Understanding Kundalini (awakening, dangers, healing)

Kundalini is an age-old practice that is anchored in Eastern spiritual traditions. Its goal ? Awaken and awaken the inner energy of each individual.

This vital force, located at the base of our being, can allow us to increase our psychic, physical and spiritual powers.

As a clairvoyant specializing in esotericism, spirituality and subtle energies, I wish to share my personal experience with Kundalini in order to better understand this unique form of spiritual yoga.

So to optimize its referencing: “I will explain how Kundalini works, what are the benefits of the exercises associated with this practice, as well as my personal advice to take full advantage of Kundalini.

Contents :

1. What does the word Kundalini mean?

2. Spiritual enlightenment: the goal of Kundalini

3. How to achieve Kundalini?

4. Kundalini, meditations, chakras and spine

5. The snake: symbol of Kundalini

6. Couple, twin flames and Kundalini

7. Kundalini: a path to healing?

8. The dangers of a rising Kundalini


What does the word Kundalini mean?

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning “serpent”. It designates the vital energy located at the base of our spine and represents the spiritual potential dormant in each of us.

Kundalini awakens through a specific yogic practice or work on oneself. This helps release this energy so that it can properly circulate throughout the body and stimulate the subtle centers (chakras).

This causes deeper meditative states.

The main objective is therefore that people aspiring to a richer spiritual life can achieve this type of intimate enlightenment through Kundalini Yoga.

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Spiritual Illumination: The Purpose of Kundalini

Kundalini is a form of yoga that aims to awaken inner spiritual energy and direct it to incredible heights. The main goal of Kundalini is to reach a state of higher consciousness, where our mind can be illuminated by the inner fire.

It is a practice that allows people to open to the divine and cosmic forces around them, which gives them access to profound knowledge about themselves and life itself. To achieve this state, one must lead a simple existence; concentrate on your breathing; demonstrate total commitment to the physical and mental exercises associated with kundalini; receive divine grace so that it can penetrate your entire body; use intuition to find creative solutions to problems encountered.

Through Kundalini Yoga, we can explore our hidden reserves of unconditional love and discover that everything has its own unique beauty - including ourselves! Finally, this practice offers the rare opportunity to relentlessly seek the ultimate spiritual enlightenment that everyone has secretly dreamed of forever.

How to achieve Kundalini

How to achieve Kundalini?

Kundalini is a source of spiritual energy that is found inside everyone. To discover it and benefit from it, let's practice techniques such as meditation and physical exercises to release our inner energy.

It can be useful to explore different areas of mysticism to learn to feel this divine force deep within yourself and increase your spiritual awareness.

Every day, take a moment to reflect on your place in the universe and seek a mental calm where you can hear the timeless silence within you. This will allow you, simultaneously, to benefit from Kundalini, and to amplify your connection with your higher self.

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Kundalini, meditations, chakras and spine

Kundalini is a spiritual energy that moves along the spine and through the different chakras. Meditations are powerful tools for activating this energy, allowing humans to increase their awareness and well-being.

Practicing meditations regularly can help us reach a deeper state of intimate connection with our intuitive being. This alignment between the physical body and the subtle fields allows unconditional divine vibrations to guide all our actions.

So, by practicing exercises aimed at activating the Kundalini, we can bring our mind to a higher state of consciousness and increase our ability to fully experience each moment.


The snake: symbol of Kundalini

The Snake is a powerful symbol for Kundalini. It represents the life force and the awakening of human potential, as well as the continuous cycles of life and expansion experienced during our existence on Earth.

It can also be seen as a guide to inner enlightenment or as a reminder of the metamorphoses we must make in order to reach our full potential.

For some, the serpent is guardian of ancestral secrets — hidden from the profane, but reserved exclusively for initiates with access to its vast mystical knowledge.


Couple, twin flames and Kundalini

As an esoteric clairvoyant, I am convinced that a couple can achieve a deep and powerful spiritual union through the twin flame connection. This energetic fusion is what connects souls when brought together.

Kundalini also has its share of benefits: strengthening the immune system, increasing libido and harmonization with natural cycles for better inner balance. Especially personal development in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment!

Thanks to joint work carried out by the couple on this mystical aspect, they will be able to understand each other more easily, and therefore attract even more unconditional love!

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Kundalini: a path to healing?

Kundalini is an ancient spiritual practice that can be used to heal and access a deep state of physical and psychological well-being. It is activated through specific exercises aimed at stimulating certain key areas of the body.

This subtle energy located at the base of the body helps restore harmony between the mind, feelings and body so that our potential can be fully manifested. Kundalini therefore offers varied possibilities for finding one's own inner peace and thus beginning a lasting process of personal transformation.

Thanks to Kundalini, you can achieve a higher level of introspection, develop your intuitive awareness, bring more calm to your mind or even acquire more autonomy over your thoughts or actions.


The dangers of a rising Kundalini

Kundalini rising can be very dangerous if not controlled correctly. This powerful spiritual energy can cause intense physical and psychological ailments, such as muscle pain or mental confusion.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that adequate practice is carried out with qualified professional guidance to guide the complex process of this spiritual state. Without this appropriate control, we run the risk of nervous and physical overload which leads to intense fatigue and deep depression.

If you wish to explore Kundalini rising, do so with great caution by seeking expert help in order to optimize your personal experience and reduce the possible risk of unexpected complications.

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