What is Lithotherapy? (history, use, effect)

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice which consists of using semi-precious stones to restore inner harmony and physical well-being. For centuries, shamans around the world have used it as a powerful tool to guide one toward inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

I, for one, believe that by exploring the healing properties of natural minerals, we can find a deeper path to our true selves. In this guide, I would like to share my knowledge about lithotherapy in order to help you bring more harmony into your daily life.

Contents :

1. Definition of lithotherapy

2. History of lithotherapy: Antiquity (ancient religions)

3. History of lithotherapy: the Middle Ages (witchcraft)

4. History of lithotherapy: contemporary times (spiritism)

5. History of lithotherapy: the modern era (New Age)

6. Use case: increase your energies

7. Use case: rebalance, harmonize

8. Use case: improve your meditation sessions

9. The dangers of lithotherapy


Definition of lithotherapy

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice which consists of using stones to heal, balance and harmonize the physical and spiritual body. This practice is based on the belief that each stone has specific beneficial properties that can be applied to various areas of our lives (physical, psychological, mental or spiritual).

The benefits of lithotherapy can be obtained by wearing the stones in the form of pendants or by placing them in a given location. You can also simply hold the stones in your hands to take full advantage of them.

Thanks to it, we can increase our physical and mental capacities while promoting the harmonization of body and mind. Lithotherapy therefore offers an interesting natural solution to bring more harmony to everyday life.

Antiquity (ancient religions)

History of lithotherapy: Antiquity (ancient religions)

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice that dates back to Antiquity. Ancient religions believed in the power of stones and their therapeutic virtues, as well as their ability to guide human beings towards better physical and spiritual balance.

This technique was based on magico-religious principles where each type of stone has its own specific properties linked to different areas of the body, mind and heart. It was used to cure physical ailments, restore inner harmony and promote personal prosperity.

Even today, lithotherapy continues to be used as a tool to facilitate our internal connection to the entire cosmos! Whether to relieve emotional discomfort or find greater intimate harmony with our fellow human beings, it can offer us considerable benefit if we know how to use it correctly.

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History of lithotherapy: the Middle Ages (witchcraft)

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice that dates back to the Middle Ages. During this time, people believed that certain minerals and stones had magical or witchy properties. They used these crystals to cure various illnesses and mental disorders. Thus, they contained a certain type of "spirit" capable of influencing the physical and psychological well-being of the people who carried or used them.

Today, lithotherapy is still very popular among those who believe in its powerful therapeutic effects. It can be used to bring more spirituality and esotericism into your daily life. Lithotherapy can help reduce stress, stimulate concentration and calm the mind thanks to the spiritual properties of the different types of stones it offers.

Many people find spiritual comfort through lithotherapy. Thus, it allows you to connect to ancient ancestral traditions while enjoying the modern benefits that natural minerals provide for the human body and mind.


History of lithotherapy: contemporary times (spiritism)

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice which is experiencing renewed interest in the contemporary era. Stones and crystals are used for their energetic properties, to help heal physically or mentally.

This form of natural therapy is particularly appreciated by those seeking inner peace and lasting physical well-being. Clairvoyants specializing in esotericism and spirituality know how to interpret the hidden meaning behind each type of stone, and adapt their use to individual needs.

The rapid development of lithotherapy is encouraged by the appearance of New Age movements as well as Reiki. The growing popularity of stones can be attributed to modern spiritualism, which sees crystals as a powerful source for restoring harmony between body and mind.


History of lithotherapy: the modern era (New Age)

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice that dates back to Antiquity. It has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, particularly thanks to New Age movements and modern spirituality.

This alternative form of healing is based on the belief that each type of stone has its own unique vibrational vibration that can influence our inner state and allow us to increase our natural spiritual faculties. Modern beliefs therefore encourage the use of minerals as a therapeutic tool to promote relaxation, physical and mental well-being or even stimulate latent psychic abilities in certain people.


Use case: increase your energies

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice which consists of using stones and minerals to increase one's energies. It helps amplify positive vibrations in order to stimulate the body and mind, which can be very useful for regaining physical or mental vitality.

Lithotherapy is not limited to that: it also offers a way to reconnect with oneself and find a new state of inner harmony. There are different ways to use stones: carrying them, placing them around the home, or performing specific rituals with them.

Each type of stone has its own particular vibration that can be felt if you know how to use it correctly. To get all the benefits, let's choose those whose vibration best corresponds to the intentions we wish to achieve through them. Lithotherapy is then an excellent solution to regain inner calm and live more harmoniously in accordance with your deep aspirations!


Use case: rebalance, harmonize

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice which consists of using stones and their properties to rebalance, harmonize and regain a state of well-being. It can help us better manage our stress, our anxieties or even find more easily the inner peace we need to be in harmony with ourselves.

Stones have specific energies that act on our physical, spiritual and psychological bodies. Lithotherapy can therefore be very useful when you are looking for a certain balance in your personal and professional life. Thanks to the properties of stones, it helps calm the mind in order to increase physical and psychological well-being.

Indeed, lithotherapy is an effective natural technique that offers multiple benefits: mental calming, deep relaxation of the entire body, better stress management... Stones have always been able to help people who are suffering or looking for a simple remedy. to find inner peace and overall harmonization of your being!

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Use case: improve your meditation sessions

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice of using stones and crystals to improve physical, emotional and spiritual health. It can be very useful in improving our meditation sessions.

Stones have, in fact, unique vibratory properties that help us to more easily come into contact with the inner calm that we need when we meditate.

If you wish to set up a sacred circle during your spiritual practice, here are some recommended stones

  • Amethysts: To purify and protect against exhausting influences
  • Sodalite: To strengthen intuition
  • Rose quartz: To restore energetic harmony
  • Black obsidian: Deep purification of the mind.

Thus, lithotherapy can really help you achieve better personal well-being thanks to the positive vibrations it provides.


The dangers of lithotherapy

Lithotherapy is a form of therapy that uses stones and their properties to guide you towards well-being. Although it can be very beneficial, it nevertheless carries risks if it is not practiced correctly.

It is important to choose the right stone based on the specific need, as each variety has different healing properties. Some minerals also contain toxic substances that can cause unwanted side effects when handled or worn for too long.

In addition, you should buy your minerals from an authentic supplier to be certain that it meets current international standards and does not contain artificial chemicals with an unproven influence. Finally, beware of counterfeits offered by certain fraudulent sellers intended to deceive inexperienced consumers!

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