Prayer of Protection: why, how, who to contact?

Darkness is a term used for malevolent spirits and they do exist. In some beliefs, these are the souls of the devil or Satan. In the field of esotericism, darkness symbolizes anxiety, ignorance, darkness, hell or even destructive deities.

In all cases, they are considered evil spirits who aim to sow trouble in our lives and harm us. They can cause a lot of suffering to their victims. The best weapon against these forces of evil is prayer for protection.

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Prayer for protection: what is it?

Prayer for protection: who to pray to?

When to pray a prayer of protection?

How to pray and with what tools to benefit from protection?

Why pray for protection?

What is an effective prayer for protection?

A prayer to protect yourself from what?

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Prayer for protection: what is it?

Prayer is something spiritual and it is an absolute truth. It is in fact a request addressed to celestial spirits, invisible beings who live in the Spirit World. It is important to emphasize that spirituality is not an elitist field. It concerns every human being, because we are composed of physical body and spirit.

All this to tell you that no matter your beliefs or religion, you can say a prayer for protection. What is it about ? As its name suggests, it is a prayer to ask for the protection of a divine being.

By making this invocation, you can benefit from this divine help allowing you to defeat the forces of evil who are trying to ruin your life on earth. They can actually blow away the spirit of the curse. Their victims often face all kinds of problems. It could be a serious illness, bad luck or even a loss of job.

Proper prayers of protection are effective weapons to prevent darkness from carrying out its evil plan. They can even guarantee healing if you are already a victim of the evil eye.

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Prayer for protection: who to pray to?

First of all, it is important to remember that if you pray prayers, it is because you believe that there is an invisible being, with enormous power, who could help you. Its identity depends on your beliefs and religion.

A Christian can, for example , address a prayer of protection to the Lord God the creator or his only son Jesus Christ. He can also pray for the protection of the blessed saints, the angels or the holy virgin. It is with this in mind that we decided to create a collection (here is) of saints' medals : for each ailment, a saint exists and his intercession can help you to cure it, to resolve your problem.

Take for example this ring with the medal of Saint Benedict : the powerful exorcisms engraved on it will allow you to increase the power of your prayers of liberation and protection. There are a whole bunch of comparable symbols, you get the idea.

For a Muslim, all prayers are directed to the Almighty Allah. Followers of other teachings which fall within the domain of esotericism, on the other hand, address their request to various deities such as a goddess, a god, an angel or an archangel.

No matter which divine spirit you invoke, the principle remains the same. You ask him to fight evil in all its forms for you so that you can lead a life of peace and security on earth.

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When to pray a protection prayer?

The answer to this question is simple: you must pray every day, everywhere and at any time. It must be said that the forces of darkness are everywhere and they are watching you at every moment. That said, there are favorable times for exchanges with divine beings.

The morning

In the morning when you wake up, recite a prayer, it is strongly recommended. It's a way to enjoy good protection all day long. The risk of encountering a malicious being exists on a daily basis. All it takes is one malicious look for your life to turn upside down and you to lose everything you have. So remember to pray to heaven to benefit from divine support.

During the day

We must continue to pray so that the spirit of good remains by our side until the end of the day. To do this, take the time to say a prayer whenever you have time. A few minutes are enough to call your guardian angel or your god.

The evening

Obviously, evening prayer is very important, because evil forces tend to operate in the dark. So, if you think that nothing is going to happen to you in bed, you are wrong. You must pray for rest for your body and mind. Having a restful and restorative sleep allows you to start the day in a good mood.

In addition, you have the opportunity to pray in peace and privacy. You can talk about all the things that are important to you. You also have more time and you can even perform a little ritual that will help you chase away the bad energies that are trying to build up in your home.

The Jerusalem cross, a statue of Christ and a Templar amulet

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How to pray and with what tools to benefit from protection?

Saying a prayer is not difficult, especially when the request is well defined. You just need to pray for protection in every moment of your life. There is no magic formula to remember and repeat. However, it is possible to optimize the effectiveness of prayer.

It is precisely with this in mind that we have created this collection of Christian jewelry and lucky charms : as tools, they will help you get closer to true principles and maintain a straight path.

In short, let's now discover some elements that you will need to take into account.

Silence, a major ingredient

To make a special request to a divine being, you must contact them. You must therefore feel his presence and for this, it is advisable to begin the prayer of protection with silence. If possible, isolate yourself in a quiet place so that you can concentrate all your attention on this moment of communion with your protector.

You can also adopt certain positions that promote concentration. Christians often tend to get down on their knees. But it is also possible to adopt the lotus position. On the other hand, you should avoid lying down.

Apply correctly

Once again, it must be remembered that you are not in a position to demand anything. You must seek, even beg, help from the deity to whom you are speaking. So, remember to make the request properly.

To begin the prayer, you must call out the name of the celestial spirit you want to invoke. His greatness and power must also be recognized through praise and worship.

Next, you need to reveal your worries and concerns honestly. The next step is to confidently seek protection, even if you think the situation is hopeless.

Prepare yourself physically and spiritually

Certainly, praying should be a simple procedure without complex preparation. However, the goal is to pray a powerful prayer and enjoy a proper response at the right time. This is why you have to prepare yourself physically and spiritually. Taking a bath to purify your body is the first thing to do. During this little ritual, you should relax and erase all negative things from your thoughts.

Use different tools

During the prayer session, you can use different tools. First there are the objects that represent the deities you call upon. For Christians, the use of rosaries, statuettes of a protective saint like Saint Rita, crosses or Bibles is common. It is also possible to use sacred oils or holy water. They are perfect weapons to chase away evil and eliminate the evil eye.

Certain esoteric symbols are also effective in fighting against evil forces. Their presence in the place of prayer is necessary. For followers of Wicca magic, for example, the salt pentagram or the Sigil are widely used. The ideal is to bring all these tools together on an altar. Since the goal is to combat darkness, it is also advisable to light candles. Light is the ideal weapon to fight against darkness.

Prepare the place of prayer well

As was mentioned previously, it is better to isolate yourself in a calming place to recite your prayer for protection. No one should disturb you. It is even advisable to purify this place in order to benefit from a flow of positive energies throughout the incantation. There are several effective purification methods.

Using white sage, a sacred herb, is the simplest. You can also use the power of a lithotherapy stone such as Amethyst, Malachite or even rock crystal. Otherwise, Tibetan singing bowls are also effective tools for carrying out energetic cleansing in a particular location.

More broadly, here is a short guide to the “taizé” journal supposed to teach you how to prepare for prayer time.

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Why pray for protection?

In life you are exposed to many dangers. Some of them are traps created by evil spirits. A prayer of protection allows you to avoid them. You must also count on divine help to protect you against oppressors and envious people. They can cast bad spells on you out of simple jealousy or malice.

Negative thoughts are also weapons launched by evil to make your life mediocre. They lead you to disappointment, failure and depression. They must therefore be chased away and a prayer for protection is the ideal solution. It can also give you positive vibes.

Praying also means gaining confidence and serenity. If you don't have a better traveling companion like god, your guardian angel or a protective spirit, you will spend your time worrying. This will be an additional source of stress. On the other hand, with a prayer of protection, you have the assurance of being safe from all danger.

To top it all off, you must keep in mind that the forces of darkness are invisible enemies. You have no way to beat them and you have no idea when or how they will act. Only a mind with greater power can anticipate their evil deed and combat them. This is one more reason to say a prayer of protection.

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What is an effective prayer for protection?

It is not the way you dress or the ritual you perform that will optimize the effectiveness of your prayer for protection. Find out how to say a powerful prayer.

Pray with fervor and devotion

Whether the prayer is addressed to the Virgin Mary, to an angel, to Saint Rita, to God or to any divinity, it must be done with respect and devotion. You must believe that you really need this divine protection. Furthermore, you must recognize the love and power of all the saints you invoke. So, remember to pray with fervor and passion.

Pray with confidence and perseverance

Faith and trust are the keys to success in a prayer of protection. After all, what's the point of praying if you don't think your wishes will come true? So, no matter what dangers you are exposed to and no matter how difficult your situation, you must believe that your prayer will be heard and answered. In addition, we must pray without ceasing and with patience.

Pray while keeping positive thoughts

You should know that a prayer is a humble act performed with the aim of obtaining positive results. So, if you plan to pray for lightning to strike your enemies, you will not get any results. You need to focus on applying for protection. The fate of your enemies does not concern you. It's not up to you to decide even though it is often said that you only reap what you sow.

Pray with sincerity

A prayer for protection is of no use if it is not said sincerely. You must have a pure heart to be able to access this divine help. Every word spoken is important. You must completely surrender and also accept that you have no way of fighting the fight alone. So, if you have bad intentions, it is better to stop the procedure.

Representation of a woman possessed by a demon behind a window.

A prayer to protect yourself from what?

In the world we live in, good and evil coexist, and have done so for centuries and centuries. According to the story, fallen angels have become evil spirits whose mission is to harm humans and challenge the forces of good.

Look for example at these few data on demons in the Christian religion, or even at this very official information from the Catholic Church of France on the subject.

Praying a daily prayer is a way to escape the various attacks of the forces of darkness. This will protect you from illness, bad luck, financial problems or total destruction of your love life. A prayer of protection can also protect you from dangers such as accidents.

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