Protection Amulet: find the one made for you

Since the dawn of time, man has always tried to live as far away from dangers as possible. To do this, we built houses, developed tools, etc.

All this ensured us material security, that is… But what about the more spiritual aspects of life?

There are indeed things in this world that we do not see but which, however, are very present and can have a real impact on our life. Sometimes we experience a series of unlucky events, we suddenly feel bad, or our life just seems to be falling apart around us. While some blame this on chance, others are aware of the forces at work behind it…

For these reasons, humanity has developed rituals, symbols and other lucky charms. Among this vast world in which we try to seek answers to the big questions of life, today we are going to focus on the subject of protective amulets.

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But in fact, why talk about protective amulets?

Learn to distinguish the powers behind the amulets

Some examples of effective protection amulets

Tips for making an effective protective amulet

Three lucky amulets: one from voodoo, one Christian and one from Wicca

A lucky place for you

by the power of these lucky amulets


But in fact, why talk about protective amulets?

To put it simply, most of the amulets we know today were created by individuals with a vision of the world very different from ours. Wise for some and superstitious for others, the Ancients believed in supernatural entities, in good and bad energies and in the manifestation of having come from other spheres.

Among all these beautiful people, some were able to be kind and help humanity. Most of them, however, were hostile to us and therefore necessarily dangerous.

As you will have understood, the primary purpose of a protection amulet is, as its name suggests, to protect against ghosts, demons and other evil spirits. Once worn, it offers security and peace of mind to its owner. These conditions are not sufficient, but still very necessary if we want to live a happy and fulfilled life.

It is no coincidence that, of all the types of jewelry that we offer on our site, lucky amulets (which you will find collected here) are the most popular!

In any case, we now understand better why protective amulets are so popular and have been for so long, right?

It is difficult to imagine what the story would have been like if no lucky amulet had been developed. It may be hard for a skeptic to believe, but their power has truly shaped our world. Yesterday as today, let us all keep in mind the immense benefits that these oh-so-special jewels have brought us.

Ten protective amulets made from different materials.

Learn to distinguish the powers behind the amulets

Concretely, the power of protective amulets seems to come from particular energies that they have. They would emit positive vibrations, which they would transmit to us, thus affecting our lives directly. We use the conditional here because it is only one opinion (it is true shared by most specialists) among others.

What's interesting about this theory is that it opens the door to a whole bunch of possibilities. If such a jewel acts by bringing us an energy of its own, then there are no limits to what it can bring us and above all, its effects can be very varied!

In short, let's not get confused: whatever the causes, the fact is that an amulet will help and protect its wearer on a daily basis. However, it is appropriate to divide the modes of action of these jewels into three distinct categories (which can of course be intertwined for certain models).

Dart right in the middle of its target, symbol of power and intention.

The intention

When we choose to wear a particular accessory, it is always done with a particular intention. Even when it comes to trivial things like appearance or physique, there is always a purpose behind what we do.

This idea immediately becomes deeper when it comes to a lucky amulet. Indeed, more than with any other object, we will naturally tend to place our most intense wills and desires in it. Already, all this will make our jewelry a reminder of the goals we want to achieve, but not only that…

Some say that the power of intention goes even further and will actually influence the benefits we can derive from our talisman. If you want to dig deeper into the subject, here is a reference book that will teach you more about this phenomenon.

Rope that ties a heart-shaped knot.

The personal connection

The idea of ​​a connection between man and his jewelry may seem to arise from the intention we place within it. These two concepts are, however, quite distinct.

Through our personal history, certain symbols can connect us to our past (ours, that of our family or, why not, of our people). This is a first form of connection.

For those who know how to feel the subtle energies of our world, wearing an amulet can also be a way to access them more easily. This form of connection arguably requires more work (and a good dose of talent) but remains one of the most powerful.

Finally, like most practices related to magic, equipping ourselves with this type of accessory helps us reconnect with our intuition and our unconscious.

Young boy dressed as a Buddhist monk and meditating serenely.

The power of rituals

Rituals are the last main element that gives protective amulets their power. In fact, when we do things daily, when these things become habits of sorts, sometimes unsuspected energies join us.

However, keep in mind that you will have little control over the intensity and effectiveness of your rituals. For example, we tie our shoes every day, without necessarily feeling any great forces behind it. What makes the effective power of a ritual is therefore much deeper than simple repetition...

In short, because it is quite difficult to predict, the power of rituals should not be the only thing on which to base the wearing of amulets. On the other hand, it will never be bad to add efficiency to efficiency. Read this article from the femininebio site and you will learn more about the link in rituals, intention and attraction!

Several amulets presented in a lucky charm store.

Some examples of effective protection amulets

For as long as humanity can remember, finding effective protective amulets has been a primary concern. Thousands of years ago, there was no real choice but to grope slowly and, through error, end up finding one or the other barely powerful.

Fortunately for you, those days are over: today, sites like ours bring together experts who can advise you and help you find the right protective amulet for you.

With the help of the internet tool, sources can easily be cross-referenced and the most interesting testimonies quickly stand out from the crowd. All this allows us to advise you in the best possible way.

In short, let's now focus on three models in particular that we would like to present to you.

Several Nazar Boncuk amulets made of blue glass.

1st protective amulet: the Nazar Boncuk, a mysterious eye from the East

The evil eye is one of the most famous curses and one of the most feared too.

To be very precise, we are talking here about a kind of spell that you can be hit with just by a single glance. You know, when someone gives you a look brimming with hatred or envy, and a shiver runs down your spine... well, it's the evil eye!

Given what you have learned so far in this article, you must suspect that many amulets were created throughout history to fight against.

Well among all of them, none comes close to Nazar Boncuk in terms of efficiency. Very concretely, here is an example of an amulet using the powers of this ancient symbol.

With its eye shape, this lucky charm somehow fights the evil eye on equal terms. This allegory may make you smile, but it remains no less real…

In short, by wearing this amulet, you will repel the negative energy that some might try to send you.

Quite sinister raven flying high in the sky.

2nd protection amulet: to benefit from the powers of the crow

Ravens are the animals most associated with Viking culture. Already, they are the familiars of Odin, the powerful god of war and wisdom: by flying above our world, they see everything that is happening there and come to bring back the most precious information to their master.

From a symbolic point of view, the crow is therefore linked to knowledge (especially of hidden things), knowledge which allows us to make the right choices for our security. It is therefore not surprising that the figure of the raven could have been used to design some of the best protective amulets!

Look at this hrafnsmerki amulet (an Old Norse word for a raven amulet). It seems quite simple in its design but, yet, great capabilities are hidden behind it!

Statue of the goddess Guan Yin erected in China.

3rd protection amulet: a representation of Guan Yin, a benevolent Chinese goddess

In Chinese mythology, the goddess Guan Yin is famous for the incredible number of men whose lives she saved. Some legends even say that whoever calls on him could receive his help... and what help!

In fact, Guan Yin's energy is full of kindness and benevolence, a bit like a very maternal woman who would like to have the little ones of her community. Great protector and benefactor of humanity, the manifestations of this goddess are often synonymous with astonishing healings, erased gloomy mood, etc.

The figure of Guan Yin was therefore very clearly designated for the creation of protective amulets.

Some protective amulets hanging on a wall.

Other examples of lucky amulets

We have presented you with three different lucky charms. Already, there is the Nazar protection amulet, whose intense and mysterious powers are relatively poorly understood, even by the greatest specialists. We also mentioned that of the hrafnsmerki, which possesses the mystical energy of the ravens of the North. Faced with these two, Guan Yin's protective amulet, full of kindness and benevolence, cuts through his essence.

All in all, there is something for everyone… or almost.

In reality, the choice of these three jewels that we have just presented to you stems from very personal opinions. There are actually hundreds (maybe even thousands) of different symbols that can serve as your protective amulet. Some will help you stay away from evil people and entities, while others will offer you luck and health.

Truly, there is an amulet for each of us, for each period of our lives.

In short, here is a (non-exhaustive) list of other very popular lucky symbols which, in our humble opinion, will be ideal for making effective amulets:

  • The four leaf clover
  • Fatma's hand
  • Horse Shoe
  • Crystals in general
  • Nordic runes and glyphs
  • Religious icons and medals
  • The triskelion symbol
  • The emblems of voodoo
  • Taijitu (the famous symbol of Yin and Yang)
  • The Eye of Horus
  • Amulets of Thai monks
  • Your favorite crystal, pearls or any gemstone
  • And a whole bunch of other models

From blog posts to lucky jewelry, every item on this list is featured in one way or another on our site.

If any of these names have piqued your curiosity, don’t hesitate to start your research now!

DIY material that can be used to make an amulet.

Tips for making an effective protective amulet

If you can't find something to make you happy among the numerous collections of amulets and talismans on our site, don't worry: you can always make one yourself!

First of all, know that most of the time, this type of jewelry is round in shape. This is not a constant but all the same, this definition of the word “amulet” presents it to us as a characteristic.

In short, the first step will be to choose a circular support capable of serving as a base for your amulet. For example, you can take the quadrant of an old broken watch, a piece of cut can. The wealthiest will choose precious stones, cut quartz or any jewelry support. In short, there is no shortage of possibilities.

However, we are not interested in making a simple amulet. No, what we want is to make a protective amulet!

The next step will therefore be to find an element, a symbol, a shape… in short, something that speaks to you and whose nature and powers you know. This step is undoubtedly the longest and most complicated in the manufacture of your amulet. Fortunately for you, you will find a lot of information on our site that can help you (typically, the list in the previous paragraph can be a good starting point). Once you have found the esoteric symbol, all you have to do is include it in your circular base. (Here you can be creative.)

The third and final step comes down to finding how your protective amulet will help you. To do this, refer to the second paragraph of this article where everything is already explained to you in detail!

There you go, your reading is now finished. We hope it was enjoyable for you and that it taught you something. If you have any questions or items to raise, please feel free to send us a message via our contact page or in the comments section of this article.

We will respond as quickly as possible!

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