Understanding the (true) Meaning of the Flower of Life

The flower of life is an ancient esoteric symbol rich in meaning. It represents the harmony, connection and energetic flow that is found in all things.

This article will explore the origins of this symbol, the meaning of its presence in our world as well as the spiritual implications for those who choose to use it.

We will discover the power and real meaning, know how to use it to amplify our intuitive powers and understand that it is a true spiritual tool.

Contents :

What is the flower of life?

How to draw the flower of life?

Seed of life, egg of life and fruit of life

Meaning #1: increase your vibration rate

Meaning #2: healing, care and revitalization

Meaning #3: finding your life path

Meaning #4: cleaning our lithotherapy stones

Conclusion: let’s wear jewelry with the flower of life!


What is the flower of life?

The flower of life is a sacred geometric shape representing harmony and perfection.

It consists of a circular pattern made of 19 concentric circles surrounded by a square, which symbolizes the cosmos and universal energies.

In summary, the deep meaning of this figure is that everything that exists in the universe is related to itself and to other things at the same time.

The flower of life is a motif with ancient origins. We find its traces in ancient Egypt but also among the Celts and the Mayans.

For some, it would be an inexhaustible source of spiritual wisdom whose power could be used to guide our steps towards more love, more inner peace and more unity with our higher spirit.

You will understand in this article: this idea is not necessarily false.

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How to draw the flower of life?

The flower of life is considered a powerful symbol in the esoteric and spiritual world. The deep meaning of this geometric figure dates back to ancient times and it has been used over the centuries by different cultures around the world.

So learning to draw the Flower of Life is an intimate and personal experience for those looking to connect to something bigger than themselves.

Concretely, drawing the flower of life is not complicated: you just need to use a pencil or a pen to trace 19 concentric circles connected by straight lines.

In fact, following a precise order will help you draw the flower of life easily:

  • Start by drawing a circle of the desired size. Use a compass or a round object to help you draw an accurate circle.
  • Draw another circle of the same size next to the first circle, so that the two circles overlap slightly.
  • Draw a third circle of the same size, this time below the first two circles.
  • Continue to draw circles of the same size and symmetrically around the three existing circles. There should be six circles in total.
  • Draw straight lines to connect the centers of each circle. You should now have a basic pattern that resembles a flower with six petals.
  • Continue drawing circles around each intersection of the straight lines. You can draw smaller circles to create a more detailed pattern.
  • Repeat the previous step for each intersection of the outer circles until you are satisfied with your drawing.
  • Once you have finished your drawing, you can erase the guidelines to bring out the final pattern.


Seed of life, egg of life and fruit of life

The symbols of the seed, the egg and the fruit of life are very widespread in the esoteric world.

These three elements represent the different phases of our existence: birth, growth and maturity.

If we look more closely, it turns out that the flower of life is made up of these three symbols superimposed on each other. Obviously, this has an impact on its spiritual meaning.

The flower of life thus symbolizes the vital force that animates us throughout our earthly journey. It is associated with the harmonization of spiritual forces and the connection between human beings and the cosmos.

Sometimes also, this link with three combined spiritual motifs pushes esotericists to consider the flower of life as a spiritual amplifier, capable of providing protection against external negative influences.


Meaning #1: increase your vibration rate

The flower of life is a symbol that represents harmony and perfection. It can be used to help increase one's vibrational rate, which allows one to access higher states of consciousness.

Indeed, it helps people to connect to the subtle levels of their existence and to come into contact with their spiritual guides.

Furthermore, this shape symbolizes the unity of the cosmos and its intimate connection with each of us.

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Meaning #2: healing, care and revitalization

The flower of life is a figure of sacred geometry which symbolizes perfection and harmony. Through its 9 circles, it represents the cycle of life, as well as the 7 fundamental principles of the physical and spiritual world.

The second meaning of the flower of life will therefore be that of healing, care and revitalization.

Concretely, in esotericism, this symbol can be used for:

  • Restore harmony between body and mind.
  • Healing deep emotional wounds.
  • Increase our capacity to welcome more unconditional love.
  • Reconnect ourselves to the positive vibrations of the universe.
  • Purify our negative thoughts.
  • Cleanse our chakras for perfect alignment.
  • Balancing the energies that circulate within us.


Meaning #3: finding your life path

The flower of life is a very powerful esoteric symbol that can help us find our path in life.

Like, it represents perfection and harmony, and it is considered a source of inspiration for those who seek the meaning of their existence.

This special meaning of the flower of life actually lies in the power that its vision has over our mind: by focusing on this image, one can access intuitive information regarding one's own personal path.

This makes it easier for people to align their actions with their deepest aspirations. They are therefore better prepared to face the obstacles they encounter on their way.

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Meaning #4: cleaning our lithotherapy stones

The flower of life is a symbolic form used in esotericism and lithotherapy to cleanse stones. It serves to purify, protect and recharge our crystals.

This use of the flower of life is found in its ability to eliminate bad energies wherever it is found, and therefore in particular on the precious or semi-precious stones that we possess.

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Conclusion: let’s wear jewelry with the flower of life!

We can find several interpretations for it, but the primary meaning of the flower of life relates to the fact that all things are interconnected in the universe.

According to certain traditions, this symbol is therefore considered a source of divine inspiration which would help us realize our dreams.

Concretely, a long tradition of creating lucky jewelry has been inspired by the powers of the flower of life. Depending on those who wear them, these jewels possess several specific qualities, and help for example to:

  • Find inner peace.
  • Increase your spiritual awareness.
  • Amplify your psychic powers
  • Attract abundance and success

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