Understanding Karmic Law: Keys to Living Better

For millennia, karmic law has been a concept that has intrigued and fascinated human beings.

This belief that we are responsible for our actions and that what we sow today will bear fruit tomorrow is at the heart of esotericism.

In this article, we will try to decipher together the mystery of karmic law so that you can understand how it works and to what extent it can influence your destiny.

Contents :

1. What is karmic law?

2. The three types of karma

3. Karmic law: a punishment?

4. Karmic law: proof of love?

5. Karmic law: a determined response from the universe?

6. How to purify your karma?

7. Karma is universal

8. Karma is fair

9. Karma is a teacher


What is karmic law?

Karmic law is a spiritual philosophy that describes the concept that every action has consequences.

It applies to all actions, good or bad, and can be compared to the principle of cause and effect. According to karmic law, what we do today will affect our future.

According to this law, when we commit a positive or beneficent action, called puna in Sanskrit, we will receive a positive return. However, if we commit a negative or malicious action, known as daddy in Sanskrit, then, there will be negative consequences for our future.

The notion of karma also implies that our past actions have repercussions on our present, and therefore on our future.

Although it is difficult to see the immediate effects of karma on our daily lives, some firmly believe in the fundamental principles of Karmic Law: "what you sow is what you reap"; “what you give comes back to you”; “you get exactly what you need”, etc.

Followers of karmic law believe that by always acting with love and compassion for others and taking care to be honest and honest in all they do, they will accumulate puna (metaphorically) which will produce lasting benefits for them. themselves.

In conclusion, karmic law not only suggests that your destiny is in your own hands, but it also offers a specific moral code to guide your behavior to more easily bring happiness to your doorstep.

By applying this ancient philosophy to your modern lifestyle, you can in any case achieve a deep feeling of inner harmony which should favorably influence your life.

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The three types of karma

There are three main types of karma. Each type demonstrates how the past influences our present and future.

The first type of karma is called “samsara” or “karmic cycle” which implies that because of our past actions, we have to face certain difficulties in this world currently. For example, if you had hurt someone in your past, that person might now be hostile towards you for no apparent reason. This means that your relationship with her will be built on the karma accumulated between your previous experiences.

Another important type is known as "karmic reincarnation" which indicates that we carry all traces of past events and therefore must suffer certain effects until we have reached a point with which we can correct our mistakes and learn lessons to move forward towards a better future. In this case, there is usually an invisible form of positive influence that helps guide the choices we make on a daily basis to bring more peace and justice to our future existence.

Finally, there is the concept of "collective karma" which suggests that by acting collectively to create positive change (for example, by taking part in efforts to protect the environment), everyone contributes to changing overall conditions, and those directly linked to the people concerned but those affecting all of humanity. This type of action can then allow not only committed individuals, but also society as a whole, to progress together towards a happier common destiny.

a punishment

Karmic law: a punishment?

Karmic law suggests that an action always results in conclusions, positive or negative, which can be realized in our present or future lives.

Although this notion is often associated with punishment, it should not be seen as punishment, but rather as a guide to learning how to make the right decisions in order to achieve personal and spiritual harmony.

In this sense, karmic law is more than a system of cosmic justice.

It is above all an invitation to adopt a positive attitude towards the events that occur on our path, because each experience is likely to contribute to the overall well-being of the cosmos.

So, if we act with compassion and kindness towards others, then this love will be returned to us in the form of inner and outer peace.

Likewise, if we show intolerance or cruelty towards others, the effects felt will be less positive since karma will return to the one who initially caused the pain.

Let us note it here to finish: applying karmic law means recognizing one's individual responsibility towards the rest of the world in order to crystallize global harmonization between the different psychic, physical, mental, spiritual aspects, etc.

a proof of love

Karmic law: proof of love?

When we fully understand this fundamental concept, that every action has consequences, we can not only change our own destiny, but also that of the people who share our daily existence through our wise choices based on unconditional love and unconditional kindness. boundaries.

According to karmic law, our attitude towards others will have conclusions about our own destiny. If we show love and compassion towards others, then this feeling will be reflected back to ourselves in the form of a spiritual or material blessing.

Likewise, if we act without love or respect for others. So, it amounts to spitting in the face of the cosmos and there will inevitably be consequences later or sooner.

Understanding how karmic law works can therefore change your view of the world, simultaneously finding deep meaning in your personal existence, and developing a more altruistic spirit towards others. So, start applying this ancestral philosophy on a daily basis; it will definitely transform your life!

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Karmic law: a determined response from the universe?

How exactly does karmic law work?

Popular belief has it that it is a form of cosmic justice that rewards or punishes according to our past actions.

However, there is much more to it: rather, it represents the concept that everything we do will return to us, sometimes in the form of blessings or undesirable consequences.

Although it may be difficult to admit that some things happen for no apparent reason, karmic law is surely at work behind some unexplained events that occur around us, as if the Universe is desperately trying to send a message to the persons concerned !

Regardless, this idea, now a principle, can offer people a unique intuitive way to become aware of the cumulative effects of human thoughts and actions on their respective destinies...

How to purify your karma

How to purify your karma?

Karma purification involves removing the negative effects caused by our previous behavior, in order to liberate our soul and progress spiritually.

Here are some tips to help you purify your karma:

  • Become aware of past mistakes and sincerely forgive yourself for each of them. It may take a long time, but it is the first step toward spiritual healing.
  • Use positive affirmations to positively recharge your mind and body every day. Respond to difficult situations by finding solutions rather than pointing fingers at others or blaming external circumstances.
  • Practice meditation regularly, as it allows the mind to relax and the body to regain its natural energy while allowing harmful thoughts to be released more easily. In addition, it provides access to a higher consciousness that helps one explicitly see what is wrong in one's life and how to correct it correctly without fear or guilt.
  • Do good to others: help unfavorable people, show compassion when faced with the difficulties they encounter, offer your free time to actively contribute to the public good... All of this not only allows you to amass positive karma much more quickly, but above all, it increases the intimate feeling of indescribable personal satisfaction!


Karma is universal

Karmic law is universal and applies to everyone.

According to karmic law, our current life is directly linked to the choices we made in the past.

We should therefore take care to make choices that serve to create well-being for ourselves and others in order to receive positive experiences on our spiritual path in return.

In this way, when a feeling however happens to a person you know or do not know, try to find a positive solution that can solve the problem rather than just watching without acting, because your inaction will probably have harmful consequences for your own long-term spiritual goals.

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Karma is fair

Karma can be seen as the balance between the good deeds we do and those that are not. Depending on the choices we make, there will always be positive or negative conclusions to be drawn.

It is not enough to think positively to avoid bad experiences linked to karma; because it goes against its intrinsic nature.

We must act in accordance with our moral principles in order to observe the beneficial effects of karma on our personal and professional future.

This means paying attention to small daily actions, because every action counts! Whatever you do, your attitude reflects your personality: so always be honest, respectful and generous.

So, if you correctly follow the principles of karma, then your actions will necessarily have positive results in the short or long term.

Karma is a teacher

Karma is a teacher

Karma can be considered the ultimate teacher in showing us how past actions influence our present and future possibilities.

Karmic law is therefore what guides our daily decisions, as well as how we react to external circumstances. It teaches the importance of being aware of the potential consequences of each of our actions and how they will affect our future.

Karmic law also encourages living a healthy and honest life in order to attract the best possible destiny towards oneself.

It poses essential moral questions. It warns against past mistakes and encourages us to choose wisely what we do.

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