Healing Prayer: a Miraculous Solution to Discover

“The first good is health” and it is a reality. When you're sick, nothing matters anymore. All that matters to you is to find good health as soon as possible and to end your suffering.

Obviously, care provided by a doctor is necessary. But many people also decide to say a healing prayer. What is it exactly? Who should I send it to? How to proceed ? Find out the answers to all your questions.

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What is healing prayer?

Prayer for healing: who to contact?

When to pray a healing prayer?

How to pray for healing, and with what tool?

Why pray?

What is an effective healing prayer?

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What is healing prayer?

A healing prayer is a bit like a kind of incantation addressed to a deity in order to obtain healing. It can be done by the patient himself or by his loved ones. This prayer allows the sick to benefit from divine help.

For scientists, spiritual life is a concept that is still difficult to grasp. Furthermore, some of them do not believe that it is possible to heal through prayers. They think it's simply a placebo effect. Indeed, believing in miraculous healing makes patients feel good. However, the disease is still present and symptoms can reappear.

However, numerous studies have revealed that praying could actually have beneficial effects on health. A priori, this accelerates physical recovery, especially in the event of an acute illness.

This purely scientific point of view is, however, very limited: for Christians, prayer is a matter of fervor and faith. If you are of this opinion too, you should probably take a look at our collection of Christian lucky charms. It contains objects of piety useful in certain prayers!

Regardless, many people have reported regaining good health through healing prayer. Some of them even suffered from an incurable disease like cancer. As if by miracle, the tumors disappeared and they completely recovered. After various clinical examinations, doctors had to certify their recovery without being able to give a precise explanation.

Watercolor of a woman praying a healing prayer.

Prayer for healing: who to contact?

Generally, prayers are addressed to heavenly creatures, a mystical being, supernatural beings with specific power. Obviously, the name or personality of the deity varies according to beliefs.

For followers of the Judaism religion

Followers of the Orthodox Judaism religion address their prayers to the heavenly father, Almighty God. It is about the creator, a non-physical, non-corporeal and timeless being. That said, some rabbinical authorities give believers the right to address angels. They believe that these celestial creatures can intercede with God on behalf of humans.

In general, prayers are said in community and there are liturgical procedures to follow and respect. However, it is possible to pray to God or the angels in private. It will therefore be a personal approach that patients can take at any time.

For Christians

In Christianity, the prayer for healing is addressed to God the Father, the creator of the universe. It is carried out “in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ”. It is based on the divine promises recorded in the Bible concerning the birth of the Messiah and son of God, his death and his resurrection. These are the foundations of the Christian faith.

That said, it must be emphasized that Christianity brings together several branches and the teachings are varied. First there are the Protestant churches which have preserved the basic foundations of the religion. Christian prayers are therefore addressed only to God, in the name of Jesus. Furthermore, there is no rite or liturgy to respect. Christians can say a prayer at any time.

On the other hand, for Catholic and Orthodox churches, it is possible to pray to heaven, pray to Jesus, pray to the sacred heart of Jesus, Holy Spirit, God, the saints, the Virgin Mary and the angels. Christians are encouraged to follow the Liturgy of the Hours. They can also use different objects of worship such as statues of Saints, the crucifix or rosaries.

For Muslims

For Muslim believers, prayer is addressed only to Allah or God. According to Islam, he is the sole creator and master of the universe and has no associates. Believers can say prayers anywhere.

For fans of esotericism

In general, they believe in several deities such as goddesses, gods, angels or even the powerful energies of nature. For them, healing prayer is often associated with a ritual performed in front of an altar. They also use different symbolic objects such as the pentagram, the hand of Fatima, natural stones and even candles.

Religious candle held in the hands of a believer.

When to pray a healing prayer?

Prayer presents itself as a means available to human beings to communicate with the heavenly father and the creatures of heaven. When should you get started?

In fact, you can pray throughout the day. Some have, however, looked into the subject, and can provide you with answers, such as the “Family Chrétienne” newspaper which wrote an article on the subject.

However, this is not enough for us: in the case of a healing prayer, the question arises somewhat differently.


Christian life is punctuated by constant communication with God. Thus, it is advisable to pray to heaven at all times, especially when the goal is to seek healing. On your hospital bed, on the way to the doctor, during the medical consultation, in the car... wherever you are, you can say a prayer. For followers of other religions or beliefs, the same rule applies.

Morning, noon and evening prayer

Starting the day with a prayer is very important. The goal is to ask the Lord for his divine protection and precious help so that the treatment works. You can also ask him to guide the doctors so that they can find the therapeutic solution that suits you best.

Praying to heaven at midday means remaining in communion with God or your protective angels. As for the evening prayer, it allows you to give thanks to them and ask them for protection for the night.

The midnight prayer

Praying this special prayer is highly recommended for patients who want to obtain healing. It is a kind of sacrifice since you have to wake up in the middle of the night. Typically, this is when Satan chooses to act and his goal is to steal your blessings.

Thus, it is a true prayer of combat and praise during which you ask for protection against the forces of evil and restful sleep. It can guarantee you total victory.

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How to pray for healing, and with what tool?

How to pray for healing? This is a question often asked, especially by people who have a specific request. First of all, there are no special rules to follow. However, there are a few details you need to take into account.

Some tips to follow

Prayer is not really a ritual but an inner attitude. If you decide to pray to God or any deity, it is because you believe that this invisible being can really help you. So, you must try to commune with him in order to get his attention. You must therefore detach yourself from the real world and silence your thoughts. You must raise your soul to the sky.

As has been mentioned before, there are no special times to pray. However, making a few arrangements could help you concentrate better, especially if it's your first attempt. At the beginning, you will need to choose a quiet place. This could be your bedroom, your office or your car. The goal is to isolate yourself a little.

What should be done during prayer? There is no magic formula to repeat, because it is not a ritual. You only need to respectfully address this almighty being from whom you want to ask for help. The goal is to ensure that your healing is part of this deity's design.

Tools to Use in Healing Prayer

To pray, you can simply isolate yourself and close your eyes. You can also kneel, a mark of respect and repentance. But it is also possible to use different tools that could optimize your concentration. These include the rosary, statues of the deity you want to call, a cross or the Bible.

Building an altar is also recommended. It then becomes a special place, a true place of communion with God. You can install the various prayer objects mentioned above there.

Often also, certain ingredients can be burned, such as incense (which you will find in this collection, containing tools, cones and sticks) or even myrrh (also available here), a sacred substance present at many points in the Gospels ;

Shadow of a Christian woman facing the sky, praying with outstretched arms.

Why pray?

It is a healing prayer, a silent appeal to an all-powerful being, the only one capable of producing a miracle. Furthermore, it is a simple and completely free process. However, it can bring you a lot of things.

First of all, praying is an effective way to gain perspective. This allows you to see your problems in a different way. If before, with the doctors' diagnosis, you thought that you had no way out, prayer shows you another reality. Indeed, you will understand that there is a powerful energy that could act in your favor and free you.

Praying also means obtaining inner peace and the strength to continue. It must be said that fighting an illness and anything that causes suffering is far from an easy task. Discouragement and depression await you and at a certain point, you will want to give up the battle.

No matter the technological developments in the medical field, you will also realize that the know-how and knowledge of doctors are still limited. But in prayer you will find comfort and gain hope. She will make you feel loved and like someone unique and valuable.

Bird's-eye view of a cathedral, with the altar and the nave.

What is an effective healing prayer?

An effective healing prayer is a prayer said spontaneously and with the right attitudes. Find out which ones.

Have a healthy dose of confidence

What's the point of praying for healing if you don't even have the faith to be heard? Thus, it is advisable to pray fervently and with complete confidence, like a child speaking to his mother or father. No matter your query and your current situation, you will be able to get an adequate response.

Act humbly

For healing prayer to be effective, it must be humble. Above all, you must keep in mind that you do not have the right to impose your will. You must make your request in all humility and seek the benevolence of God, the saints or the angels.

To fully understand the importance of humility and how to cultivate it, here is an article from the site nospensées.fr which will enlighten you on this subject.

Pray to be saved from your illness with perseverance

Saying a prayer to ask for healing means hoping to get an answer quickly, which is normal. However, patience and perseverance are essential. It is impossible to impose your requirements or your timing. Healing will happen when and how it needs to happen. The treatment may ultimately be successful or another effective therapy may become available.

Take his time

Prayer time is meant to be a very precious and special time. So, we must not pray in haste. Take your time and concentrate so that your prayer is heard.

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