Secrets of Chinese Magic (spirituality, symbols, history)

Chinese magic is an ancestral practice that dates back more than 5,000 years. It has been transmitted throughout the world and allows people to access divine knowledge and a sense of inner well-being.

This discipline includes various techniques, such as Chinese astrology, subtle care with Qi (vital energy), healing with colors and even Feng Shui.

All of these practices can be used to invoke spiritual forces to promote peace, harmony and abundance on Earth.

Contents :

1. The basics of Chinese magic

2. What type of wizard practiced Chinese magic?

3. Written/historical traces of Chinese magic

4. The eight immortals, deities of Chinese magic

5. Symbol #1: Taijitu

6. Symbol #2: the dragon

7. Divination in Chinese magic

8. Potions, spells and natural remedies

9. The importance of internal alchemy and Taoism

10. Chinese magic and martial arts

11. Conclusion: Chinese magic today?


The basics of Chinese magic

Chinese magic is an ancient esoteric practice that dates back thousands of years. It is based on the principles of Yin and Yang, as well as the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected by Qi. Chinese magic focuses on using this energy to influence natural forces and achieve desired results.

In Chinese tradition, there are different aspects of magical practices: witchcraft, divination, internal alchemy and even martial arts. These techniques are used to channel Qi to bring about a desired effect.

Adepts can choose between various tools to control this energy: jade wands or ornamental wooden sticks, occult symbols such as pentagrams or circles, specific incantations, etc. Applications vary depending on the form of practice chosen by each individual.


What type of wizard practiced Chinese magic?

In ancient China, practitioners of magic were considered sages and healers. Respected within their community for their spiritual and esoteric knowledge, these people could be men or women.

They used various tools to invoke protective spirits: ritual wands made of wood or metal ("fu"), sacred talismans engraved with powerful symbols ("Fu Talisman") and different types of incense.

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Written/historical traces of Chinese magic

Chinese magic is rooted in the history and culture of the country. Written evidence of these practices dates back millennia, with references found in classical texts such as the Yi Jin and the Dai De Jin.

This ancestral art involves several fundamental principles, as well as various means for invoking spirits, interpreting divinatory signs or concocting magical potions.

The techniques are described in detail in this ancestral literature which is still studied today.


The eight immortals, deities of Chinese magic

In Chinese mythology, the Eight Immortals are a renowned group associated with magic. Each of these powerful beings has specific attributes that represent different aspects of the natural world.

For example, Li Piégé can heal and Zwingli Guan is the master alchemist par excellence.

It is said that during rituals, one can invoke the Immortals for guidance and protection. These deities offer welcome assistance to those seeking spiritual guidance or support.


Symbol #1: Taijitu

Taijitu is a classic symbol representing the balance between Yin and Yang. It consists of a circle divided into two equal halves, the black part (Yin) and the white part (Yang). Each half contains a point symbolizing the complementarity of forces.

In Chinese magic, we use this motif to harmonize energies during rituals or as a protective lucky charm. Taijitu encourages finding harmony between all aspects of life by seeking a good balance.

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Symbol #2: the dragon

The dragon is a sacred symbol in China. Contrary to the negative image it has in Western culture, it is associated with beneficial power and luck.

In Chinese magic, the dragon is invoked to bring success, protection or wisdom to practitioners. Its positive symbolic qualities make it an element frequently used on talismans and engravings.

This explains why it plays such an important place in Chinese magic: it is an invaluable source of powerful spiritual energy!

Divination in Chinese magic

Divination in Chinese magic

Chinese esoteric practice uses divination to obtain information about the future. One of the most common ways is Yi Jin, which involves interpreting one's hexagrams in order to help those in need.

Other forms of divination include cartomancy and astrology. The reading of astrological signs is done with great precision and it is also possible to interpret dreams.


Potions, spells and natural remedies

Chinese magic uses potions, spells and natural remedies to influence the spiritual world. Practitioners use different medicinal herbs and preparation techniques to create these powerful mixtures.

These potions can be used to heal physical or emotional illnesses, repel negativity, or attract good luck. They are often associated with the use of sacred talismans which reinforce their effectiveness.

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The importance of internal alchemy and Taoism

Internal alchemy is an essential practice of Chinese Taoism. It focuses on personal development by cultivating life energy (Qi) through various methods, such as breathing, Dai Chi Chouan and meditation exercises specific to Taoism.

Taoism plays a central role in this internal alchemy, as it offers a path to finding harmony with oneself and with the entire universe. The philosophy also encourages applying Yin-Yang principles and respecting the natural cycles that govern our daily lives.


Chinese magic and martial arts

In ancient China, there was a close connection between martial arts and magic. Martial arts practitioners were often introduced to magical techniques that allowed them to strengthen their physical and spiritual abilities.

For example, they used Qi to increase physical strength or even protect themselves against enemy attacks. The combination of body and mind was considered essential for increasing one's skills in both areas.


Conclusion: Chinese magic today?

Chinese magical traditions have spanned the ages and are still practiced today by esoteric specialists. The ancient wisdom they contain offers a unique perspective on our relationship with the Universe and our own inner power.

By embracing this age-old spirituality, we can discover a harmonious balance in our daily lives while exploring fascinating Eastern mysticism. This can allow us to better understand how to circulate Universal Energy (Qi) through our bodies in order to take full advantage of the benefits of Chinese magic to bring more harmony into our lives.

Regularly practicing traditional techniques can not only enrich your life, but also open the door to a deeper understanding of the world around us. Learn more about this special type of magic to harness ancient knowledge that will influence your future destiny!

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