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Lucky charms have become very popular recently. More and more people are admitting their powers and seeking to take advantage of them. In particular, everyone dreams of finding a truly effective magic necklace.

Before we go any further, we must warn you: the effects of certain symbols can be very powerful and should never be used lightly.

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Introduction to magic necklaces

Models for women…

…and for men

Introduction to magic necklaces

Choosing the wrong collar may not bring you any significant benefit. Worse, the effects obtained are sometimes the opposite extreme of those you were looking for.

You must remember that your magic necklace will be something very special, and therefore you must always be very careful when choosing it and in the way you wear it.

But here it is... Made of gold, pearls, crystal or precious stones: there are lots of different necklaces. Crew neck or longer: you can also wear yours in different ways. If you also wear bracelets or rings, you will have to make sure that all these beautiful little people match...

It is obvious that your necklace must please you from an aesthetic point of view. After all, it will be a piece of jewelry that you can wear every day.

What gives their “magical” side to those that we are now going to present to you will consist of particular teachings, esoteric abilities and sometimes even certain mystical powers.

In short, to facilitate your research work, we have compiled on our site some of the most effective necklaces that you can find here.

In this article, we will focus on a few of them (three for women and three for men). So, you will have a better idea of ​​the type of jewelry that could be made for you.

Young woman wearing a necklace posing in a supermarket.

Magic necklace for women

What we expect from a magic necklace for women is, above all, that it brings style to your outfit.

Whether we offer it to ourselves or to one of our loved ones, such a piece of jewelry must therefore be trendy and match the wardrobe of the woman in question.

Chosen wisely, the right necklace can radically change a style, taking it from bland and dull to absolutely stunning.

For their magical side, we also benefit from a long tradition. Women have always worn special necklaces with very real powers.

Those of prehistoric times were made from bones and feathers.

All the civilizations of ancient times which gave pride of place to magic necklaces.

When man learned to use metal, one of the first things he made was a lucky necklace...

In short, we can't go wrong by being interested in the subject, that's clear!

Necklace made of gold metal on which is mounted a small red rose.

A beautiful rose

We start here with a stunning magical necklace for women featuring one of the most feminine symbols of all time: the rose!

Since ancient times, this flower has been considered an example of the most beautiful thing God has created.

Intricate and elegant, the rose is a kind of little reminder that, yes, our world is full of wonders to discover.

As it blooms gently in spring, the rose emits a floral scent, and its delicate buds gently open to let us discover what will become magnificent, brightly colored flowers.

The captivating scent of the rose reminds us of the sweetness of love, the very essence of life that God has breathed into each of us.

When it is red, as is the case for this magical lucky necklace, the rose also carries a second message.

Symbol of sexual desire and carnal love, it conveys deep emotions…

It is not for nothing that the Greeks thought of this flower that it was the representative on earth of Aphrodite !

Some even say that she benefits from… mysterious powers of seduction.

In addition, offering a red rose to a woman has always been a great symbol, a declaration of crazy and passionate love.

For any doubt, this magical necklace for women will please seductresses and those who want to please.

Small oriental style necklace with a stylized hand of Fatma.

The hand of Fatma: a very feminine symbol

You may not know its name, but you've definitely seen this symbol somewhere.

The hand of Fatma is an easily recognizable motif that has been used by many cultures since the dawn of time.

With its mysterious appearance, the necklace (which you can find here) exudes the delights of the Orient. It can evoke the markets of Arabia, the desert and a whole bunch of things, each more captivating than the last.

Concretely, this magic necklace for women is used to protect us from evil, and more precisely from a well-known curse from the oriental world: the evil eye.

A little-known concept in Europe, the evil eye consists of a series of bad spells that can be caused by an evil look thrown in our direction.

Whether it's desire, envy or even hatred, it doesn't matter: all the darkest feelings can be the cause.

By protecting against the evil eye, this magical lucky necklace is ideal for women who stand out wherever they go, those who arouse the jealousy of others.

Necklace with a four-leaf clover made of a metal alloy.

The power of the 4 leaf clover

For a long time, the four-leaf clover has been considered the best lucky charm, the one that best attracts luck and therefore the effects are the most tangible.

The origins and legends surrounding the clover are numerous, we can easily count hundreds of them, and will not develop them here. That's not the topic of the day.

Just know that each of the four leaves of the lucky clover are associated with a very specific quality.

We have in order:

  • The faith
  • Hope
  • Luck
  • love

These are actually four very precious gifts that can transform a simple woman into the wife every man dreams of.

In addition to giving us greater luck on a daily basis, the powers linked to the symbols of the clover simply make us better people.

Male mannequin dressed in classic outfit wearing a magic necklace on his neck.

Magic necklace for men

Nowadays, more and more men are choosing to wear magic necklaces, and they have good reason.

From the simple chain to the more complex pendant which will contain a deep meaning, there is something for everyone.

Contrary to what some might believe, there is nothing feminine about wearing this type of jewelry. It has actually been thousands of years since people around the world (often chiefs, kings, or warriors for that matter) have worn a magic necklace for men.

There is therefore no a priori reason why this timeless habit should stop overnight.

In addition to the very real magical powers of certain symbols, wearing a necklace is a good way to highlight certain qualities of virility.

Typically, a sturdy, thick necklace will exude tranquility, it will emanate a certain quiet strength.

Others are decorated with patterns or symbols carrying messages.

There are even some which, from time-honored traditions, are used to increase fertility and male vigor.

Truly, there will be a men's magic necklace that suits each of us.

The three models that we are going to present to you here should therefore give you ideas for your future necklace.

Metal tassel mounted on a mesh collar.

Acorn and Viking culture

Legend has it that Thor, the Viking god of thunder, once sought refuge under an oak tree during a terrible storm. Since that day, this species of tree has been placed under the protection of this great divinity. .. as well as the fruits that grow there!

Thus, the inhabitants of Scandinavia believe that placing a lucky acorn on the edge of their window will protect their house from attacks of any type.

Obviously, the same goes for this necklace.

Another old popular belief tells us that wearing an acorn will attract good luck and help us age well, keeping away age-related pain. There was also a time when all young adults wore a tassel, hoping to stay young and vigorous as long as possible.

So here is another quality to add to this magic necklace for men.

Golden Italian Cornicello which can be found on our site.

The cornicello, an astonishing horn

The cornicello (small animal horn) is an Italian magic necklace with very ancient origins.

Concretely, it is a miniature replica of the horns of wild animals.

Our ancestors used it during a whole host of magical rituals, particularly those dedicated to fertility. When used in the form of a magical necklace, cornicello was used more specifically to ward off evil spirits that could harm male potency.

For the Romans, the cornicello symbol was rather associated with the goddess of the Moon and, through her, with certain forms of magic.

In short, if you are looking to protect yourself from anything that could reduce your power, this cornicello necklace is undoubtedly one of the best you can find.

Necklace with the caduceus on a lucky necklace.

The caduceus for healing

A caduceus consists of a stick topped with wings and around which two snakes are coiled.

Associated with the Greek god Hermes, this symbol was used throughout history by many groups linked to occultism and magic, but not only that.

Since Antiquity, the caduceus has served as an emblem for doctors and caregivers.

More than a simple means of identification, qualities of wisdom, knowledge, regeneration and health were readily attributed to it.

All of this will therefore also be found in this magical necklace for men wearing the caduceus. ..

Quite interesting!

In addition, its link with Hermès allows any man who wears this necklace on his neck to benefit from its protection.

This is particularly a question of better eloquence, ease of imposing one's point of view in society and better self-confidence.

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