What is the lucky charm for the astro sign of Leo?

Overall, Leo personalities are courageous, determined and always up for adventure - they make great leaders, both personally and professionally! They believe in taking action rather than just talking about it

However, one of the ways for Lions to get into the swing of things will be to grab the right lucky charm.

Contents :

Overview of the Leo sign

Lucky charm #1: a cornicello, to ward off bad luck

Lucky charm #2: the golden tree, for success and abundance

Lucky charm #3: the caduceus, for creativity and energy

Lithotherapy: which lucky stone for a Leo?

Feng Shui: Leo's lucky plants

Sky map with the constellation Leo

Overview of the Leo sign

Leo astrological signs are known for their ambition and energy that pushes them to unimaginable heights. They love to be the center of attention and have the innate talent of quickly capturing the light and love around them.

The astrological Leo is also known to be very loyal to family and friends. He knows how to feel deeply inside and express this need with great sincere affection to those who are close to them.

The Leo star sign is also typically very creative, bold and full of courage, meaning they never back down from a challenge.

Finally, people born under the sign of Leo are characterized by brilliant intelligence, diplomacy and great sensitivity which makes them wonderful interlocutors.

Italian market with lucky cornicellos

Lucky charm #1: a cornicello, to ward off bad luck

Leo signs are known for their ambitious and confident nature. These qualities can be developed by a very specific lucky charm: the cornicello.

The cornicello, meaning "little horn", is a charming accessory that dates from ancient Egypt and is associated with good fortune, desires, and hopes.

It is therefore perfect as a lucky charm for those who have the astrological sign of Leo since it helps to strengthen this ambition and this innate confidence by offering a kind of magical protection, all in all very necessary to courageously face the ups and downs of the life.

Leo signs are therefore known for their confidence and ambition, but also for having a barometer of very sensitive emotions.

No matter what life throws its way, cornicello will be a force that the Leo sign can rely on to bring inner peace and good fortune in difficult times.

The ancient power of this lucky charm is more than just superstition and will allow those who wear the sign of Leo to rely on new strengths.

In short, if you are a Leo sign (or if someone you love is), such a cornicello necklace that we offer on our site can really help you!

Drawing of an illuminated golden tree

Lucky charm #2: the golden tree, for success and abundance

Astrological signs are associated with different symbols to attract luck and happiness. In this context, the golden tree carries a special meaning for Lions.

According to popular belief, the sign of Leo is associated with this ancient Chinese symbol of luck. Leos often place it in their home to obtain spiritual protection and support, but also prosperity and luck.

As a fire sign, Leo benefits from the protection of the golden tree and its positive spiritual virtues. The reason for this is found in a traditional legend: the original golden tree fell from the heavens of the gods, offering those who respect it a special link with the world of the gods.

Additionally, those placed under the sign of Leo are known for their generosity and vast love of family. Using the golden tree as a lucky charm will allow them to share its many benefits with their loved ones.

If the idea appeals to you, here is a golden tree model that we found for you.

A metal caduceus

Lucky charm #3: the caduceus, for creativity and energy

Leo friends, if you want to find a lucky charm that is adapted to your astrological sign, know that the caduceus is an excellent option!

This lucky symbol has long been associated with royalty and in some cases, was reserved for rulers bearing the sign of Leo. It’s clear: this symbol is a powerful vector of majesty and abundance.

The caduceus is also a lucky charm which unites divine protection and human aspirations. For the zodiac sign of Leo, this will mean support throughout the path towards prosperity and personal success.

If you are not afraid of success, take a look at this caduceus which you can use as a lucky charm in everyday life.

Lithotherapy stones

heal yourself with stones

thanks to the powers of lithotherapy


Lithotherapy: which lucky stone for a Leo?

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice that helps us strengthen ourselves by strengthening certain characteristics that make up our being.

If you couple this science with astrology and astronomical predictions, each astrological sign has related stones... and here we are going to describe some of them to you.


For the astrological sign of Leo, the first advice in lithotherapy would be to use chalcedony.

This lucky stone strengthens self-esteem and stimulates a sense of responsibility. For Leo, chalcedony will also bring determination, strength and optimism. No doubt then: it will help the Lions realize their dreams.

From an energetic point of view, this lucky stone is also known for allowing you to keep this positive energy around you in order to live in harmony.

The Sun Stone

Sunstone has positive properties for all solar signs according to lithotherapy.

It is therefore recommended for Leo signs because it encourages the natural energy that this sign represents as well as its inner radiance.

Sometimes also, this lucky stone can help to find empathy and encouragement necessary for Leos to make the necessary decisions.

Red jasper

Using red jasper as a lucky stone for a Leo will allow you to express all of its protective and energetic properties.

This stone provides psychological protection against negative influences, while helping to view life with more positivity and love.

Several types of plants and flowers on a street

Feng Shui: Leo's lucky plants

The sign of Leo, one of the twelve astrological signs of the Zodiac and the most adventurous and charismatic sign, can benefit from the revitalizing effects of certain lucky plants in feng shui.

In terms of flowers, good choices are roses, orchids, lilies and chrysanthemums. All these plants will help Leos by enhancing their energetic side.

Roses offer luck and friendly love while orchids signify prosperity and abundance. Lilies are known to signify peace and inner happiness while chrysanthemums can signify spiritual calm.

As for aromatics, lucky herbs for a Leo include basil and saffron, which will fuel the Leo sign's ambition while providing a lasting sense of comfort.

So when you plan to create your garden or your house according to the rules of Feng Shui, don't forget to incorporate the right plant species if you want to receive a helping hand from destiny!

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