The Best Secrets to Get Lucky (TOP #11)

We all want to be luckier!

But who really knows how to cultivate your lucky star?

We know it… and today we are going to share with you 11 secrets to having more luck!

Tip, trick and other confidential method: hold on to your seat belts, fortune may shake you up!

Contents :

Secret #1: Find a creative activity

Secret #2: Develop self-confidence

Secret #3: Find the right lucky charm for you

Secret #4: Connect with others

Secret #5: Relax with meditation tools

Secret #6: Cultivate positivity

Secret #7: Ignore Negativity

Secret #8: Be calm thanks to clairvoyance

Secret #9: Work on your posture

Secret #10: Place your intention correctly

Secret #11: Contact an exorcist

Painter who practices his creative art.

Secret #1: Find a creative activity

Playing the lottery may make you hit the jackpot, but will not develop any special skills in you.

Lotto, backgammon or ticket scratching ultimately constitute very sterile activities.

However, being lucky is above all a question of opportunity.

By finding a creative activity that you are passionate about, you will be able to put yourself forward through your art.

This will be an opportunity for great encounters, advantageous circumstances for you and new possibilities.

Find a creative activity: here is our first secret to having luck.

Chalkboard with inspirational thoughts written on it.

Secret #2: Develop self-confidence

Another secret to being lucky is to have confidence in yourself.

This may seem like a simple idea, but it is nonetheless powerful.

Having self-confidence allows you to seize opportunities when they present themselves.

Being luckier is about receiving these opportunities, yes, but also about seizing them!

If you were offered a winning lottery ticket and turned it down, what would you have at the end of the day?

Absolutely nothing !

Having confidence in yourself will therefore mean having more luck.

Lucky pendants

carry power around your neck

by these mysterious lucky pendants


Secret #3: Find the right lucky charm for you

If so many people equip themselves with lucky charms, there must be a good reason for it!

At least that's what we thought when we created this site.

It was clear, after research and documentation over several years, that the power of lucky charms is very real.

Is it a simple psychological effect or, on the contrary, do certain esoteric symbols have real force?

The question remains open but, for our part, we have clearly decided.

In short, if you are looking for secrets to have more luck, nothing will be more relevant than being interested in the secrets of lucky charms.

As such, this collection of pendants or this one made of bracelets.

Our blog will generally be a good source of information too.

Several happy friends together, jumping in front of a mountain landscape.

Secret #4: Connect with others

Connecting to a lucky charm will definitely help you have more luck.

Connect you to the right people too!

It is often said that human beings have internal energy. Soul, spirit, chi: call it what you want, but the fact is that we are not just a simple collection of cells.

In short, this spiritual energy is influenced every day by that of the people around us.

Moving away from toxic people is therefore an absolute necessity.

Bringing you closer to caring beings who send you sincere love is just as important.

Several meditation objects

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


Secret #5: Relax with meditation tools

Being relaxed will allow you to think clearly, make the right decisions and ultimately be luckier.

The fifth secret to having luck will therefore consist of a search for relaxation... through meditation and, more particularly, through certain tools.

If we created this collection of meditation tools, it is above all to offer our community simple ways to soothe their hearts and minds.

Between sound therapy instruments, reiki symbols and pendulums or various herbal plants, there is something for everyone and for all tastes.

Happy and fulfilled woman.

Secret #6: Cultivate positivity

The secrets to being lucky that we have just described to you could be summed up as this: cultivate positivity.

Knowing how to cultivate positivity within yourself regardless of external circumstances is a rare skill.

This requires detachment and enormous letting go.

To give you an image, imagine a seed that you would plant in dry and arid land, but that you would come to water every day.

It is through direct and resolute action that you would help it grow.

Well, cultivating positivity (and through it luck) is like gardening within yourself every day.

Boat in the middle of a storm.

Secret #7: Ignore Negativity

If cultivating positivity is like growing a seed, ignoring negativity is different.

It’s a bit like a boat in the middle of a storm remaining upright and stoic.

Without the need for a lighthouse or even a sail, the captain would know how to cross the waves and stay on course.

This secret to being lucky is also one to being happy: learn to ignore the negative.

The idea here is not so much to focus on the positive and completely ignore our worries, but rather to learn not to let them get to us.

Various clairvoyance tools

Predict, announce, see

with these clairvoyance and divination tools


Secret #8: Be calm thanks to clairvoyance

Uncertainty can be a great source of suffering.

However, who says suffering says negativity. Who says negativity says misfortune and who says misfortune says bad luck.

We are masters of our destiny and can decide the direction to give to our lives. However, there are events over which we have no control.

It is precisely for this reason that clairvoyance exists: to inform us about future hazards, so that we can prepare for them and welcome them calmly.

This is also why we have gathered here the main divination tools used by clairvoyants around the world.

Woman meditating while standing straight.

Secret #9: Work on your posture

It is proven that our posture has a direct impact on our well-being and our way of thinking.

Businessmen who stand up straight are more successful, artists who slouch produce very sad works and no king has ever been painted hunched.

So here is our ninth secret to having luck: stand up straight!

In addition to the back pain that good posture will save you, such a habit will have a direct impact on your quality of life and your well-being.

Standing up straight will probably not win you the jackpot (although you would have to ask the EuroMillions or trifecta players) but it will certainly make you happier, and therefore luckier.

Dartboard that symbolizes a person's goals and intention.

Secret #10: Place your intention correctly

Tobacconists will tell you: the chances of finding winning combinations in a game of chance are very low.

La Française des jeux has done its job well and having the chance of finding the winning numbers is tiny.

However, this will not prevent us from giving you our tenth secret to having luck: learn to place your intention correctly.

Have you heard of the law of universal attraction?

Apparently, thinking hard enough about something would cause the universe to bring us closer to it.

When in doubt, it is therefore better to think of luck than of something negative!

Knowing how to correctly place your intention would therefore be, according to this theory, an absolute necessity for a successful life.

Christian lucky charms that will protect you from evil

Live a righteous life

thanks to the messages of these Christian symbols


Secret #11: Contact an exorcist

Misfortune, bad luck, defeat, misfortune: sometimes, fate is particularly unfavorable to us, and we do not understand why.

We try hard to think about it, but nothing happens. We do not understand the source of our misfortunes.

Well, be careful: it could be that an evil entity is playing on you.

Possession is a serious issue and more complex than what the movies show us.

If you have tried the ten secrets to getting lucky that have just been offered to you, then try the eleventh. (But only if the others have failed, this is very important).

So consult a priest who will be able to direct you to an exorcist in your region because, be careful here, gurus, marabouts and other crooks are legion.

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