Sacred Feminine: Unleash the Goddess Sleeping Within You

The sacred feminine. .. This is a notion that is increasingly mentioned these days. However, many people, especially women, do not even know its meaning. We can say that she represents so many things, it's true.

It is first of all a notion of spiritual order and a kind of ancestral wisdom. It is also a very popular trend in feminism. It is also associated with personal development work.

In short, it is a very important concept for women. It could lead you to success, provide you with absolute well-being and ensure the fulfillment of your soul. In short, here is everything you need to know about the sacred feminine.

Contents :

What is the sacred feminine?

The three pillars of the sacred feminine

Why is the sacred feminine at the heart of the trend currently?

What is the point of this reconnection with the sacred feminine?

Stimulate feminine energy through active practices

What are the limits of the sacred feminine?

How to reconnect with your sacred feminine… and exploit it?

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What is the sacred feminine?

It is difficult to give a precise definition of the sacred feminine. What needs to be mentioned above all is that it doesn't talk about femininity. It is also not about feminism, nor a desire to dominate through one's feminine powers. In reality, the sacred feminine is a notion which represents a divine dimension, a sacred force, an energy or even a feminine essence present in every woman.

The sacred feminine can be associated with a spiritual way of life that allows a feminine being to fully flourish. Indeed, it is an energy, an inner strength, which provides freedom and many qualities such as gentleness, unconditional love, lucidity, the ability to listen, empathy….

The sacred feminine also represents this process of reconnecting with the wild woman or the wolf within oneself. He is a powerful, sensual and intuitive being, who is not concerned about prejudice and who acts according to his own needs, without harming others.

In Chinese medicine, the sacred feminine is seen as Yin which symbolizes winter, cold, the Moon, night and woman (while Yang (the masculine principle) represents heat, light, sun and the man). It is the balance between these two forces that guarantees total fulfillment in all areas of life.

Fantasy world, with a woman in a long white dress looking at a city floating in the air.

The three pillars of the sacred feminine

The sacred feminine is made up of three main aspects: love, wisdom and creativity. These three aspects are the pillars of the sacred feminine and are essential for its proper functioning. When you are in harmony with your sacred feminine, you are able to more easily attract success into your life.

Here is a description of these three facets, and their link with the nature of women;

  • Love is the most important aspect of the sacred feminine. Unconditional love is the key to all doors to the sacred feminine. When you are able to love unconditionally, you are able to break through all the blocks. For a woman, love also takes the form of sexuality, seduction and sensuality.
  • Wisdom is the aspect that allows you to realize your personal power. Assuming your femininity requires wisdom, and this quality allows you to awaken and emancipate yourself. Wisdom allows you to understand that you are the only one responsible for your vibrations of happiness.
  • Creativity is the aspect that allows you to experiment and play with your sacred feminine. Creativity allows you to use your imagination and find creative solutions to any problems you encounter. For a woman, creativity will often be expressed through true awakening to her part of femininity.

A crystal ball, an astrology poster and an owl pendant.

Occult powers?

The esoteric secrets of witchcraft

Why is the sacred feminine at the heart of the trend currently?

Modern witchcraft as in the past (on which this entire collection of our site is based) knew the essential place occupied by women in the order of the world. Wicca, Sabbats and other initiatory sororities are the playground of modern witches, and their popularity is still growing.

Modern society often tends to value men too much to the detriment of women. Far from stereotypes, the problems of parity and equity are real. This is why feminism is being talked about more and more. The most daring campaign for equality between men and women. Their goal is to destroy the pattern representing the male domination of patriarchy. The philosophy of the sacred feminine, however, is somewhat different.

The ideal solution here is to let go. Instead of fighting with the dictates of society, it is better to reconnect with your sacred feminine. Indeed, it is the time to reconnect with this inner being, this warrior who is both daring and full of wisdom and who possesses a creative force. You will then become a powerful, autonomous woman, full of life and caring towards others.

Magician in front of the full moon, who uses the powers of the sacred feminine.

What is the point of this reconnection with the sacred feminine?

Reconnecting with the spirituality of the sacred feminine means first of all putting an end to this duality between men and women. This means not playing the role imposed by modern society. In other words, you will have to think outside the box to discover who you really are and what your essence is.

By adopting this path, you can become a strong woman with many qualities. The feminine principle is not equivalent to a gun, intended for domination of others or destruction. This spiritual dimension allows you to develop a powerful force which gives you the ability to act, to have inner peace and to flourish as a woman.

In addition, by reconnecting with her sacred femininity, a woman is full of vitality and has better health. She also has good self-confidence and is able to manage her emotions. She also developed her intuitive abilities, an important piece of knowledge that could help her make the right choice in life.

Witch who throws a ball of pink magic, representation of the feminine principle.

Stimulate feminine energy through active practices

Now you know what you should or should not do to reconnect with your sacred feminine. The problem is that the task promises to be difficult. What is the best method to harmonize and balance feminine energy? There is no specific road map or precise rules to follow. In reality, healing or reconnecting with your sacred feminine is a personal work to be carried out in a methodical way.

The use of esoteric symbols

An important part of witchcraft occurs through the use of symbols.

Assuming your femininity through witchy jewelry can seem surprising... and wearing!

Some witches therefore (without this term being pejorative, or even particularly magical) like to carry them with them every day. This is precisely why we created this collection of jewelry and symbols of witchcraft, in which you will find many more or less mystical accessories.

Among the jewelry most appreciated by our readers, you will find the Wiccan triple Moon necklace or this ring bearing the same symbol. The triple Moon is undoubtedly the emblem of the sacred feminine par excellence, because it represents the woman in her totality (in her three ages, her three facets, etc.). It also hides behind ideas of sorority, initiatory rites and forgotten goddesses.

It is therefore no coincidence that so many women of character like to wear this feminine symbol.

Yoga for women

The practice of yoga can be a powerful tool for harmonizing the sacred feminine. By connecting to our breath and body, we create a space for healing and self-love. Additionally, breathing and relaxation exercises help ground us in the present moment, which can be a useful counterbalance to the pressures of daily life. When we take the time to connect to our deepest being, we open the way to transformation and harmonization of body and mind.

By performing yoga postures, we free ourselves from old patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve us. We make room for new ways of being that are more in tune with our true nature. So yoga can help us become more aware and present in our lives, and live more fully in harmony with ourselves and the environment. It helps us circulate vital energies.

Meditative practices

As a woman, it's important to find time to connect with your spiritual side. Regular meditation practice is one way to achieve this. By taking a few minutes out of your day to clear your mind and focus on your breathing, you can help harmonize the feminine energy within you.

In addition to providing a feeling of calm and peace, meditation sessions can also help improve mood, achieve better focus of the mind, and increase general well-being. So take a few moments for yourself and allow meditation to bring balance to the sacred feminine within you. Furthermore, during the session, you can connect with the deities, including the goddess of the sacred feminine to achieve harmony in your life or, at least, in your meditation session.


The sacred feminine is a bodily and spiritual energy that is often associated with Mother Earth and Nature. For many women, connecting to this energy can help promote feelings of care, sisterhood, and fertility.

An entire part of lithotherapy is also dedicated to the healing of feminine energy, as evidenced for example by this list of twenty stones dedicated to women.

Lithotherapy is one of the energetic techniques that helps harmonize the sacred feminine. Common stones and crystals associated with the symbol of the sacred feminine are rose quartz, amethyst and jade. When selecting, focus on a stone or crystal that resonates with you on a deeply personal level. This will maximize the benefits you will receive from the stone or crystal.

With the right crystal, the powers of your feminine soul (whether it expresses itself through motherhood, sexuality or as a couple) will be increased tenfold.

Woman praying before the moon, with a sacred halo of light around her.

What are the limits of the sacred feminine?

Should we achieve the sacred feminine 100%? Furthermore, is this an obligation? These are the most frequent questions our readers ask us on the subject.

In reality, connecting to your sacred feminine is not obligatory, especially if you are comfortable in your skin and if you feel personal fulfillment in your life. The same is true if you don't believe in this concept. After all, why follow a lifestyle that doesn't suit you?

On the other hand, if you feel this discomfort, this feeling of not being in your place and of not knowing happiness, it is high time to reconnect with your feminine energy channels. You will then be able to rediscover the joy of living.

It is equally important to emphasize that even if you have not achieved your goal of reconnecting with your sacred feminine 100%, you should not feel guilty. This should not make you feel weak or like a failure. As has been mentioned from the beginning, the road is long and we must evolve over time. The most important thing is your desire to improve your life and find freedom.

Magician who casts spells in a forest.

How to reconnect with your sacred feminine… and exploit it?

Reconnecting with your sacred feminine is not an obvious thing. We can even say that the process is long and there is a risk of encountering blockages. That said, by adopting the right method, you can get there.

As a reminder, the objective is to become a feminine woman, free and capable of assuming her responsibilities, her tastes and her desires. Here are practical ways that will allow you to reconnect with your sacred feminine to balance body and mind.

Identify obstacles correctly

Before beginning this spiritual process, you will need to identify the various obstacles that could prevent you from achieving your goal of exploiting your feminine energy fields. Usually they come from the outside world. That said, internal barriers also exist.

First of all, it is necessary to mention your behavior in the face of the painful past and the difficult experiences experienced. In life, nothing happens by chance, including difficult situations to go through and live with. You must know that these happy and painful experiences have shaped your personality. But in most cases, you tend to opt for the victim status. It's impossible for you to make things positive. This will prevent you from finding your sacred feminine.

The break with the inner self can also slow down reconnection with one's feminine power. It tricks you into thinking that you like something or want something. However, this is not reality. We must therefore overcome each of these obstacles.

How ? First of all, no matter how difficult the ordeal experienced, there is no question of remaining in the victim's place. We must free ourselves from the past and learn to forgive and forgive ourselves. It is also necessary to learn to listen to your body and its desires. In short, it will be necessary to launch real personal development work.

Accept your emotions

Since childhood, every individual is trained to suppress their emotions. When a baby cries, parents tell him to stop. Among adults, crying is considered childish behavior. In all areas of life, emotions and feelings have no place. You must always be rational.

Ultimately, externalizing one's emotions became a shameful behavior, a kind of weakness. Showing vulnerability is out of the question. However, by doing this, you are moving away from your goal of feeling the vibration of the sacred feminine.

It is essential to reconnect with your fears and emotions... and to identify them. The goal is not to fight them or push them away. On the contrary, we must learn to accept them without passing judgment. Whether it is anger, jealousy, sadness, fear, or jealousy, there is nothing shameful in feeling them. You need to listen to them carefully, because they can guide you in making choices and help you achieve better physical and emotional balance.

Accept yourself as you are

Society imposes standards and criteria in terms of beauty and success. This is also one of the things that feminists denounce.

Every woman tries to fit into the mold so as not to be different from others. The opposite would indeed be considered a huge flaw. Furthermore, we live in a world where it is essential to have a body and mind that are always in tip-top condition. The archetype of the perfect woman is present in everyone's head, every day, and in every place.

However, the spirituality of the sacred feminine encourages you to accept your faults and imperfections. We must banish this desire to conform to the model imposed by society. It is necessary to understand that everyone has their own personality. In addition, accepting your imperfections also means learning to make them evolve.

Reconnect with your own body

It's not about appearance, but about bodily sensations. Indeed, your body can act differently depending on your emotions and intuitions. You must learn to listen to it to allow good energy to flow and achieve serenity.

As a woman, there are many tips for reconnecting with your body. For example, here are eight typically feminine tracks presented by a health site. Between yoga, meditation and mindfulness, there are tons of ways to do it that you can discover on the internet.

If reconnecting with your body means wearing heels and a figure-hugging dress to feel sexy, all the better. If it’s about getting closer to masculine energy through male-female relationships, why not. If, on the contrary, it's about getting closer to your own part of masculinity, that's fine too. The important thing here is to awaken the real you.

Often, it is also advisable to reconnect with our sex life. Far from the simple effect of hormones, this can be done through deep spiritual practices, where the ego will disappear to give way to the sacred union of two beings. Here we can think of tantra or certain forms of reiki.

Live in the present moment

As was previously mentioned, the sacred feminine is within oneself. It is not something that belongs to the past or the future, it is omnipresent. Thus, we must learn to live in the present moment to be able to reconnect with our sacred feminine.

Women and men all have this need to live more in the present moment, but a failure here will undoubtedly hinder the happiness of women, whose energy cycles are more in line with the present.

By staying in the past or moving too much into the future, you will simply be prey to stress. You must learn to silence this voice that prevents you from hearing your heart and ignoring your feminine qualities.

Accept your limits

The desire to be like others often forces you to push your limits. There is this desire to do too much. Masculine desires push us to resemble the feminine archetype of their dreams. Here, men and women are not equal, that’s clear.

However, this research causes physical and psychological exhaustion and is harmful to health. Over time, you will fall into the trap of burnout.

What you need to know is that the sacred feminine is synonymous with self-respect. Thus, it is necessary to learn to say “no” in order to preserve your physical and moral health. The goal is to feel good about yourself, to better free your body and mind and above all to develop self-love.

Discover your menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle actually represents feminine power. It’s about this ability to create life. Inseparable from the woman's body, it symbolizes the deep nature of women. Furthermore, each phase of the menstrual cycle is associated with a season.

After your period, a new cycle begins and this represents spring. It is a source of hope and new energy, the promise of new life and abundance. The ovulation phase, on the other hand, symbolizes summer with sun, heat and rain. This is the time when the woman becomes fertile and overflows with love and energy. She puts on her warrior costume.

The next phase is that of fertilization. The uterus is the mother's sexual organ which then symbolizes the Universe, the place where all life begins. If there is no fertilization, a new cycle is being prepared. This phase is associated with fall and it is a time to listen to the mysteries of your inner wisdom.

Finally, the period of menstruation is associated with winter, a time of rest for the warrior. The fact that the body evacuates the unfertilized egg through the blood symbolizes letting go. During this phase, women become more secretive. This is the moment when their intuition is most developed. They can connect easily with their sacred powers.

All of this indicates that the menstrual cycle is not just about hormonal fluctuation. It is an important phenomenon, a kind of divine expression which connects the woman to the goddess of the sacred feminine.

Learn to listen and trust your inner voice

Every human being has internal knowledge, which is expressed through intuition or the little inner voice. It manifests itself through images, impressions or even feelings. However, modern society tends to ignore it. Only rational knowledge, based on scientific explanations, is recognized.

The sacred feminine will circulate the energy which will highlight this divine inner power, difficult to explain. Therefore, to reconnect with your feminine power, it is essential to listen to your inner voice and optimize your intuitive abilities.

Accept and receive others unconditionally

In the modern society we live in, prejudices and judgments are commonplace. You have to conform to standards to be accepted by others. So when a person is a little different, they immediately think that they don't deserve the love of others. Furthermore, others, even close ones, tend to reject her.

The sacred feminine promotes acceptance of oneself and others. It is a maternal energy that supports, comforts and loves unconditionally. This energy invites compassion and limitless love. She places herself in the polarity of cold and warlike masculine power.

Thus, to reconnect with your sacred feminine and feel feminine energy, you must accept and receive others without passing judgment. Only the pleasure of being together counts.

Act while respecting your values

Most people tend to act out of impulse or obligation. As a result, their actions are not in line with their real values ​​and desires. This is the case when you do something while saying “I have no choice”, “this is the way the world works”.

However, these are false arguments and by putting them forward, you are simply trying not to give in to guilt and to calm your conscience. However, deep down you know that you have not followed the right path.

The vital energy of the sacred feminine pushes you to take responsibility. You must be the actor of your own life. In other words, you must act according to your desires. To do this, you must make your decision based on your values, even if it requires you to step out of your comfort zone.

This idea is expressed particularly well through the social commitments that many women make once reconnected to their femininity, such as ecological commitment. This book by Constance Rimlinger, “Sacred Feminine and Ecofeminist Sensibility”, deals wonderfully with the question.

Talking about the sacred feminine with others

Nowadays, most women have this competitive spirit. They are driven by the feeling of jealousy. However, the sacred feminine pushes you to establish a good relationship with those around you, especially with other women. They should be your friends, your mothers and your sisters.

For the energy to circulate, we will have to talk to them about the sacred feminine. The goal is to make them understand your goals. To do this, relying on books centered on femininity from a spiritual point of view (like those presented by this publisher) can be a good starting point. Between feminist struggle, link with Freemasonry, techniques of emancipation and paths of spiritual life: their themes cover vast horizons.

This type of discussion is also a way to encourage your friends to reconnect with their sacred feminine and to feel feminine energy in turn. Initiatory journeys must always start somewhere. Maybe yours starts here today. Perhaps, for your friends, you will be the initiator.

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