Do An Energy Rebalancing for the Physical and Mental

Energy rebalancing has been practiced by ancient healers for millennia.

Records indicate that the Chinese, Indians and Egyptians for example all believed that all physical illnesses were the result of energetic or spiritual imbalances.

This tradition has continued to this day, giving rise to the many holistic therapies and alternative medicines that we know today.

According to them, overall health could be achieved through a simple accomplishment : energy rebalancing. Whether it is reducing physical, mental or emotional pain, it seems that working on our spiritual energies can have a real impact.

For the most skeptical among us, the fact remains that taking care of ourselves, relaxing and learning to relax (because this is also energy rebalancing) can only help us feel better!

In short, we are going to learn more about the phenomenon through this article!

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Woman meditating on the beach to rebalance her energies.

Energy rebalancing: what is it?

Energy rebalancing results from a set of complex techniques and knowledge passed down since the dawn of time. The first point to raise is therefore the absolute necessity that it be carried out by a trained specialist (or, at least, that you receive advice from one).

Working with energies requires developed awareness and some talent. We all have different sensibilities, and what may seem obvious to some will be completely foreign to others.

The goal of an energy rebalancing will therefore be to rebalance energies (logic you might say). Concretely, this can take a whole bunch of forms depending on the situation.

Here are some examples:

  • When certain entities attack our energy, chasing them away is already a first step towards rebalancing.
  • Some energetic nodes arise from our past and suffering. Working on it can therefore also rebalance us. (More than simply energetic, such work can therefore be psychological and emotional!)
  • Energies that are too strong can cause problems. Some practitioners will therefore seek to calm them down.
  • Conversely, others who are too weak will need to be awakened.
  • Our energetic body is deeply impacted by our environment and our lifestyle. Changing some of their aspects can therefore be part of an energetic rebalancing.
  • And many others, this list is also not exhaustive.

Several energy medicine stones, a soothing singing bowl and incense conducive to meditation

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


How to balance your body

The human body is a complex system of cells, atoms and molecules held together by a dense network of energy systems. This has been known for thousands of years through traditional Chinese, Indian and Egyptian medicine.

Without going into spiritual considerations (even if they are not lacking!), our overall well-being necessarily depends on the energies that exist within us.

We are aware of this, and have created certain categories of our site based on these considerations. This is for example the case for this one dedicated to meditation and well-being, or our collection of books, some of which deal with internal energies.

In short, the techniques that we will now discuss seek to rebalance your energies, activate them and harmonize them in a practical way!

Rebalancing by nature

Chakras, ethereal or astral body: many concepts specific to the energies of the body offer an important part to nature.

It is often said that everything is found in nature, and that nothing that does not come directly from nature can be entirely good. Seeking to rebalance your energy through it is therefore not without meaning.

Nature balances the mind like nothing else. It offers letting go through reconnection, calming the body and mind. There are great forces circulating in nature, forces that can circulate within you and increase your vibrations.

There are many ways to proceed here. Uses of crystals or herbal plants, a simple walk in nature, meditation in rivers... There is no shortage of ideas!

Work on the haric canal

This technique is based on the teachings of Barbara Ann Brennan 's book, "Emerging Light."

Harique is actually a reference to the bean, as the Japanese call the center of bodily power the “hara.” Ms. Ann Brennan thought it was funny to connect it to this little bean that we all know.

In short, this energy rebalancing technique is based on the alignment of three energy centers present in the body, the work of a practitioner by imposition of hands and the beneficial action of light.

Reputed to be at an even more subtle level than the aura or the chakras, the haric channel connects us to the sacred and to all that is invisible.

The Egyptian-Essene treatment

This energy treatment is based on the work of Daniel Meurois and Anne Givaudan, two researchers who were interested in the healing techniques of the ancient Essenes. To learn more about them, here is the Wikipedia entry for the first, and that for the second.

Regardless, the goal of the Essene priests was apparently to heal beings by "returning them to the flow of their own existence." The link with the notion of energy is obvious.

In short, through hard work, Mr. Givaudan would have developed techniques allowing him to feel the energy flows running through individuals, to understand them and then to place his patients in concordance with them.

The idea behind this energetic rebalancing is that, once placed back on the right flow, the human being will resynchronize with his sacred dimension, which will open certain previously closed channels which will allow him to resolve his problems.

Other energy rebalancing techniques

In practice, there are many other ways to achieve “physical” energy rebalancing.

Unfortunately we don't have time to explain them all, but feel free to browse our site. We talk about some of them in more detail there.

Here are a few :

  • Meditation in general is a great way to rebalance yourself.
  • Reiki, whether practiced using pendulums, symbols or by the imposition of hands, also works at the energy level.
  • Most traditional medicines, notably Ayurveda, are also of interest.
  • Certain types of massages practiced since the dawn of time are designed to unblock (and therefore rebalance) our energies.
  • We tend to forget it, but prayer is undoubtedly one of the best energy rebalancings you can do.
  • Acupuncture and acupressure have been proven to work in a very scientific way.
  • The benefits of aromatherapy, homeopathy and naturopathy are no longer in doubt.
  • Feng shui, shiatsu, tai chi or qi gong: Asian philosophies offer us many tools to live better.

Anatomical figure on which the energy meridians of the human body are located.

What are the body's energy systems?

Seeking to rebalance your energies is a good thing.

Understanding the mechanism behind it and learning about the different methods available to us are two essential steps.

However, we must not forget the essence of things, what the energy rebalancing will concretely work on.

Like the previous ones, this list is not intended to be exhaustive, but simply to show you the wide variety of traditions and possible understandings of the phenomenon.

The meridians

The meridians form an energy transport system comparable to our nervous system. They carry energy throughout the body, just as arteries carry blood and lymphatic vessels do lymph.

As the body's energy system, meridians provide vitality and balance, clear blockages, adjust metabolism and even promote the development and function of cells.

To explore the subject, here is a description from the site passportsanté.net of the main energy meridians which run through our body.

The energy network of the organs

This energy network resembles the meridian system, but it is more fluid and spontaneous, without fixed pathways. It can also be detected in the embryo before more stable energy meridians are formed.

Some of these energy lines eventually form meridians, while others remain fluid and reactivate to the needs of the body.

They thus interact with muscles, joints and the immune system, among many other facets of our being.


The electrical system is another dimension of interconnection in the body. It acts as a bridge connecting all energy systems, by constantly sending information in the form of nerve impulses.

Physics teaches us that everything is electric: matter, the quantum world, etc.

Some practitioners say that life energy is electrical in nature, and that particular currents can lead to healing.

The aura

Our aura is a multi-layered envelope, a kind of projection of energy that emanates from the body and interacts with the energies of our environment.

Through its protective virtues, our aura is absolutely essential to our vitality, and we should all take the greatest care of it. Traditional medicine teaches us its importance, and some therapists dedicate their entire work to it.

Here again to learn more (and because this is not the topic of the day), here is a post from another site on the theme of the aura.

The chakra system and the energy ring

The word chakra means disk, vortex or wheel in Sanskrit. The chakras are thus concentrated centers of swirling energy, subtle bodies directly linked to our vibration rate.

There are seven main chakras, each of which is positioned along the governing meridian which runs along the spine to the crown of the head.

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