This natural component is mainly found in sunflower seeds, but it is also found in small quantities in lavender itself.

Mala is known to have beneficial anti-inflammatory effects on your immune system, meaning it can help you fight various types of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or certain chronic neurological disorders such as Parkinson's. Teller.

Additionally, mala is an integral part of the natural cellular healing process; this means it promotes better blood flow to damaged tissues so they can repair themselves more quickly!

Finally, we also find different volatile aromatic terpenes present in the unique chemical composition of each specific variety of freshly picked flower: lemongrass, pine, rosemary, clove, etc.

These terpenes not only have a direct calming effect on our central nervous system, thereby helping to decrease our accumulated daily stress levels, but they also offer a full range of additional benefits related to self-care: increased skin thinning, deep hydration, etc.

In short, if you are looking for an effective natural remedy to take care of your body without resorting to industrial chemicals, then look no further, because lavender is THE ideal solution!


Benefit of lavender #1: an anti-stress

The benefits of lavender are numerous and varied. One of the main properties of this aromatic plant is its anti-stress effect, which makes it an excellent natural remedy to combat stress and anxiety.

Lavender has long been used as an aid to relaxation and meditation, as it stimulates the senses and soothes the body. It can be inhaled or applied directly to the skin to relieve muscular and mental tension. Lavender essential oils are also very popular, as they diffuse a relaxing scent in any room where they are placed.

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Benefit of lavender #2: antibacterial and healing

For thousands of years, lavender has been recognized for its medicinal properties and benefits. The second thing we will discover about lavender is its antibacterial and healing action.

Lavender has natural antiseptic properties that allow it to be a powerful remedy against bacterial infections. It can be used on an open wound to prevent further infection by killing any germs present.

Additionally, it also has soothing anti-inflammatory effects that reduce swelling and relieve pain associated with minor injuries such as cuts, burns or bruises.

With its healing properties, it also helps speed up the healing process by promoting the formation of healthy tissue around the damaged site.

The icing on the cake is that it also stimulates local blood circulation, which allows the body to more quickly provide the nutrients it needs to repair itself properly.

There are therefore different simple ways to use this plant with multiple virtues: apply directly to an area affected by a bacterial infection or even integrate a few drops into your daily notifying routine!


Benefit of lavender #3: better sleep

Lavender has relaxing properties that can be used to relieve anxiety and nervous tension, helping to improve sleep quality.

Lavender essential oils are particularly effective here, because they act directly on the nerve centers responsible for the circadian rhythm (internal clock) which controls our sleep-wake cycle. They also stimulate the production of oxytocin, a hormone linked to the feeling of relaxation and falling asleep easily.

Lavender's calming effects can be achieved by diffusing its scent through diffusers or applying a few drops of essential oil to your pillow or bedspread. You can also take a hot bath flavored with lavender oil before going to sleep to increase concentration and promote a calming feeling so that you can quickly fall asleep and have a good restful night!

However, if you frequently suffer from chronic insomnia, it is advisable to consult a qualified professional to find suitable solutions. Who knows, maybe he will recommend lavender!


Benefit of lavender #4: a soothing and revitalizing scent

Lavender is an herb with multiple medicinal properties. Its sweet, pleasant smell provides a feeling of calm and relaxation, making it one of the best essential oils for relieving stress and anxiety.

This plant also has positive effects on our immune system, because it helps stimulate our natural defenses against certain infectious diseases such as colds or flu.

We can therefore fully benefit from the calming benefits of the soothing scent of lavender thanks to the essential oil diffuser: simply add a few drops to a bowl filled with hot water so that its aroma will fill your entire room!

You can also make your own homemade cosmetic products (body scrubs, moisturizing lotions, etc.) enriched with Lavender angustifolia essential oil to effectively care for your body and mind while enjoying the subtle fragrance it exudes!


Benefit of lavender #5: better skin

Lavender is a popular plant and much appreciated for its benefits on the skin. It contains essential oils that help improve the appearance of your skin, making it a great natural remedy for skin problems such as acne, redness or irritation.

Lavender is also known to be soothing and antiseptic, meaning it helps calm sensitive, irritated skin.

When it comes to taking care of your skin, there are several ways to use lavender to achieve optimal results. You can directly apply a mixture of lavender essential oil diluted with a neutral vegetable oil such as jojoba or sweet almond to your face or create a hot infusion made from fresh or dry flowers.

Hot infusions allow the product's nutrients to be absorbed into the skin more quickly and effectively so you can immediately feel its calming and hydrating effect.

You can also use this magical plant as the main ingredient in various homemade masks: simply mix honey, fat-free Greek yogurt and a few drops of lavender essential oil until you obtain a homogeneous texture; then apply to the face before rinsing thoroughly after 10 minutes!

This simultaneously allows your skin to absorb all the nutrients it needs, and frees up time-clogged pores so your complexion becomes radiant instantly!

Finally, there is no need to mention that regularly drinking infusions made from fresh or dried flowers is another excellent natural remedy for maintaining a beautiful appearance: not only do they taste delicious, but they also provide the body with essential vitality and tone.

So don't hesitate, try them if you want to fully benefit from the incredible benefits offered by Lavender.

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Benefit of lavender #6: less pain

The use of lavender to relieve pain is very old. For example, it is said that lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which can help alleviate certain pain.

Our aromatic plant thus offers a natural solution to people suffering from chronic or occasional pain. Research shows that it can be used to treat various types of pain, including those associated with arthritis and back pain.

In addition to being effective against muscle, joint and nerve pain, it also helps reduce the stress and anxiety that often accompany body ailments.

Lavender also promotes good blood circulation, which allows better absorption of nutrients by the body and a soothing effect on it.

Regular consumption of essential oils or inhalations can have positive effects on your immune system while helping to reduce your symptoms related to physical pain such as intense fatigue, menstrual cramps or even chronic migraines.

Here again, we cannot emphasize enough that each organism is unique, so it is important to always seek advice from your treating physician before any additional intake or topical (local) application of products.


Dangers and contraindications of lavender

Known for centuries for its health benefits, lavender is widely used in cosmetic products and natural remedies.

Despite all these incredible benefits, there are some dangers associated with excessive or improper use of lavender.

For example, it can cause allergies in certain individuals sensitive to the active components present in its complex chemical composition.

And, it should not be consumed orally.

Also, it contains camphor which can cause various harmful side effects such as dizziness or excessive drowsiness if ingested in large quantities.

Finally, be careful with pure essential oils sold on the market, because they tend to be too concentrated to be applied directly to the skin without risk of skin irritation.

In conclusion, lavender is an excellent natural remedy recognized for its multiple therapeutic virtues. However, it is always advisable to respect the prescribed doses in order to quickly avoid any adverse effects linked to its abusive use.


Dried lavender

Dried lavender is a natural product very appreciated for its many benefits. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine as well as in esoteric practices. Dried lavender offers a variety of benefits, including physical and mental benefits, making it one of the most popular herbs in the world.

The physical benefits of dried lavender include:

  • Possibility of helping to relieve anxiety and stress
  • Provide calming effects to soothe the nerves – Helps reduce muscle pain
  • Relieve certain symptoms related to digestive disorders such as constipation or diarrhea
  • Reduce certain skin inflammations such as eczema or psoriasis.

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Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is a very popular product in esotericism and it has exceptional properties. It can be used for therapeutic, spiritual and even magical purposes.

The benefits of using essential oils are numerous, including those offered by lavender:

  • Calms the nerves and soothes the mind
  • Promotes good quality sleep
  • Helps relieve muscle pain
  • Relieves stress and helps you relax
  • Has natural antiseptic properties
  • May contribute to the physical or emotional healing process.

Additionally, when combined with magical practice, it can reinforce the positive intentions you want to see manifested in your life.

Lavender essential oil can be burned on a white candle during a ritual to increase its magical power or simply inhaled to fully benefit from its calming effects on the body and mind.

You can also create a blend of specific essential oils that correspond to the goals you are looking for, such as attracting more financial or romantic abundance, by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to amplify its effectiveness!


Lavender soap

Lavender soap is a very popular product because it offers a multitude of benefits for your body and mind.

First, lavender soap has soothing properties on sensitive or irritated skin. It helps fight skin inflammation and relieves itching linked to allergies or dermatological diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.

Note here that its softness makes it a product suitable for daily cleansing of all skin types.

Lavender soap also has relaxing properties that promote restful sleep and calm the tired mind after a busy day.

Indeed, this product naturally releases calming phytomolecules which provide an invaluable sensation of soothing after each application to the face or entire body.

Finally, thanks to the antiseptics present in its composition, this moisturizer not only effectively purifies the skin but also purifies the ambient air by diffusing its fresh and subtle aroma around you while you take your morning shower!

To summarize: lavender soap is rich in essential nutritional active ingredients which intensely nourish our body; its anti-inflammatory properties help treat certain skin conditions. It provides deep relaxation thanks to its soothing action; finally, it purifies the ambient air around us while providing a pleasant floral scent!

Lavender in the kitchen

Lavender in cooking

Lavender is a wonderful and versatile ingredient that can be used for culinary purposes.

It has a sweet and delicate flavor, making it the ideal ingredient to add a subtle touch to dishes. Additionally, it is rich in antioxidants and also contains powerful antibacterial properties that are beneficial for our health.

Yes, lavender brings a unique flavor to all types of savory or sweet recipes. It can be used to flavor your favorite desserts like lemon tarts or cakes.

You can also incorporate this herb into some tasty recipes such as asparagus rice or a fragrant grilled fish dish.

We have seen it throughout this article: this plant has different modes of action, some of which have very specific therapeutic virtues.

So there are many benefits of including this miraculous plant in your daily cooking.

So don’t hesitate to express your culinary creativity thanks to the exceptional benefits offered by the famous French lavender!

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Medicinal lavender

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