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Scallop shell

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We have all seen the scallop at least once.

  • Symbol of famous pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
  • Reminds us to follow God's path
  • Scallop size: (approx.) 10 x 12 cm
  • Material: natural material
  • Refund ALWAYS possible (see our returns policy)

The scallop shell... What is the meaning of this Christian lucky charm?

Before becoming a disciple of Jesus, Saint James was a fisherman in Galilee. It is therefore only natural that a shell has become its emblem.

The symbolism of the scallop shell can be divided into two parts: the physical and the spiritual...

Like many of us, Saint-Jacques was a pilgrim. The road he traveled with Jesus was sometimes long and trying: this is the physical journey.

He went through many trials before freeing his spirit, and learning to live a peaceful life in the love of God: this is the spiritual journey.

You too, no doubt, are on these two paths.

It takes courage and self-sacrifice to walk for hours, sometimes in the cold and the rain.

Besides this, the spiritual journey specific to the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is not an easy task either. This lucky charm from Galicia is there to remind us of this.

When pilgrims wear a scallop shell, it reminds them of the two types of effort they have to make, but also of the goal they are pursuing.

This necklace makes us think about why we walk, especially during times when the journey is hardest.

Our mission to all is in fact the same : to move forward on the path of life that Jesus has traced for us.

So this would be the message of the scallop? A message of unity in the same effort?

What delivery costs do I have to pay?

We have decided to cover the delivery costs. Concretely, except in certain special cases (notably for overseas regions), you will not have to pay anything . No fees, no additional costs.

What delivery time should I expect?

This may necessarily vary for each order. However, we undertake to finalize and send you the shipment within 48 hours of your order.

In any case, you will be entitled to request a full refund of your order if it has not reached you within 2 months. (Don't worry, this is just a deadline and not a forecast!)

Do you provide tracking numbers?

Of course ! We will also add it to the status of your order as soon as the transport companies send them to us.

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I have other questions. Can I call you ?

Once again, it is easy to contact us by email at or via our contact form.

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