Clairvoyance & Divination: Discovery of Graphomancy

Graphomancy is an ancestral art that allows you to read between the lines of words and texts. It is based on the fact that each word reflects a specific energy, which makes it a valuable tool for exploring our intuition and obtaining answers to our existential questions.

This alternative form of divination can be used as a complement to other classic divination techniques. Graphomancy offers the possibility of exploring more deeply the mysteries hidden behind the letters and thus guiding towards the intimate understanding of the subject addressed.

Contents :

1. Definition of graphomancy

2. Etymology of the word graphomancy

3. Principles of graphomancy

4. What are the tools of graphomancy?

5. How does graphomancy work?

6. How does a graphomancy session take place?

7. Advice and precautions to take with regard to graphomancy


Definition of graphomancy

Graphomancy is a divinatory practice which consists of interpreting written characters. It allows access to the deepest aspects of our thoughts and offers additional insight into our lives.

Letters, words or symbols are considered expressions of our unconscious. They can reveal some hidden information that we would not otherwise be able to perceive. Graphomancy is therefore a powerful tool for understanding what is happening deep within oneself and becoming aware of things that one would otherwise ignore.

This ancient practice is still widely used today by those seeking to uncover their own secret motivations or aspirations, particularly when faced with difficult or complex personal challenges.


Etymology of the word graphomancy

Graphomancy is an esoteric practice which consists of guessing through writing. Its name comes from the Greek words "graphene" and "health", meaning writing and divination respectively.

This technique is based on the interpretation of texts or images to find answers to the questions asked. It thus makes it possible to determine the future, by analyzing the symbols written by the consultant on a physical medium.

To obtain the information sought, graphomancy must be attentive to the smallest details in order to correctly interpret what these symbolic or mystical elements say. The results are then communicated to the applicant through careful reading of the text produced during the consultation.

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Principles of graphomancy

Graphomania is a unique way of writing that reflects the personality, emotional states and experiences of each individual. Psychics specializing in graphomania observe elements such as the size of letters, the inclination, the pressure exerted on the paper and the spacing between words in order to deduce certain dominant characteristics of your personality.

This discipline can be useful in answering various questions.

What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What is my ultimate goal? How can I achieve this goal?

The fundamentals of graphomania can help you understand your own personal value. They offer deep insight into oneself and allow people to explore their intuitive or psychological abilities in order to find solutions to existing or future problems.


What are the tools of graphomancy?

Graphomancy is a practice that does not require specific tools. The main instrument used is a sample of the consultant's handwriting. This can be done on paper or in digital form, and includes letters, notes or any other documents written by the consultant themselves.

Some psychics opt to use special pens in order to better observe certain aspects of the spelling and structure of written words.

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How does graphomancy work?

Graphomancy is based on the principle that our subconscious influences the way we write. By analyzing different aspects such as letter size, inclination and others, a graphomania specialist can detect various information related to your personality as well as certain past and future trends in your life.

This analysis then allows you to make a global interpretation that can help you better understand what you are currently going through and make smarter decisions for the future.

In short, graphomancy is a powerful tool allowing you to carry out deep introspection in order to move forward personally and spiritually towards your ultimate goal.

How does a graphomancy session take place?

How does a graphomancy session take place?

A typical graphomancy session begins with analyzing your writing style. The practitioner will look at the size of the letters, the pressure applied and the spacing between words. From these observations, it will interpret your results and provide you with information about your personality, current emotions or future trends.

It is important to note that graphomancy does not replace a medical or psychological consultation: it is only a complement to understanding certain aspects of oneself.

Advice_and_precautions_to_take_with respect to_graphomancy

Advice and precautions to take regarding graphomancy

When you consult a graphomania specialist, it is essential to have confidence in him and his skills. Keep in mind that each practitioner has their own interpretation of things.

Graphomancy is just one tool to help you find the answers you need. It is important to remain open to the different points of view that may be offered during a session.

Remember that each person remains in control of their destiny and must make their decisions freely.

This form of divination offers a unique approach to accessing information hidden through our handwriting.

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