What Is a Soul Mate? (Definition, Find It)

Many of us have asked ourselves this question…

Yes, after all, what is a soul mate?

What reality can be hidden behind this spiritual concept (almost psychological for some) which is ultimately quite widespread?

We all have our own ideas on the matter.

Together, however, we will try to disentangle the true from the false, in particular by providing a definition to the concept of soul mate and by listing the different types of relationships that fall into this category.

We will then see how to find it as well as certain points that may alert you.

Come on, without further ado, here we go!

Contents :

Definition of the concept of soul mate

The different types of soul mates

How to find your soul mate? (Law of Attraction)

Signs that someone is your soul mate

Conclusion on soul mates

Two people (two soul mates) spending time together in front of the sea.

Definition of the concept of soul mate

With what virtual dating and dating sites tell us, there are many misconceptions about what soul mates are.

Although most of the time this does not stem from a desire to deceive or mislead, it is important to set the record straight.

Typically, overly romantic people, blue flowers as we call them, can idealize finding their soul mate and ultimately be disappointed with reality. Sometimes too, too much celibacy makes us idealize true love.

To provide a simple definition, we can say that we are talking here about two people who appear in each other's lives to bring something to each other, to teach each other lessons.

This is quite general, it's true, but going into more detail would mean putting aside a whole bunch of relationships which, however, are those of soul mates!

We see in particular here that it is possible for two soulmates to be only “mere” friends or even to separate at some point in their lives. Clearly, it will be more a question of affinities than necessarily having a life as a couple.

Let's also clarify: every relationship is different, and the definition of a soul mate can vary somewhat from one situation to another.

Here as always, the important thing will be to stay attentive to your intuition, your instincts and the signals that the world sends you.

Couple cycling and kissing in the countryside.

The different types of soul mates

So there are a whole bunch of different types of relationships that fit our definition.

A lot of wise people and spiritual masters have asked themselves the question, and have defined more “subcategories” of soul mates.

Here we will give you a short list:

  • Soul partners : A soul partnership often has the characteristic of being short-lived. In fact, a sort of contract between two souls is decided, with obligations to fulfill and a duration over time.
  • Linked souls : This concept corresponds to that of soul mate, but to a lesser intensity. Linked souls are therefore basically two people linked by a weaker bond, but still linked.
  • Past Life Soulmates : While some of our relationships are decided upon when we are born, others are decided long before. These are soul mates from past lives, those who follow us from incarnation to incarnation.
  • Twin flames : If your soul mate is close to you, your twin flame is actually a part of it, a division. Two twin flames are in fact two entities, two people from the same essence.
  • Karmic relationships : Karma is a kind of energy marked by the sum of all our actions, choices and thoughts. Some people with complementary karmas can attract each other in an inexplicable way. These are karmic relationships.
  • Love at first sight : A purely romantic concept, love at first sight designates a sudden attachment to a person, without necessarily your soul being particularly linked to theirs.
  • Soul families : It sometimes happens that several people form a particularly close-knit group, almost as if everyone were the soul mates of all the others. This phenomenon exists and is known as the family name of souls.

Several energy medicine stones, a soothing singing bowl and incense conducive to meditation

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


How to find your soul mate? (Law of Attraction)

The law of attraction is a fairly popular philosophical concept in recent years.

Simply put, it is the belief that positive attracts positive, and that thought can materialize in one form or another.

The consequences of the hypotheses of positive thinking are numerous, but it is especially those which concern our soul mate which will interest us.

Desiring strongly enough to find your soul mate could therefore help you find them more quickly…

We have also written a training course explaining how positive thinking can change your life.

In short, in the same way, actively thinking about keeping this person who is so dear to you could lead the universe to help you.

However, we cannot expect anything from positive thinking without taking a few preliminary steps.

First of all, you need to radiate general positivity and send good vibes to the universe. Indeed, offering negativity to the world is an assurance that it will not help you develop and achieve your goals. (Otherwise, as things stand, you would actually just bring more negativity.)

This involves in particular love and self-acceptance, a practice of non-judgment and why not non-violence.

Each of these themes deserves an entire article, but it is not the subject of the day. However, if you want to dig into them, here is some additional information on self-acceptance, and others on the concept of non-judgment.

A man and a woman having a good time as a couple.

Signs that someone is your soul mate

There are several explanations of what a soul mate is.

One of the easiest to implement is undoubtedly to help you find yours!

To do this, we have listed some elements which, if present in one of your relationships, can put you on the trail.

Please note, however, that this is not an exhaustive list.

Additionally, every relationship is different, so some points may not apply to your relationship or friendship.

Your paths have already crossed, several times in fact

Yes, you are closely linked to your soul mate.

Life will therefore seek to ensure that your paths cross so that, even if you do not immediately connect with each other, your relationship appears at some point as obvious. On a dating site, at your work or at the gym: meeting this person is something common for you.

Whether it's old school acquaintances, colleagues from one of your past jobs or someone you knew from your childhood, seeing them reappear in your life is not trivial.

Your intuition tells you this person is the right one

The human being is a complex machine.

Sometimes, our body, our unconscious or our soul can know things that we are not aware of... like for example that we have found our soul mate!

Thus, an essential element in your quest will be to stay attentive to your instincts and your intuition. Singles can sometimes search for a soul mate too proactively. As is often the case here, getting love will be more a matter of instinct and opportunity.

This advice also applies to many other areas of your life, not just your relationships.

You share common goals and life paths

If two soul mates are meant to be linked and spend (at least) a part of the way together, the universe is of course not going to make their life paths incompatible.

Your personality dictates your way of meeting people (romantic, friendly and others). A person who is attractive to you will not necessarily be attractive to you... and vice versa!

In any case, if your values, your morale, your long-term objectives or your past experiences come into conflict, it is unfortunately a safe bet that the person in front of you is not your soul mate.

Everyone respects each other’s choices and differences.

Despite what we just said in the previous point, two soulmates necessarily have differences!

As long as they are not too strong, it will be a matter of accepting them, and even learning to love them when you encounter them in the other person's home. A love story is about ups and downs. The right person for you will know how to experience them and overcome them with you.

If each of the two soul mates manages to do this, it is a very good sign, or at least the sign of two people calm enough to maintain a serious relationship.

Two old people who have spent their entire lives together, like soul mates.

Conclusion on soulmates

There is no doubt that meeting the right person for you is one of the greatest things that can happen to you.

But in fact, what can a soul mate bring us?

Already, as we explained earlier, wanting to find it requires undertaking work on yourself to become a better person. This alone justifies the importance of our topic of the day.

(That said by the way, if the topic of spiritual development interests you, you will undoubtedly appreciate this part of the site dedicated to meditation and yoga.)

Then, we can say that this type of experience indeed makes us grow as human beings by transmitting to us lessons of great riches, treasures of wisdom to which we would not otherwise have access.

Living a relationship with your soul mate is the assurance of knowing honesty, sincerity, commitment and mutual trust.

Naturally, when we meet our soul mate, we can fall in love and experience a magnificent romance.

This type of relationship will be very intense and, even if it does not necessarily last, it will bring you a little happiness for a while.

In short, two soulmates united will bring mutual fulfillment and well-being.

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