Varuna Mudra: The mudra that helps regulate hydration and fluid balance in the body

Discover the Varuna Mudra, a sacred gesture which holds a prominent place in the practice of yoga and meditation. By influencing the body's water balance, this mudra helps regulate body fluids to maintain optimal hydration. Read this article to understand how to incorporate Varuna Mudra into your daily spiritual routine.

Contents :

1. How to do Varuna Mudra?

2. General Meaning of Varuna Mudra

3. The physical benefits of Varuna Mudra

4. The spiritual benefits of Varuna Mudra

5. Include the Varuna Mudra in your meditations

6. The Varuna Mudra in the practice of yoga and asanas

How to do Varuna Mudra?

How to do Varuna Mudra?

The Varuna Mudra is an important and influential symbol in the world of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. To perform this sacred gesture, follow these instructions:

Find a comfortable sitting position, keeping your spine straight.

Release the tension in your shoulders and gently close your eyes.

Place your hands on your knees, with palms facing the sky.

Gently bend your little finger so that it touches the base of your thumb.

Lightly press the tip of the little finger using your thumb.

It is possible to perform this practice for a few minutes each day or for as long as you feel necessary to enjoy the benefits associated with this sacred mudra.

By following these simple but precise steps, you can easily integrate Varuna Mudra into your daily routine regardless of its desired duration - a few minutes a day is often enough to feel its powerful positive effects!

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General Meaning of Varuna Mudra

The Varuna Mudra owes its name to the entity "Varuna", divinity of waters in Hindu Vedic philosophy. This symbolic gesture is linked to the aquatic element, thus illustrating a balance between the spiritual and the emotional.

By joining the tips of the little finger and thumb, we stimulate certain subtle energy circuits within our body. This is based on the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as Ayurveda from India.

Regular practice of Varuna Mudra promotes deep inner harmonization. It helps to soothe emotional imbalances while strengthening an authentic and living spirituality.

Under Chinese and Indian medical doctrines, these subtle channels are considered essential for maintaining good overall health. They not only facilitate the optimal circulation of vital energy but also restore a harmonious state between body, mind and soul.

The physical benefits of Varuna Mudra

The physical benefits of Varuna Mudra

Frequent use of Varuna Mudra offers multiple benefits for the body. It is a valuable ally in the fight against respiratory disorders, such as allergies or asthma. It is also effective in improving your digestion and soothing various discomforts such as bloating or gastric acidity.

In addition to this, it helps strengthen your immune system, thereby protecting you from common illnesses. That's not all: Varuna Mudra also plays an essential role in regulating your blood pressure and promotes better blood circulation.

Adopting this exercise on a daily basis could therefore greatly improve your general well-being. Do not hesitate to introduce it into your daily routines to fully benefit from its many benefits.

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The spiritual benefits of Varuna Mudra

Varuna Mudra, an ancient technique, offers more than just bodily benefits. It is also known to improve spiritual development.

An essential aspect of Varuna Mudra is its impact on emotional balance. This practice effectively soothes excessive feelings like anger, stress, and anxiety. As a result, it encourages a serene and tranquil state of mind.

Additionally, Varuna Mudra promotes mental clarity by harmonizing energy flows in the human body. This energetic alignment helps clarify confused or tangled thoughts. It also increases concentration while actively stimulating our creativity.

In sum, practicing Varuna Mudra regularly can lead to an increased sense of inner calm and a better understanding of oneself – both essential elements for achieving true spiritual well-being.

Include the Varuna Mudra in your meditations

Include the Varuna Mudra in your meditations

Using Varuna Mudra can enrich your meditation sessions. To do this :

Find a comfortable position for your meditation, keeping your back straight.

Position the Varuna Mudra either against your heart or on your thighs - it's up to you to choose what feels right.

Breathe in and out deeply while paying full attention to this sacred action.

The combination of a relaxed posture and a focused mind promotes a deeper meditative state, increasing sensitivity to the subtle energies around us.

This practice not only strengthens concentration during meditation sessions but also improves access to the surrounding invisible forces.

In short, the introduction of Varuna Mudra into daily practices can bring an additional dimension to these privileged moments dedicated to inner calm and connection with oneself and one's immediate environment.

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The Varuna Mudra in the practice of yoga and asanas

Varuna Mudra can be integrated into yoga practice. More specifically, it is useful during certain postures (asanas) which help with energy balancing.

For example, when performing tree pose (Vrikshasana), this mudra strengthens your grounding.

If you are seated in the lotus or half-lotus position, use your hands to form this mudra and facilitate optimal concentration.

It is crucial to introduce this technique gradually into your yoga routine while respecting individual physical limits.

In short, the Varuna Mudra represents a simple but effective tool for harmonizing our physical body with our spiritual energies. By adopting this sacred gesture regularly, one can enjoy the benefits on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Don’t hesitate to explore this ancestral method to improve your overall well-being.

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