How to Activate a Flower of Life: the Essential Pathways

The Flower of Life is a sacred symbol used for millennia to activate energy and connection to spiritual forces.

It is a geometric shape that can be activated by certain esoteric practices that we will discover today. Thus, we will be able to benefit from the power of this symbol, as well as its benefits on your body, your mind and your soul.

Contents :

1. What is a flower of life?

2. Benefits and virtues of the flower of life

3. Draw the flower of life

4. How to activate a flower of life: meditate on it

5. How to activate a flower of life: sleep with it

6. How to activate a flower of life: stones and crystals


What is a flower of life?

The Flower of Life is a complex geometric figure that consists of a circle surrounded by 19 other circles. This pattern has been found on ruins, jewelry and religious objects across the world by archaeologists of all cultures.

In terms of its meaning, the flower of life symbolizes universal harmony and spiritual connection between all human beings. It also represents beauty, perfection and the divine order that governs our lives.

It can thus help us understand how our physical and psychological universe works, so that we can use this understanding to bring more love, peace and joy into all of our lives.


Benefits and virtues of the flower of life

But how exactly does it work?

And what are its virtues?

The flower of life is a symbol used in esotericism and spirituality for thousands of years. It represents the cycle of life, the cosmic rules, and it can be considered as an inexhaustible source of benefits and spiritual virtues.

The symbols contained within it actually generate positive energy that creates a vibrational field capable of guiding people towards a better self.

The complex curves present on the flower of life can in some way be considered as an infinite source from which one can draw inspiration and development of one's personal spirituality.

This figure symbolizes divine perfection and offers people who adhere to it advantages on a whole host of levels.

On the physical level for example, it is believed that its regular practice can lead to a better balance than to an increase in the level of vital energy.

Specialists also claim that the flower of life could help relieve emotional pain, and therefore certain blockages that cause headaches, for example.

Additionally, some people believe that this figure could help strengthen our karmic system by helping our body produce a more intense aura.


Draw the flower of life

The flower of life is a very powerful esoteric symbol. Drawing or even looking at this sacred geometric figure can have beneficial effects on your physical, mental and emotional health.

Drawing a flower of life seems difficult at first, because it is not simply made up of a circle; there are 19 other shapes to include (19 concentric circles).

Fortunately, if you're looking for how to draw the flower of life quickly without thinking too much about exact angles and dot sizes, there are several tutorials online that explain how to easily do this complex esoteric symbol.

Here is one:

  • Draw a circle using a compass.
  • Draw another circle with the same center as the first circle and with a radius equal to half of the first circle.
  • Place the compass on the point where the two circles intersect and draw a third circle the same size as the second circle.
  • Continue in this way until you draw six circles all having the same center and the same radius.
  • Draw straight lines to connect the centers of each circle.
  • Draw a hexagon by connecting the points where the circles intersect.
  • Draw circles from the points where straight lines intersect to create petal-shaped patterns.
  • Repeat step 7 for each intersection point until you have created a complete flower of life.

Note that many find the process itself to be relaxing and therapeutic! Once finished, taking the time to connect with the energy of the flower of life by contemplating your own personal version of the symbol helps you receive its virtues and magical properties even more intensely.

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How to activate a flower of life: meditate on it

The Flower of Life is a powerful tool to activate positive vibrations in our environment and help us achieve our goals. Meditation on this figure can be very beneficial, because it allows you to connect to your inner source.

First of all, find the right place to practice your meditation: choose a quiet and peaceful place where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes.

Once you are comfortable, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to release any physical and mental tension accumulated during the day.

Next, mentally visualize the flower of life before your closed eyes.

Imagine it as if it were a big white wheel filled with countless concentric circles intertwined with each other.

Observe every little detail until its image is explicitly imprinted in your mind.

sleep with

How to activate a flower of life: sleep with it

Knowing how to activate this flower is essential if you want to get the most out of it. However, sleeping with her is one of the simplest and most effective methods to achieve this.

First, choose a quiet place to place your flower of life overnight.

You can put it on your bedside table or next to the bed. What matters is that his energy is close to yours all night long.

Then, take a few minutes before bed to visualize its intense strength and beauty, so your mind connects to its vibrant energy.

The next step is surprisingly simple: go to bed and try as much as possible not to think about anything other than the flower of life motif while you sleep.

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How to activate a flower of life: stones and crystals

Activating a Flower of Life is an ancient practice used to balance and harmonize the vibrations of stones and crystals, and vice versa.

This ancestral association (of the symbol and certain crystals) can be used to improve health, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It also helps cleanse the aura and purify your interior space.

Here, it is the type of stones or crystals that will determine the effects of the process, due to the properties they possess. Here are some examples :

  • Rose quartz: unconditional love, inner peace
  • Acute marine: mental calm
  • Black tourmaline: purification
  • Citrine: financial abundance
  • Snowy obsidian: protection against harmful waves

For the actual activation of your flower of life, place all the stones on the ground in front of you, forming a spiral according to the following pattern: start at the center then make 6 concentric circles around the first until each stone is placed in its exact place.

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