Discovery of Mediumship: how to Develop your Powers

Psychics have been around for centuries and they have always been considered very special people. People's opinions about them are very different. Some people have great admiration for mediums while others are afraid of them, or rather of their powers. There are even some who think that it is bad people who use black magic.

Interesting fact: it turns out that mediumship is a faculty acquired quite naturally. In other words, we do not choose to be a medium, we become one.

But what is mediumship? What are the signs of mediumship? How to live with this gift and how to develop it?

We will answer all these questions and many more together today.

Contents :

What is mediumship?

Mediumship and clairvoyance

The different forms of mediumship

Signs of mediumship

Repressing your gift of mediumship

Develop your gift of mediumship

A sorcerer's grimoire and tarot cards.

What is mediumship?

Mediumship is a term that appeared in France in 1857... and it takes more than a simple sentence or a few words to define it. It has become a theme treated in several works, including major esoteric books. In general, it is recognized as a gift acquired naturally by all mediums. It is even said that it is a faculty inherited from parents or ancestors. We will see, this is not entirely true.

According to ancient ideas, the gift of mediumship is a supernatural ability that allows an individual to communicate with spirits. The medium therefore has the power to establish the connection between the spiritual world and that of the living. This is why he is often considered a specialist in occult sciences.

It must be said that for many people, people who come into contact with the spirits of the deceased are practicing black magic. However, mediumship is not at all a paranormal phenomenon. Furthermore, it is not practiced for obscure reasons.

However, mediumship is not limited to spiritualism. It can also be defined by having well-developed psychic abilities. According to experts in parapsychology, it is rather a form of sensitivity which allows an individual to have an extrasensory, abnormal or transcendent perception. In a more practical way, he has a sort of sixth sense. Attention ! This is not a superstition.

A poster of the constellations, a tarot deck and an Asian divination instrument.

Predict, announce, see

with these clairvoyance and divination tools

Mediumship and clairvoyance

It is important to emphasize that mediumship and clairvoyance are two very distinct things, even if they are similar on different points. It is true that the medium and the clairvoyant each have supernatural abilities which allow them to have extra sensory perception.

The clairvoyant needs to channel these felt vibrations in order to better understand them. Thus, he uses various divinatory supports such as tarot decks, precious stones, crystal balls, pendulums and even runes. All these more or less mysterious objects, you will find them in this collection of divination tools that we have created.

In short, clairvoyance is more esoteric. On the other hand, the medium acts as an intermediary between the spiritual world and the consultant. He uses his psychic power (or gift of mediumship) to bridge the gap between spirits and the living. It should be noted that the medium has the power to come into contact with higher or divine spirits. Thus, he can also play the role of spiritual guide.

Magician who casts a spell under the Moon.

The different forms of mediumship

Mediumship can come in various forms. In reality, everything depends on the psychic powers which, inevitably, are specific to each medium. We don't perceive all colors or sounds the same way. It is the same with messages from the beyond.

Clairvoyant mediumship

The medium may be clairvoyant, meaning they are able to see an image or flash that corresponds to an important moment in an individual's life. Clairvoyance indeed constitutes a kind of vision, a more or less clear visual message. It may also be premonitory dreams that indicate information to the medium. In short, the clairvoyant medium is able to make predictions and see past events.

Impossible to talk about clairvoyance without talking about the main tool used to practice this form of divination: the crystal ball. We all have this image of the clairvoyant reading the future in a ball, and this is understandable: a true professional will be able to extract key information about your future, your past and even your present.

Speaking mediumship

This time, the gift of mediumship is manifested through oral expression. This means that the entity in the spirit world speaks to the consultant through the medium. It happens that the latter speaks in a foreign language during the session… and it is not always staged. This may be an entity that has taken possession of his oral expression system. Sometimes also, it is through telepathy that speaking mediumship will be expressed.

In any case, this form of trance can be frightening, and will require a very charismatic medium who will know how to avoid poltergeists.

Clairaudience (or Clair Hearing) mediumship

Clairaudience results in an ability to hear voices or sounds that come from the soul of a deceased person or a divine entity such as an angel. Sometimes the message is very clear and sometimes it takes on an overly spiritual aspect. Thus, the medium must decode it using their magical powers or rather their mediumistic abilities.

Typically, the medium hears some sort of noise in the left ear. Then, he begins to perceive increasingly distinct sound signals before hearing a clear voice.

Channeling mediumship

This time, the medium is in direct contact with a spiritual guide who wants to transmit a message to the consultant. In this case, it only serves as a channel and does not do any interpretation. His role is to deliver the message as it is.

“Channels”, or canals in French, can take many forms. The most famous is undoubtedly the dowsing pendulum used by Reiki masters. Learning how to use it won't be easy, but once mastered, this tool will be truly powerful.

Spirit mediumship

This is spiritualism, and the medium is an intermediary between the spirits and the consultant. Furthermore, the specialist is called a spirit medium. His particularity is that he masters all means of communication with spirits. Turntables, ouija and other contacts with the dead hold no secrets for him.

Healing mediumship

It is entirely possible to find a healing medium. Such an individual generally has the ability to provide energetic care in order to alleviate the suffering of people suffering from physical or psychological pain. Some healing mediums use their own magnetic energy, others rely on the help of spirits.

Mediumship through writing

The gift of mediumship can also be manifested by the ability to capture a message from the spirit world and write it on a sheet of paper. Once again, the medium plays the role of intermediary and has the power to establish a connection with spirits through powerful energy channels. Very impressive, automatic writing is one of the most impressive paranormal phenomena for lay people.

Mediumship through cards

Cartomancy is undoubtedly the most widespread form of clairvoyance, and for good reason: the wealth of tarot cards allows precise, complex and truly profound readings. Mediums who are lucky enough to know how to work with the cards thus offer predictions of unparalleled quality.

If you want to know if this gift is yours, there is no other solution than to try. And that's precisely why we're making this Rider-Waite Tarot deck available to our community.

Sensitive mediumship

The sensitive medium has the privilege of developing sensitivity to emotions and vibrations emanating from the spirit world. He can therefore feel the presence of the soul of a deceased person or an entity. By using his senses, he establishes the link between the spirit and the consultant.

An open spellbook of magic, with rays of light coming out of it.

Signs of mediumship

As mentioned previously, mediumship can be an innate ability, yes, but not always. It represents the different capacities of perception which go beyond the 5 physical senses. More precisely, it allows you to come into contact with invisible energies and entities.

It turns out that the gift of mediumship is present in every individual, since everyone can hear this little inner voice called intuition. That said, it is much more developed in some people.

In short, what are the signs of mediumship ?

A tendency to be in the Moon from childhood

It is entirely possible to recognize a person who develops mediumship from childhood. In general, a child with a gift of mediumship tends to be introverted, discreet and solitary. He withdraws into his world and his dreams and he likes to invent stories in his head. This is why he is often in the Moon.

A tendency to have premonitory dreams

Premonitory dreams that highlight a very real situation during the sleep phase are also signs of mediumship. Of course, the person who develops these mediumistic abilities is able to remember their dreams.

Mediumship can also manifest itself through this ability to come into contact with an entity from the spirit world during sleep. Some individuals even have the impression of having left their bodies: they have traveled into the astral. When they wake up, they have this feeling of being unconscious and it takes time to emerge from this dream.

Premonitory dreams are an absolutely fascinating phenomenon. This article on the link between mediumship and the dream world will provide you with some additional information if the subject speaks to you.

A tendency to be afraid of crowds

Agoraphobia can also be added to the list of signs of mediumship. Some psychics actually tend to feel uncomfortable when they are in a crowded place. In reality, they are incapable of managing their empathy or they have the impression of capturing all the emotions of the people around them.

A tendency to sense presences

At first glance, this seems paranormal and the situation is not very pleasant. In general, this tendency to sense invisible presences or energies mainly affects spiritualist (or spiritualist) mediums. Furthermore, it is one of the most obvious signs of mediumship.

Souls, demons and subtle bodies will be the daily life of the spiritualist.

An attraction to esotericism, the mystical or the divine

Being interested in esotericism, the invisible or even the paranormal is not a matter of chance. If this happens to you, it is very likely that you are developing a gift of mediumship. This attraction manifests itself, for example, in strong curiosity and a need for answers. To find the answer, you bought several books on esotericism.

If you are interested in the mysteries of life after death or if you feel this need to get closer to a divine entity, this can also be one of the signs of mediumship. It is the same when you have this desire to detach yourself from material superfluities.

A tendency to have empathy

When a person tends to have empathy for others, they may also have a gift of mediumship. She has the power to capture the energies of others and is well aware of their needs.

To measure your level of empathy, here is a list of ten signs that will allow you to know if your sensitivity to others is particularly developed.

An attraction to ancient cultures

People who have a passion for studying ancient civilizations and centuries-old traditions may also have mediumistic abilities. In reality, they especially want to get closer to these periods when spirituality still had a preponderant place. This is a clear symptom of mediumship.

Two dowsing pendulums with natural crystals.

Repressing your gift of mediumship

For many people, knowing that you have a gift of mediumship is far from great news. On the contrary, it constitutes a source of anxiety. Some people try to find rational explanations. However, having a gift of mediumship is not a bad thing. You just have to learn how to use it properly.

In addition, it should be noted that repressed mediumship can cause various physical and psychological problems. We must mention, among others, respiratory weakness and multiple allergies, the tendency to have boundless empathy (no, this is not necessarily a good thing), hypersensitivity or even discomfort in public places.

Repressed mediumship can also generate a lack of self-knowledge, a tendency to be too distracted or in the mood and an inability to manage one's emotions. We must add to the mix this impression of having a mission to accomplish, the inability to channel one's overflowing imagination and finally the ease of falling into addictions and being easily manipulated.

Finally, to repress mediumship is also to feel a kind of burden and to have the impression of following a path that is not one's own. This can become a source of unhappiness, which will harm your happiness.

Developing the faculties that lie dormant within us places us on the path to awakening. This aligns our physical body and our astral body, balances our vibration rate and strengthens us in our beliefs. In short, we have everything to gain from remaining open to the esoteric and paranormal and us.

A transparent crystal ball

Develop your gift of mediumship

How to develop your gift of mediumship ?

The Internet is full of answers to this question. This list of five steps from the neobientre site to develop your gifts or these tips for awakening your inner medium are two examples, but there are many others.

In any case, we also have some simple methods to recommend to you, which will allow you to channel your natural strengths.

Doing meditation is the most obvious solution. It is a technique that helps develop intellectual and spiritual abilities. It is a process which consists of doing a self-analysis, a real introspection.

If you are interested in this spiritual practice, this is a good thing: we have created a guide containing 19 exclusive meditations, provided in both written and audio format.

To develop your gift of mediumship, you must also develop your imagination. You need to take the time to identify your perceptions. To live peacefully, it is necessary to learn to follow your instinct or listen to your intuition. This ultimately comes down to developing your capacity for extrasensory perception.

If you tend to have premonitory dreams, keeping a journal is recommended. The goal is to be able to understand the message transmitted by each dream or each vision. Plus, it will also help you memorize them.

To develop your gift of mediumship, you must also take care of your physical and psychological health. This allows you to have a healthy mind, an essential asset for channeling your supernatural abilities. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is therefore required. Eating balanced foods, playing sports, learning to relax and rest from time to time are all good resolutions to put in place to develop your mediumistic abilities.

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