Clairvoyance & Divination: discovery of Runomancy

Runomancy is an ancestral practice that allows access to subtle information. She uses the symbolism of runes to receive a divine message and interpret it in order to give spiritual or practical advice on daily life.

This ancient form of clairvoyance offers more than just a reading: it can help clarify one's personal vision and find the inner courage necessary to respond to challenges.

The runes thus form a powerful tool which allows one to connect to spiritual forces beyond the conscious and to obtain divine guidance.

Contents :

1. Definition of runomancy

2. Etymology of the word runomancy

3. Principles of runomancy

4. What are the tools of runomancy?

5. How does runomancy work?

6. How does a runomancy session take place?

7. Advice and precautions to take regarding runomancy


Definition of runomancy

Runomancy is an ancient divinatory practice that uses runes to predict the future and obtain advice. Runes are an alphabet from Germanic and Scandinavian peoples. This form of divination allows access to hidden messages through powerful symbolic language.

The runes are engraved on stones or wood, which makes them easier to handle in the novelist's implementation. The reading is done through a drawing of Runes, with personal interpretation, based on their ancestral meanings.

Runomancy is very popular because it helps to find a solution to personal problems: love, money or work. For example, it also provides access to intuitive knowledge so that everyone can make the right decisions for their future and be guided towards their best possible destiny!

Etymology of the word runomancy

Runomancy is an esoteric discipline based on the use of runes, sacred symbols. It comes from the combination of the Latin word "rune" and the Greek suffix "Mancie", designating divination.

Thus, it represents “divination by the runes”.

Followers of this practice use symbols to better understand their future or their past choices. Runomancy offers spiritual and symbolic insight that can be very useful in various areas such as love, work or finances.

However, note that this type of practice requires great knowledge and experience in symbolism and interpretation of signs in order to obtain a satisfactory result. Specialists therefore recommend that people interested in this occult science contact qualified experts to fully understand its fundamental principles before taking it personally.

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Principles of runomancy

Runomancy is based on simple principles: each rune represents a specific meaning and energy. These ancestral symbols can guide us in various areas, such as love, work or health.

Runes provide access to a depth of understanding that goes far beyond what we can see at first glance. They offer a rich source of information for our personal and spiritual development.

When we use the runes, we approach questions by focusing on the symbolism they contain, in order to derive clear and practical answers to solve our daily problems. We can thus find effective solutions to move more freely towards our personal and professional objectives without being held back by our internal or external blockages.

Thanks to the novelist, we understand better how to generate positive change in ourselves and in our entire life. It also helps us to become aware of our hidden potential that has always been dormant in each of us!


What are the runomance tools?

To perfectly practice their divinatory art, practitioners need a complete set of 24 runes called Elder Futhark. These symbols can be engraved on stones or wood, but they are also available in card form.

The Futhark runes are essential to implement the practice of the ancient art of divination and obtain satisfactory results. They allow people who use them to access a better understanding of their existential questions and problems.


How does runomancy work?

Runomancy is a divinatory practice based on the interpretation of the specific meanings of each rune. During a session, the practitioner draws a multitude of runes and places them in a pattern called "drawing". Then, he deciphers the messages hidden behind these sacred symbols by analyzing their arrangement and combinations.

This ancient method is often used to obtain spiritual answers and guidance. Runes can help one become aware of the past, understand the current situation and find solutions to problems encountered in everyday life. They also offer a broader perspective on our near or distant future.

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How does a runomancy session take place?

Start your divination session with mental preparation. Then ask your question explicitly and precisely. After that, choose which rune drawing method you want to use (three or nine).

Then interpret the runes to get an enlightening answer, let's go!

To optimize the result, it is important to be concentrated and focused on your request. This step allows you to increase the connection between the universe and yourself. Divination according to the runes can then begin!

Advice and precautions to take regarding runomancy

It is important to remember that divinatory practices, such as runomancy, are not infallible and should never replace our free will or personal responsibilities. Use this tool wisely and with discernment.

To obtain a fair and precise interpretation of the runes, it is advisable to call on an experienced practitioner. Let us also not forget that runomancy can be a profound experience that requires the open-mindedness of the consultant and mutual respect between the consultant and the practitioner.

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