What to put in your house that brings luck? (TOP 14)

When we apply the right principles, luck can touch us, smoothing and facilitating almost every facet of our existence.

Any person who has experienced a period of success and fortunate coincidences will tell you: if we have the possibility of attracting good luck, we must at all costs do it!

Sometimes it seems almost magical as things all start to line up at once, as lucky events come one after the other. It is then our duty to seize these opportunities that destiny puts in our path!

In short, we all want as much luck as possible, and that's normal.

This is good, this is precisely the subject we are going to talk about today. Through a few practices, lucky objects and traditions, we will see how to transform our living space into a “machine to make us happy”.

Most of the tips that we will discuss here are simple to implement and generally require only small investments. We will therefore try to answer together this thorny question: “What to put in the house that brings luck?” »

Contents :

Burn some incense!

Luck thanks to elephants

The Hamsa, an oriental lucky charm

Acorns, fruits to put in the house

The color red and luck

Hang a horseshoe for better luck

The dream catcher and the serene nights

Buddha, a being to put in the house and who brings luck

The goldfish, a lucky pet

The importance of mirror placement

Go slowly (but surely) towards luck with the turtle

Herbs and plants to put in the house

And those to definitely not wear!

Create a meditation space

A mandala for traveling

Ceremony during which dozens of incense sticks are burned.

1) Burn incense!

Incense has always been used to purify the air in rooms where it is burned.

In particular, those with rosemary, verbena and sandalwood are the most recommended.

Thanks to them, the air in your home will be cleansed of all the negativity that was there, thus keeping away a whole bunch of everyday problems.

This purifying effect also allows certain subtle energies to feel better in your home, which will encourage them to stay there and bring their benefits. Among these, we can cite luck yes, but also better morale and a stronger general constitution (physical and mental).

In addition, this is not insignificant, burning incense will give your rooms a pleasant and relaxing smell.

If you are looking for the necessary equipment to use it at home, you should appreciate this collection dedicated to lucky incense.

Statue of Ganesh, the elephant deity associated with wisdom and luck

2) Luck thanks to elephants

Often, when we are looking for what to put in our home that brings good luck, we quickly come across the topic of decorations.

There is one in particular which contains astonishing powers: it is the elephant.

In many parts of the world (but particularly in Asia), this animal symbolizes strength, wisdom and always favorable fate.

In India, it represents the god Ganesh, who governs the areas of knowledge and knowledge.

In China, it is advisable to keep an elephant statuette next to your front door to protect your home and guarantee luck and prosperity.

In Thailand, this figure is used to represent the royal family and their divine power.

In short, the elephant is truly a major lucky animal for many of us!

Set of three necklaces, a ring and a bracelet on the hand of Fatma

Protect yourself from harm

with the help of Fatma's hand


3) The Hamsa, an oriental lucky charm

The Hamsa is an important symbol in the history and culture of the Jewish and Muslim religions.

Sometimes also called "Hand of Fatma", it is a protective amulet in the shape of a hand that many people still wear today.

It is not for nothing that the Hamsas on our site are among the most popular lucky charms. !

A major symbol, the Hamsa is hung on the wall of our homes to ward off the evil eye and a whole bunch of other curses, each more terrible than the last.

In short, if you feel that your home is being attacked by certain entities or even magic, Hamsa could well come to your aid.

Two lucky acorns placed on a wooden windowsill

4) Acorns, fruits to put in the house

Whether you keep your acorns in a bowl as a decoration or place some on the windowsill to bring good luck to your home (as is the Nordic tradition), it's up to you.

Few people know it but, yes, acorns are real lucky objects that will attract luck in almost all situations in life.

Even though certain rituals can increase their effects, they remain powerful enough to work no matter where or how you place them in your home.

Apparently, the powers of acorns come from the tree on which they grow: the oak.

Sacred to the Celts, Vikings and just about every culture that saw it grow, this tree is a great symbol of magical protection.

Similar to so many kings enthroned for centuries in the middle of our forests, oaks are massive, powerful and command respect.

When we pick up an acorn, it is a small part of their magic that we can take home, making our home benefit from its powers.

Red luminous badge

5) The color red and luck

The color red appears in several cultures around the world as being closely linked to luck.

The Chinese often celebrate the news by decorating their homes in red and dressing in clothes of this color.

There is also a tradition for families to give red envelopes containing money to their children, as this color is closely linked to prosperity and success.

In India, red is a very popular color for weddings because it is associated with stability, happiness and purity.

To learn more about the hidden meaning of red, here is an article that will tell you about this color in more detail.

In short, whether it's a cushion, a wall hanging or a vase, placing red in your home will undoubtedly be a (very) good idea.

A horseshoe, a necklace and a bracelet with the emblem of this lucky charm

The best lucky charm

The horseshoe, a powerful symbol of luck


6) Hang a horseshoe for better luck

Many cultures consider the horseshoe to be a powerful good luck charm.

It is customary to place one above the doors of our homes.

Some people believe that having it pointing upwards assures us that good luck will never leave our house. Others will prefer to point it downwards, thinking that this will “color luck and happiness” on all those who pass beneath it.

In the end, this is of little importance and will not fundamentally change how the iron works.

When asking the question “what to put in the house that brings good luck”, many people opt for this type of horseshoe.

We can't really blame them, it's true that this is a very powerful object.

Dream catcher made of wood and string hanging in a garden

7) The dream catcher and the serene nights

Many of us already know this, but it is always good to remember: dream catchers are effective tools that can really improve the quality of our sleep.

When we don't have nightmares, we rest better. This is not surprising.

On the other hand, we sometimes have to forget all the benefits that it brings us.

A more positive mood, but less tension, a feeling of peace and energy, a calmer mind, less mental fog... These few benefits represent only a tiny part of those offered by a good night's sleep.

With this kind of allies at our side, we will necessarily have better luck or at least be able to better seize the opportunities that destiny will send us.

Statue of a peaceful-looking Buddha head, placed in an environment with minimalist decoration

8) Buddha, a being to put in the house and who brings luck

Placing a Buddha statue in the house brings good vibes to it. Just about everyone who has tried it agrees on this point.

Depending on the models, other effects may be added.

Rub the belly of the big laughing Buddha and your day will be filled with joy, wealth and success.

Placing a tincture of a relaxed-faced Indian Buddha in your living room will ward off arguments and family tensions.

In short, if you are wondering what to put in a lucky house, the Buddha is clearly an interesting option.

You can also find various tools and decorations from Buddhism here.

Goldfish swimming in a small aquarium placed in the living room of a house

9) The goldfish, a lucky pet

Generally, fish are known to bring happiness, more zen, and relative peace to wherever they are.

If, however, you don't want to bother cleaning a gigantic aquarium, you can opt for a small goldfish.

As we have already said, red is a color intrinsically linked to luck.

Thus, this animal benefits from both the powers of fish and those of color…

No surprise then that it is also recommended by interior decorators studying Feng Shui!

Yi Jin compasses, a bracelet with the symbol of Yin and Yang and a Feng Shui bagua mirror

Energize yourself and your home

with the help of Feng Shui and its tools


10) The importance of mirror placement

It is said that the placement of the mirror can impact the way luck and energies flow through our home.

There are many lessons on this subject (they will be detailed in more detail in this article which talks about decoration ), but here are some of the absolutely essential rules to respect:

  • Preferably use square or rectangular mirrors, and hang them at least 1 meter above the floor.
  • Keep them clean at all times.
  • If possible, position the mirror so that it reflects the greenery outside.
  • Never break it. Really never.

If you follow these few rules, putting a mirror in your home will definitely be something that will bring good luck.

Three small turtles on a rock in the middle of the water

11) Go slowly (but surely) towards luck with the turtle

Speaking of Feng Shui, there is another animal to which this spiritual philosophy gives a special place: the turtle.

In particular, it is said that placing a turtle in our home will provide protection against negative energies, the animal functioning in a way as a guardian, as a protector.

Known to live for hundreds of years, the turtle is sometimes also used as a lucky charm for longevity which would ward off evils and strengthen our body.

In short, placing a turtle statuette in our home can only do us good!

Succulents associated with luck gathered in a quiet place in a home

12) Herbs and plants to put in the house

Many plants contain within them almost magical powers given to them by nature. Cleverly used, they can therefore offer us great benefits.

Once again, the subject deserves an article on its own.

However, here is a list of some plants to put in the house that bring luck:

  • Irish moss under the doormat attracts money.
  • Aloe Vera is a lucky plant that is sure to attract good luck.
  • Bamboos know how to capture negative energies in a room.
  • Clovers (especially four-leaf clovers) are one of the most powerful lucky charms in the world.
  • A branch of mistletoe hung above a front door gives the home a serene and calming atmosphere.

Faded rose with its fallen petals beside it

13) And those not to wear!

It is good to have beautiful living plants in your home. This helps circulate energy and can sometimes even generate it.

But you have to be careful: if you are often absent (or simply careless) and you don't take care of it, the opposite effect could well occur.

A dead or withered plant is a dark symbol that will install bad energy in your living space.

Several energy medicine stones, a soothing singing bowl and incense conducive to meditation

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


14) Create a meditation space

Here is our penultimate advice but not the least: you need to create a space for meditation.

We are not necessarily talking about an entire room here, but simply a small corner in which you will place objects that you like, with which you feel good, all in a zen and relaxing decoration.

To make sure you don't make a mistake, you will find here a 12-point guide to follow to create a beautiful meditation space.

Really, this type of place can quickly become a great source of energy, a sort of oasis where you can come and recharge your batteries.

Benefiting from a suitable meditation space can clearly make us happier on a daily basis.

However, when our thoughts are positive, the universe senses it and tends to offer us more luck.

Image of a circular Indian mandala.

15) A mandala for traveling

The mandala is a spiritual symbol from the Buddhist and Hindu religions.

Basically, mandalas are designed to represent the universe … just that!

According to specialists, the simple act of looking at this type of motif could in fact have the possibility of triggering spiritual journeys (a sort of trance in fact) in spectators.

Whether this is true or not, putting a mandala in your home, why not in the form of a wall hanging, is an excellent idea that will bring a calm and relaxing touch to your decoration.

Each mandala model having its own style and its own qualities, this will also be an opportunity to bring something truly personal to your interior!

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