Increase your Vibration Rate to live harmoniously

If your first instinct upon hearing the phrase " vibrational energy " is to associate it with a meditative practice linked to spirituality, well... you're on the right track.

This idea, which indeed has a link to the world of well-being and the cultivation of a healthy mind, is in fact deeply rooted in the physics and laws of our world. Einstein taught us that everything is energy, and that all energy is vibration.

Additionally, although we are all made of energy, every person, place, and thing vibrates at a different frequency. Increasing your vibration rate will precisely mean working on this frequency.

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Singing bowl used by a woman in comfortable clothing, to enjoy its sounds and vibrations.

Why increase your vibration rate?

High vibrational energy is energy that is good and strong,” explains Marlene Vargas, co-founder of the esoteric boutique House of Intuition. This energy is pure, and it can come from what wise people call primordial energy, of the universe or even energy of God.

Conversely, low vibrational energy is dark, dense and weighs down those who deal with it. It is often associated with negative emotions such as suffering, fear and anger.

Based on this information, the idea of ​​increasing one's vibrational rate means above all becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions, seeking to improve them and, through them, vibrating at higher rates.

In fact, you are able to recognize when you are in a low vibrational emotion (like jealousy or grief). You can also do something to shift into a different emotional state, such that your vibrational rate will increase (such as joy, gratitude or peace).

We always hear that we need to keep our vibration high in order to attract good things.

If you want our opinion, that's absolutely correct. We have also created an entire collection (which you can discover here ) dedicated to meditative practices capable of making you vibrate better.

But concretely, how can we do this?

This task may seem complicated, but it's actually not that complicated!

Some will advise you to open a particular chakra, to put your ego aside or to undertake magnetic work. For our part, we have also found some tips that will allow you to increase your vibration rate.

Several energy medicine stones, a soothing singing bowl and incense conducive to meditation

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


Be aware of your surroundings

Be mindful of the people you spend your time with and let go of those who don't serve you. Are you around toxic environments or negative people who bring you down?

Once you become aware of your environment and its energies, you have the power to change them. Therefore, you can change your reality and increase its vibrational rate.

If you don't change your environment, you will most likely be expected to act the same way as before and be kept within a similar framework. This will prevent you from growing out of it and becoming a better person.

If things around you make you feel a certain way, or if they remind you of your past, you need to change them. This will allow you to release lower vibrations and negative emotions, which will help you raise your vibration rate and raise your level of consciousness.

Illuminated sign with "thank you" in English.

The importance of gratitude

Whatever you have, be grateful for it. Being grateful allows you to raise your vibration and attract even better things into your life.

Negative stories in your life can help you awaken and become a better person. Be grateful for everything that has happened in your life, because everything happens for a reason. Whether it was a lesson or a blessing, it brought something into your life and ultimately changed you for the better.

An elevation of our mind always has an action on our vibrational level. The law of attraction is a reality and positive attracts positive. Your astral body will be placed in a more harmonious world, in a larger cosmos.

To learn more about the benefits of gratitude, here is a page from the site which talks about it quite well.

Woman looking sadly out the window because she lacks gratitude in her life.

Pay attention to your thoughts

Be careful how you talk about yourself. The way you talk about others too. Our mind is a narrator that doesn't stop. You are not always aware of all the thoughts you express. But these thoughts are what become your reality. Your thoughts, words, and actions all transform into your reality.

This is why meditation is important and can help us increase our vibration rate. It helps us become aware of our thoughts and teaches us to let them go.

Without going into too much detail, this allows a certain harmonization which will make you more in tune with the etheric world, this divine world from which all vital energy comes.

Once we become aware of our thoughts and let them go, we can begin to forgive. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful ways to increase your vibration, because nothing is holding you back, which allows you to release the negative frequencies you were holding back.

Yi Jin compasses, a bracelet with the symbol of Yin and Yang and a Feng Shui bagua mirror

Energize yourself and your home

with the help of Feng Shui and its tools


Have fun

Bring out your inner child. Let go of judgment to release your fear of what others think, and do what you love.

Become a child again. Feel the pleasure in all the little things, the sunsets, the blooming flowers, the random smiles of strangers. Appreciating the little things will help put you in a positive state of mind and increase your vibration.

Your physical body is much more linked to your mental body than you think. Positive vibrations arise from our pleasant experiences, and these vibrations will have a direct impact on your energetic frequency. This will dispel your fears and apprehensions, and place you on the path to spiritual awakening.

Angry person who bitches and complains.

Stop complaining

Stop talking about what you don't have. Stop talking about other people. Stop saying you're not good enough. Focus that attention on radical action, and let go of all those constant negative thoughts.

It's okay to feel depressed, but don't focus or put your energy on it. Negative speech plunges us into a perpetual loop, and the only way to get out of it is to nourish positive thoughts and increase our vibration rate.

Raising your electromagnetic frequencies is a difficult task when we live surrounded by some that are way too low, but know that it is the first step towards healing and ascension to a higher vibration.

In short, complaining is undeniably bad. If you want to change this habit, here are some interesting tips that will help you get rid of this bad habit.

Girl holding a heart-shaped balloon, a symbol of her love for herself.

do you like to

To increase your vibration rate, you have to love yourself. Raising our consciousness is not an easy thing, but unconditional love can really help us.

There is an African proverb that says: “When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot harm you.” Accept your worst self as you accept your best self, and you will learn to love yourself.

Be your own best friend, because the only thing we ultimately own and control is ourselves. Treat yourself well. Respect your limits and your values. Listen to your body and your soul. Get enough sleep and exercise. These basic factors play a huge role in increasing one's vibrational rate.

When you love and accept yourself completely, you begin to love and accept others as they are. This then allows you to release negative emotions such as jealousy, resentment, hatred, anger and manipulation, which helps you become your best self.

Soothing yoga practiced by two women in a bright room.


As we saw in our article, to reach our potential, the best version of ourselves, live better, be happier... for this, we must start by increasing our vibration rate.

This is also made possible by applying a few simple but extremely effective tips that you were able to discover through today's article.

To feel the vibrations of living beings, we must raise our level of consciousness. If we succeed, great powers will be available to us. Those who practice reiki, dowsing or geobiology have all understood this well.

We must therefore take care of our vibrational frequency. Our cosmic ego will decide the rest of our existence and terrestrial magnetism will push us away if our radiation is too negative.

Furthermore, we are human beings and, as such, our vibrational state defines many aspects of our lives. High vibrational waves will allow you to open your chakras, feel the subtle bodies, gain vitality and develop true magnetism which will attract positivity.

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