Sacred Masculine: awaken a new life force!

In our modern societies, the sacred masculine is an aspect of our being (for all of us, men and women) which has been forgotten and marginalized.

Yet it is an inner power that can give us the courage and willpower we need to face life's challenges.

This article will explore how to awaken this masculine force so that you can regain lost personal power, but also create deeper relationships with yourself and those you love.

Contents :

1. Sacred masculine: definition

2. The opposite of the sacred feminine? Not really...

3. The esoteric symbols of the sacred masculine

4. Sacred masculine and ancient deities (Zeus, Ares, Apollo, etc.)

5. Twin flames: a link with our concept?

6. How to awaken the sacred masculine? (simple techniques)

7. Balance your masculine and feminine


Sacred masculine: definition

The sacred masculine is a concept that starts from a simple idea: men are spiritual beings made to serve as guides and protectors.

This theme focuses on the fact that as males, we have a responsibility to society and our community. This notion encourages men to find their inner identity, to take care of themselves and others and to live a more balanced life.

When we talk about the sacred masculine, we often think of the traditional roles played by men over the centuries (warriors, chiefs or patriarchs).

However, the idea of ​​the sacred masculine involves above all channeling one's masculine force in order to create a harmonious relationship between one's mind, body and soul.

The goal is then to achieve a balance between the mental and the physical while recognizing the inherent power that each man has to face the difficulties encountered in his daily life, but also to support those close to him in their personal trials.


The opposite of the sacred feminine? Not really...

The sacred masculine is a notion that dates back to the Stone Age and is found in most cultures. It is a concept that recognizes that men have their own unique spiritual, moral and ethical qualities that they must share with the world.

This can be seen as the opposite of the sacred feminine. However, it is not really an opposition that we should see here, but rather a complementarity between the sexes.

The sacred masculine represents the inner strength that every man needs to guide his life and find his way to God or any other form of spirituality. The fundamental principles of the sacred masculine include:

  • Honor: Respect yourself and respect others
  • Courage: Having the courage to make difficult decisions without fear or compromise
  • Righteousness: Holding yourself to the standards set by your community to maintain social order
  • Loyalty: Showing loyalty to those who count on us.

When we think about it, these qualities are not in opposition to those commonly associated with the sacred feminine. On the contrary, some of the greatest women in history have been upright and courageous.

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The esoteric symbols of the sacred masculine

The sacred masculine is a concept that is an integral part of esotericism. However, one of the main means that esoteric doctrine has for communicating is symbols.

The main symbols of the sacred masculine thus include the circle and the triangle, the open eye, the joined hands and the solar cross.

Each of these elements symbolizes different characteristics of the sacred masculine such as strength, protection and spiritual enlightenment.

Sometimes also, it is downright divine qualities such as courage, unconditional love and personal power that will be expressed. For example, this will be particularly the case with all representations of the Sun (direct or indirect, through the star or a god associated with it).

In any case, people seeking to connect with the sacred masculine can use the symbols we have just cited as tools to explore this deep and meaningful concept.


Sacred masculine and ancient deities (Zeus, Ares, Apollo)

The sacred masculine is a notion that is found in many cultures and religions around the world.

Designating the power, authority and honor of men within these societies, warlike and violent times have necessarily led this philosophical concept to take a prominent place.

In ancient Greek mythology, for example, several gods represent this concept. Three, however, really have a significant function: Zeus, Ares, Apollo.

Zeus is the father of the Greek gods; he embodies wisdom as well as courage and physical strength. He is often depicted as a majestic man dressed in gold armor or carrying a scepter symbolizing his domination over all that exists.

Ares is known to be the God of war; we see in him a very virile masculine figure associated with military qualities such as courage or bravery.

Apollo is also considered a symbol of the sacred masculine. Indeed, he embodies, not only, the physical qualities, but also the spiritual qualities linked to this notion: intelligence, justice and divine wisdom.


Twin flames: a link with our concept?

The feminine, sacred masculine, and twin flames are concepts that have sparked many conversations among those seeking to connect with their soulmate

These terms seem abstract, but they hold true spiritual power that many seek.

As we have said, the sacred masculine is a concept developed in modern spirituality to explain the inner masculine force that each person has within themselves. It is connected to creative power and authentic expression of the Self.

Twin flames, on the other hand, represent a deep connection between two human beings, generally considered unique lovers or partners, crossing the dimensions of time and space to unite on a higher spiritual plane.

However, according to this idea, it is only by being perfectly in agreement with who we are, and therefore with our sacred masculine part, that we can find our twin flame.

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How to awaken the sacred masculine? (simple techniques)

The sacred masculine is an ancient notion brought up to date by the modern men's movement. Our concept encourages men to be more aware of their own power and responsibilities as spiritual leaders and protectors of the community.

Knowing this, awakening the sacred masculine seems intimidating, but fortunately there are some simple techniques to get there.

First, becoming aware of the fundamentals of the sacred masculine can be very helpful. This means understanding the importance of being an intuitive and committed leader, capable of caring not only for one's family and close circle, but also for other members of the community. Understanding this idea makes it easier for men to welcome this type of spiritual and personal approach.

The second (and final) step will be to find a mentor. Yes, the right spiritual guide can greatly contribute to bringing out the sacred masculine in those who follow his teachings.


Balancing your masculine and feminine

Paradoxically, reconnecting with your sacred masculine can help people find a better balance between their masculine and feminine qualities.

The idea is simple: when we can learn to embrace, respect and integrate our masculine and feminine aspects, we are more in harmony with our true being.

To achieve this objective, there are certain questions to ask, and certain answers to provide:

  • Get to know yourself. Take some time to think about your masculine and feminine personality strengths.
  • By the way, what traits represent your qualities as a man or woman?
  • And how can you develop these characters?

Then, find ways to take care of yourself in order to achieve a feeling of internal harmony. Practicing techniques such as yoga, meditation or deep breathing can help calm your mind and body to allow the natural flow of masculine and feminine energies to flow freely within you.

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