The Cross of Saint James: honor and combativeness

Cross of Saint James (of Compostela) or Cross of Santiago, you can call it in several ways, but it always refers to the same reality: it is the emblem of the Order of Santiago, an order of chivalry from the 12th century named in reference to the patron saint of Spain, Saint James the Major.

Little known to Christians, this order was nevertheless crucial in the protection of their faith and their values.

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Description of the cross of Saint James

A stake tool at the service of the Knights of Santiago

True message of the cross of Saint James

Rider with a sweater on which there is a Santiago cross.

Description of the cross of Saint James

With its stylized fleur-de-lys ends, our cross resembles a flowered cross in many ways, with the difference that its lower branch is made of a sword blade.

No doubt: the Santiago cross is indeed a Christian symbol, yes, but also a warlike one.

The cross of Santiago de Compostela is often depicted in bright red. The knights of the Order of Santiago wore it as a distinctive sign on their capes and banners. Against the white of the fabric, the flamboyant red of this cross must undoubtedly be of great beauty...

And that is indeed the case! This is also wonderfully verified through this badge with the cross of Saint James that we offer on the store on our site.

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A stake tool at the service of the Knights of Santiago

Historically, the shape of the Cross of Santiago is said to come from the time of the Crusades, where many knights carried small, pointed crosses, so they could easily be planted in the ground so believers could pray in front of them.

Yes, you are not mistaken: the bottom of this cross is indeed formed of a sword. The most plausible explanation would be that the knights and pilgrims traveling the Way of Saint James would once have had the need to be able to plant their crosses anywhere, in order to create sorts of “mobile” altars.

However, some historians attribute a more military meaning to this warrior pendant of the cross of Saint James...

It's up to you to choose your point of view.

Stained glass window in a cathedral showing Saint James the Major, an apostle and devotee of Christ.

True message of the cross of Saint James

From a more symbolic point of view too, the cross of Saint James stood out. The three fleur-de-lis represent the immaculate honor of having defeated the enemy without shedding blood (this refers to a part of the life of the apostle Saint James.

The sword can be associated with the chivalrous character of the apostle and for example refer to his martyrdom. Indeed, Saint Jacques was beheaded with a sword. For many, this part of the Santiago cross rather symbolizes the desire to take up arms in the name of Christ and Christianity.

To learn more about the life of this great Christian saint, here is some additional information about him.

In short, wearing this Christian cross means claiming the values ​​of the Order of the Knights of Saint James. Historically, they participated in the Reconquista and, through their bravery and faith, succeeded in driving the Muslims out of Christian lands.

They were also the ones who ensured the safety of pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela.

In any case, if you have the defense of your Christian brothers and sisters at heart, the messages carried by the Santiago door should speak to you...

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