Twin Flame: how to find it (and not lose it)

You know, that person so dear to your heart and with whom you immediately felt a connection after laying eyes on them... Well they could be your twin flame!

An almost magnetic attraction, a strange feeling of familiarity despite a recent encounter or even striking similarities in life paths: twin flames are two people who share a lot of things.

Simple fantasy for some and lived reality for others, let's try to learn more on the subject together.

Contents :

Definition of twin flames

The different stages of this type of relationship

15 Signs You've Found Your Twin Flame

Two twin flames should not be separated!

Reflection on soulmates, love at first sight and karmic relationships

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A man and a woman whose thoughts are united.

Definition of twin flames

Two twin flames are two souls that were once united in one consciousness. In other words, they represent two distinct parts today of the same whole, of a uniqueness which now experiences the notion of duality.

This definition describes the essence of the twin flame concept quite well.

You have probably already heard of concepts of soul mate, synchronicity or even karmic relationship. Soul mates are undoubtedly a less well-known subject… and that’s a shame.

We are all linked to certain people who mark our existence in a way no others can. Understanding the bond that unites us to them is the assurance of not breaking these relationships, of reacting in the right way when it presents itself to us and perhaps even of find our twin flame more quickly.

In reality, there are dozens of theories and hypotheses trying to explain this phenomenon. However, all agree on the definition that we have just given you, namely that of a “thing” (soul, essence, spirit… call it what you want) which is divided into two parts.

An interesting vision, and one that we will share, consists of linking this idea to that of the division of the world between masculine energy and feminine energy and, more particularly, between the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine.

While at creation the energy of the world was united, it was subsequently divided between these two opposite but complementary poles, two poles which attract and repel each other at the same time.

As we will see later in the article, a fairly faithful analogy can be established with twin flames.

Sometimes also called “mirror souls” or “connected souls”, we are therefore talking here about two people who, if they manage to find their balance, will be able to experience the divine through a collective rapprochement with the essence. originality of things.

The twin flame phenomenon is generally noticed by a few points. Here is a short list (non-exhaustive):

  • A deep emotional and spiritual connection
  • Physical magnetism
  • Shared synchronicities
  • The inability to be effective away from the other flame
  • An obvious fact in common life choices
  • The desire for a sentimental connection with being physical or more “intimate”
  • The desire for the happiness of others
  • Understanding each other without having to talk
  • And a whole bunch of other stuff

Anyway, we will expand on all this in more detail in a future paragraph.

Now, let's focus on the main stages that characterize relationships between twin flames...

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The different stages of this type of relationship

One thing to be aware of with the type of relationship we're describing here is that they are usually fraught with pitfalls.

To put it simply, you have to go through several stages, some of which can even be painful, before experiencing the state of harmony and bliss specific to twin flames.

Once again, understanding a phenomenon allows us to better experience its darkest facets.

In addition, you should know that trying to skip certain steps can be absolutely disastrous, sometimes even going so far as not recognizing your twin flame or even losing them altogether.

So read what follows with the greatest attention.

Reconnect with your true nature

The first step before being able to meet your twin flame is of course to reconnect with your deep nature.

This may sound obvious, but a lot of people still miss it.

However, when we think about it, it all makes sense: if you and your flame are two individuals from the same energy, the least we can do before being able to connect to it is to “recalibrate” yourself to this energy.

Clearly, any journey in this direction must begin with a deep spiritual questioning, a work of personal development (these days, the term is overused but it clearly represents what you must aim for) as well as that of a more great acceptance of yourself.

By reconnecting with your sacred essence and making a sincere effort to find your twin flame, it’s even a safe bet that the universe will give you a little help to help you…

A meeting of two flames always creates sparks!

Yes, the beginning of a relationship between twin flames is always somewhat tumultuous.

Concretely, it sometimes happens that the two people do not stay together for very long, that they leave each other to separate several times or that their rapprochement is simply conflicting.

However, it always comes with exceptional intensity, almost immediate attachment and a whole bunch of other obvious things that jump out at us.

Clearly, when you experience this type of relationship quickly marked by excess, it is a safe bet that you are facing your twin flame. (At least, this is a leading indicator).

This period of love-hate actually leads to an unveiling of both parties and to the progressive acceptance of the other, with their qualities and faults.

More than a major problem, this will be a succession of small challenges to be taken up together and which, in the end, will already begin to unite the parts.

The escape, or the great test of twin flames

The “spark period” is marked by small arguments of no great importance, we cannot say the same for this one.

One thing that is almost constant in twin flame relationships is the presence of a major event that will cause them to separate. (This separation is normally momentary.)

More precisely, one of the two flames will try to flee and move away from the other for something that she reproaches him for.

Whether it is accumulated blame or a more serious event, if the two previous steps have gone correctly, our two individuals will not be able to stay apart for long.

They will in fact have learned to accept each other's faults but, above all, will have tasted a few moments of happiness which will leave them with a feeling of emptiness.

The sacred union finally accomplished

If, however, each of the flames questions itself, they can only come together again.

Clearly, flight is the ultimate test which, if overcome, will have to weld the flames together so strongly that nothing and no one will ever be able to separate them again.

With all of this, this unique relationship will have allowed each person to learn more about their deep nature and, above all, the nature of the other.

After so many ordeals, the bond that will unite you with your twin flame will be indestructible and you will have someone to count on until the end of time.

In other words, the two parts of the whole will be reunited again in the sacred union which is normally theirs.

Image of two twin flames holding hands and making a promise of sincerity.

15 Signs You've Found Your Twin Flame

If you are in the early stages of your relationship, it can be difficult to discern fact from fiction and determine exactly whether you are a good match for your twin flame.

However, there are telltale signs that can alert us!

Given the depth of what we have been describing so far, it is obvious that certain particular warning lights tend to light up when this happens to you.

To put it simply, if you recognize yourself in several of the things that we are now going to describe, it is a safe bet that you are on the right track.

1) A strangely familiar feeling

You just met this person but you feel like you've known them for years. ..

You immediately felt comfortable around him, almost as if he were a member of your family...

Really, we are talking here about an inexplicable yet very tangible feeling of familiarity. It is impossible for two flames to feel discomfort next to each other and, above all, to feel a void of love or affection.

This powerful sign is one of the main ones that can confirm your intuition: yes, you are potentially there facing your twin flame.

2) As a matter of course

The bond that unites two flames is instantaneous, very powerful and reciprocal.

It is therefore not surprising that it seems obvious to you.

Those of us who know how to listen to our instincts in particular will not need to think and will immediately “feel” if the person in front of them is right for them.

Additionally, when they connect with each other, two twin flames symbolically share the same center, the same soul and the same spirit. Clearly, they will feel a feeling of unity and communion that they have rarely experienced before.

3) Synchronicities, including common dreams

Twin flames have the unfortunate tendency to experience shared synchronicities.

Whether it is the same sign seen during their day, similar angelic messages or matching card draws, the forms that these phenomena can take are numerous.

There is, however, a type of synchronicity that particularly characterizes this type of relationship: shared dreams.

Yes, having the same dream or, at least, seeing our dreams take place in identical settings and contexts is a strong sign not to be ignored.

4) You finish each other's sentences

In the same range of ideas, it sometimes happens that a twin flame finishes the other's sentence.

Close to the phenomena of telepathy and thought connection, this in any case demonstrates the strong bond between two beings who vibrate at the same frequencies!

Also sometimes, finishing a person's sentence can mean that you know them well enough to guess in advance what they are going to say.

Regardless, we are faced with an important marker here.

5) Personal improvement and repair of past wounds

Finding your twin flame is important for a whole bunch of reasons.

One of the main ones is the personal improvement that his presence will inevitably bring you.

Already, connecting with another being will help you leave excess ego or pride aside.

The presence of this pillar and unwavering support in your life will also heal your emotional wounds from the past, especially those linked to childhood or your past lives which may have gone badly.

Finally, the reunion of the two separate parts will facilitate, for each of them, the accession to states of wisdom and spiritual awakening.

Really, there is only positive to come from a relationship with your twin flame that goes well.

6) An intensity specific to twin flames

If we speak of flames, it is not only to symbolize the essence of a soul that burns deep within us.

The relationships that we have been describing to you for a while now have the particularity of being flamboyant, almost incandescent... In short, they reach levels of intensity to which few can claim.

In joy as in suffering, twin flames will experience simply extreme emotions. Let us keep in mind that a bond of love is there to awaken and bring us purification, not to destroy.

7) Immediate and perfect understanding

Two beings made for each other will obviously have an easy time communicating.

They will sometimes even be able to understand each other without having to say a single word, feeling with disconcerting ease what the other is thinking internally.

This is so true that it sometimes happens that a flame can feel “several emotions” at the same time, their own and those of their other half.

This type of uncontrolled phenomenon (and uncontrollable for that matter) is a clear sign that you have found your flame.

8) A transformation of one onto the other

Another powerful indicator that you are on the right path is how you transform your twin flame, and therefore transform yourself through contact with them.

Basically, you are two individuals with different life paths who come together to ultimately share only one.

This necessarily involves a period of adaptation and personal changes so that your trajectories can come together.

This sign is not absolutely reliable but, on the contrary, its absence clearly indicates that your relationship, however powerful it may be, has nothing to do with that of twin flames.

9) An almost karmic mirror effect

It is often said that the connection between two flames is the scene of exchanges of energy, aura and karma.

In some cases, this can be so intense that you become "energy mirrors", or "karmic mirrors".

This term actually refers to two individuals whose karmas have mixed so much that they have become mirrors of each other.

This state of affairs will allow you to find your faults in others, and therefore to become aware of them and be able to work on them.

This is again one of the great benefits that twin flame relationships offer us.

10) A real interest in your twin flame, and vice versa

This seems quite obvious given what we have just told you, but it still needs to be made clear: you will naturally have an interest in your flame, just as she will have an interest in you.

If you have a deep desire to learn more about a person (about their past, their projects or their personality for example), you are definitely on the right track.

One of the most beautiful forms in which this sign will express itself will be the daily intentions that each person will show to the other.

Preparing someone else's favorite meal, putting on their favorite song, or giving them a massage after a hard day are just a few ways this can take.

11) Exceptional complementarity

Again, this is pretty logical to you now that you know what twin flames are.

Indeed, we are talking here about two parts of the same once united whole.

There is therefore once again nothing surprising in the fact that they are perfectly complementary, that they combine to perfection and that each embraces the faults and roughness of the other.

Once united, the two flames will seem to form a being closer to perfection and the sacred than when they were separated.

12) A magnetic relationship… literally!

We have several times mentioned ideas of waves, vibrations and magnetism.

Well, all of these considerations apply perfectly to what we're talking about.

To be precise, we can say of two twin flames that they each emit particular vibrations which “attract” the other.

Even more than simple affinities, we are talking here about something unsurpassable and very powerful, hence this idea of ​​magnetism. (Good luck separating two supermagnets stuck together!)

We also see quite well behind this image how difficult (if not downright impossible) it is to separate two twin flames.

13) Common affinities

With so much in common, nothing could be more normal for our two flames than to share the same affinities in terms of their social relationships!

Everyone will naturally appreciate each other's family, and groups of friends will quickly mix to form one. Several souls can be connected by a divine couple, a mystical and founding couple.

So some advice: if you think you've found your twin flame but they don't seem to appreciate some of your acquaintances, be wary.

These people might not actually be who you think...

14) A feeling of the divine or sacred

In life, striving towards the sacred is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful quests. Spirituality elevates the soul, drives away fears and allows us to achieve better incarnations.

Basically, reconnecting with your twin flame will allow you to reconnect with your true nature, and therefore bring you closer to the divine essence of the world.

If she's one of yours, and a particular person helped you move forward in it, you might be more connected than you thought...

15) The possible cause of certain pain

Yes, the intensity and sincerity that characterizes the union of twin flames is not without danger, far from it!

This type of relationship will indeed be the scene of arguments, tensions and sparks of all kinds.

Life is far from being a long, quiet river and going a long way with someone necessarily involves this kind of inconvenience.

If this person is also your flame, your feelings (and even your deep being) could be stung from time to time.

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Two twin flames should not be separated!

You now know the different stages of a relationship between two twin flames as well as the main ifs that will allow you to know if you have found yours.

However, there remains an important point to address: the absolute necessity of not separating from your twin flame once you have found it.

It is quite complicated to understand the extreme intensity of the relationship that binds two flames to each other, as well as all the benefits they can derive from it.

Likewise, few pains are as profound as that arising from their separation.

It's clear, no two journeys are identical and, where some duos will remain united throughout their common path, others will separate to better get closer a certain number of times.

Some “small” separations may therefore not be anything to worry about in themselves.

When, on the other hand, two twin flames are separated for good, the consequences can be dramatic.

The relationships we are talking about actually arise from a bond that goes beyond all others and, above all, that is in some way predestined for us.

Breaking this bond is, in a way, breaking our destiny and distancing us from what we were made to do.

To put it simply, all the “benefits” that we mentioned earlier (gain in self-confidence, development and spiritual awakening, but many others) could then be reversed…

Truly, this should never be wished on anyone.

A loving couple looking at each other with passion after falling in love at first sight.

Reflection on soulmates, love at first sight and karmic relationships

Unlike soul mates, finding your twin flame isn't just about love.

Some relationships may be platonic or even downright friendly and match the description you have been given.

Although it is true that these relationships are often expressed in the form of couples, this is not always the case.

Furthermore, where soulmates are, as their name indicates, two very close souls (obviously, given that they are sisters) but yet distinct, our flames rather arise from the same principle.

In other words, two soulmates are two complementary essences while twin flames are one and the same essence.

Love at first sight describes yet another reality.

Sometimes we may feel an intense connection, attachment, and sudden attraction to someone we have just met.

It's called love at first sight.

However, nothing makes this person inherently good for you. It happens that we can fall in love with toxic or unhealthy people, and that our relationship with us ultimately does more harm than good.

You will have understood, this cannot (by definition) happen with your twin flame.

The last type of relationship that we wish to compare is those of the “karmic” type.

Basically, a karmic relationship is a relationship written in advance in the sense that your karma (understanding the sum of the actions of your past lives) will correspond to that of the other person in question.

We could therefore say that twin flames experience a karmic relationship, yes, but the opposite would not be true : not all karmic relationships consist of the meeting of two flames.

This article is now finished. We sincerely hope that you will have more.

Don’t hesitate to react to it in the comments section and tell us if you too have already had the chance to meet your twin flame!

Additional sources and information

Soul mate, twin soul, twin flame... Now you know more about them!

Whether it's healing or finding unconditional love, something deep inside you has always known that this concept is a reality.

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