How to Clean a Place of Bad Energy?

Cleansing bad energies is an age-old practice that can help create a healthier and more harmonious environment.

It's obvious: it is important to identify and dispel negative influences in order to maintain a purified place.

Moreover, there are several techniques to release the positive potential in your living space.

In this article, I will share my knowledge on how you can cleanse a place of bad energies.

Contents :

1. Burn sage

2.. ..or palo santo

3. Use coarse salt

4.. ..or vinegar

5. Tidy up

6. Decorate according to Feng Shui

7. Use essential oils

8. Place green plants

9. Enjoy sound therapy

10. Find the right lithotherapy crystal

11. Adopt a cat

12. Bring in the light

13. Conclusion: why clean a place of bad energies?


Burn sage

Burning sage is a very ancient esoteric practice that can be used to purify and harmonize the environment. Although this practice is often associated with religion, it is not exclusively religious. It allows you to get rid of bad vibrations and bring more positivity around the place where the ritual is performed.

The smoke produced by the fire helps cleanse negative vibes and create a positive ambiance. Fumigation (the name given to burning a plant to benefit from its smoke) has long been used by shamans, healers and other thaumaturges to appease the spirits and bring more harmony to the places they visit.

When you begin this ritual, it is important that you take the time to focus on your initial intention: to cleanse the place of bad energies that are present in order to welcome additional positive vibrations.

Once you're focused on your goal, light the white sage until it releases enough smoke to fill the entire space (or most of it).


…or Palo Santo

There are different ways to carry out energetic cleaning of your premises, including the use of Palo Santo. This aromatic wood from Latin America is indeed very appreciated for its magical and healing properties.

To begin the purification process, you will need to light a Palo Santo stick on a hot coal and allow its smoke to spread into the space you wish to protect against bad vibrations.

As the smoke spreads around your furniture and objects and covers every corner of your rooms, it absorbs the harmful waves previously present.

This then allows the good vibrations to take over in order to harmonize the entire space, to give you a feeling of peace and new harmony.

lithotherapy collection

heal yourself with stones

thanks to the powers of lithotherapy


Use coarse salt

Cleansing a place of bad energies with coarse salt is also a very popular esoteric practice.

This technique can be applied to many places, including your home or office. It helps purify the environment at a lower cost.

Coarse salt is considered a powerful spiritual tool because it has absorbent and purifying properties. It is able to absorb any form of negativity and transform it into positivity, making the place more conducive to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

To effectively cleanse a place of bad energies with coarse salt, you can proceed in a few simple steps:

  • First, start by becoming aware of the environment you want to clean.
  • Then take a handful of coarse white (or pink) salt and scatter it around the place so that every corner is touched by the purifying power of the salt.
  • Then, burn a white or green candle for a few minutes to symbolize protection against negative influences invading the area.


…or vinegar

Bad energies in the home can take many forms and manifest in different places.

They can be linked to the presence of a toxic person or to a general atmosphere that does not allow harmony to be found. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to cleanse your place of poor energies and regain the spiritual balance you need.

One of the simplest techniques is to use white vinegar as a natural purifier.

You can spray this product on floors, furniture and any other surfaces to neutralize negative vibrations accumulated over time.

The power of vinegar is sometimes enough to chase away this or that unwanted influence without causing too much damage to the positive energies that you don't want to see leave.

tidy up

Tidy up

Cleansing a place of bad energies is an important task to experience happiness at home.

However, one of the best ways to purify a space is to tidy up.

By sorting through your belongings and throwing away what you don't need, you can create more space to welcome new positive energies.

You should also vacuum or sweep your house so that accumulated dust does not get stuck between objects.

This allows, at the same time, to improve the general appearance of the place, and to chase away the negative waves which are likely to accumulate around objects that have not been used for a long time.

sonotherapy collection

Vibrate, feel, heal

thanks to sound therapy and its instruments


Decorate according to Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancestral Chinese practice which aims to harmonize space and energies in your environment. Cleansing a place of negative energies is one of the missions of this art, which it achieves brilliantly.

First, it is important to understand how the energies described by Feng Shui affect the places where we live and work.

The fundamental principles of this doctrine are established on the idea that all shapes, colors, materials and objects have a direct influence on our thoughts and feelings.

By applying some simple rules, we can transform our space to create a positive atmosphere that helps cleanse a place of bad vibes.


Use essential oils

Essential oils are considered powerful space purifiers and can be used to cleanse the place of a variety of negative vibrations, including anger, sadness, and toxic thoughts.

When choosing an essential oil to cleanse your space, it's important to consider its primary intention. Some oils have calming and relaxing properties while others are more stimulating or refreshing.

Once you have decided which type of oil is best suited to your current situation, there are several simple ways in which it can be applied: air diffusion (sticks or diffusers), spraying on absorbent paper or directly on furniture/ surfaces, etc.


Place green plants

A good cleansing of bad energies can help purify and restore harmony to a place. It's about releasing the negative areas of the place and filling it with positive energy, so you can fully enjoy your space.

Often, the best way to cleanse a place of poor energies will be very simple: it will consist of placing green plants there.

Indeed, these plants are naturally charged with a large quantity of positive energy which will neutralize any other harmful or stagnant form.

feng shui collection

Energize yourself and your home

with the help of Feng Shui and its tools


Enjoy sound therapy

Sonotherapy is an ancestral practice which consists of using sound to cleanse places and restore harmony. It can be very effective in purifying your home or work space, as it dispels certain forms of negativity that few other practices know how to achieve. Sound therapy has been recognized for thousands of years and has proven to be very useful in freeing apparently cursed places (yes, just that!).

To get rid of poor vibrations, you can start by playing the sounds of some specific instruments that have a beneficial effect on the environment.

Traditional instruments such as the gong, flute or drum are particularly suited to this type of use since they are reflected to produce healing vibrational frequencies.

You can also choose certain relaxing music with soothing tones which will promote relaxation and create a calmer atmosphere conducive to well-being.

witchcraft collection

Occult powers?

The esoteric secrets of witchcraft


Find the right lithotherapy crystal

Cleansing a place of bad energies with lithotherapy involves using crystals to absorb, transmute and dissipate bad vibrations and their negative effects on your environment.

Stones are known to have specific healing properties that can be applied in different circumstances.

First of all, it is important to find the right crystal adapted to the needs of the place to be purified.

Depending on whether you want to rid the place of external or internal influences, you can choose between various types of stones such as black obsidian, purple amethyst or even green tourmaline.

Note that, to obtain faster results, it is recommended to use several varieties simultaneously in order to provide complete protection against harmful forces that affect your personal or professional space.


Adopt a cat

Cats are among the best allies in cleansing your home or office of dark energies. Indeed, their presence is very important from an auric point of view and, some would even say, magical.

The cat is one of the symbolic animals par excellence in terms of esotericism. It represents protection against dark forces and helps chase away all kinds of bad influences that are in our personal space.

In addition, it has a great ability to sense negative waves and therefore can be very useful in cleaning the atmosphere of a room or a specific place, indicating the source of ailments.


Bring in the light

Often, the first thing to do to cleanse a place of bad energies is to bring in light.

Light white candles in the corners of the rooms to bring softness and protection against any form of mental or spiritual aggression!

Open the curtains wide!

Move that piece of furniture that was blocking the Sun's rays!


Conclusion: why clean a place of bad energies?

But in fact, why clean a place of bad energies?

The answer to this question is simple.

When places are filled with negative energies, they can affect our well-being and prevent us from living a rich and happy life.

Cleaning a place of bad energies therefore allows those who reside there or frequent it to improve their quality of life.

Cleansing bad energy has several important benefits.

It helps create a healthy and peaceful space where you feel soothed and protected. this significantly reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

Clearing spaces of harmful waves also helps to bring inner calm, mental clarity, increased concentration and general harmony of the physical and mental body. This improves everyone's productivity.

The process of purifying a place of harmful influences thus provides occupants with a tangible feeling of a “clean” space that stimulates their spiritual vitality while strengthening the connection to each other, to themselves and to their environment.

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