White Sage: Spiritual and Magical Properties

White sage is a plant that has been known for a very (very) long time.

This plant grows quite well in most regions with a temperate climate. When rubbed, its leaves release a sweet scent that you will immediately recognize if you have ever traveled to the Mediterranean or the coast of California.

What will interest us today, however, will be neither its taste nor its smell but rather its link with the magic and the different properties of white sage.

Historically, sage is recognized as a powerful medicinal plant. It was also used in many forms of medicine in Antiquity. Egyptians, Romans, Greeks: all recognized its powerful effects.

Today's article refers to white sage, or Salvia officinalis (you can find some here, for example).

It must be distinguished from sage Salvia apiana, a plant native to North America.

With that being said, we can now begin.

Contents :

Sage: sacred plant of the Romans

The basis of many Native American rituals

What science tells us about the properties of white sage

The spiritual domains of sage: white magic, astrology, etc.

The multiple spiritual properties of white sage

Two Ways to Benefit from the Spiritual Properties of White Sage

Culture, conservation and different forms

The Colosseum, a monument of ancient Rome.

Sage: sacred plant of the Romans

Among all the people who have used it, there is one who, more than the others, was able to perceive all the properties of white sage.

Associated with the goddess Vesta and used during certain magical rituals, the Romans had already identified the interest of this plant.

For them, it was sacred, almost divine in fact, and some of its uses were reserved for a caste of very specialized priests.

They also spoke of it as a “herb of immortality”. Needless to say, the virtues attributed to this plant were famous...

For the record, the species name “salvia” comes from the Latin word “salvere”, which means to heal, preserve or care. Is there really more to be said to understand that sage is directly linked to white magic?

In short, it was linked to concepts of wisdom, health and even immortality throughout European history.

There is even an Italian proverb (of Roman origin) which says: “How could a man die when he has sage in his garden? »

We might think that in our era marked by scientific progress, these traditions transmitted for millennia would evaporate in the face of new knowledge... but this is not the case: as we will see later, the properties of sage have been widely confirmed.

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The basis of many Native American rituals

Sage is considered a sacred plant by many American Indian tribes.

Concretely, it is said in their tradition that it has great purifying properties.

The most common way Native Americans use sage is in a ritual called smudging.

Smudging is a type of ceremony in which plants, herbs, bark and other vegetation are burned to produce thick smoke.

Often mixed with chants and prayers, the smearing of sage aims to cleanse people (physically but especially spiritually), to raise our vibration rate and, in certain cases, to immerse us in deep states of mystical trance.

Sage smudging is often described as something primal, something that connects people to nature in a way few other rituals can.

Take part in one of these ceremonies and you will understand: there is indeed something magical hidden behind sage.

Scientist holding plants on which they are doing experiments and research

What science tells us about the properties of white sage

Salvia officinalis, its official name, is said to have numerous properties, particularly in terms of rejuvenating the brain and nervous system.

In fact, sage can truly be considered a “tonic” for the nervous system.

Studies tend to say that it has virtues and even helps to strengthen memory.

No doubt: it has well deserved its title of plant of the wise.

White sage has long been used by herbalists to combat depression, anxiety and nervousness.

It would be particularly recommended in cases of confusion and mental fog resulting from an overly stressful lifestyle.

Many people have also noted the linguistic similarity between the words “sage” and “wise.” From there to making a more mystical link, there is only one step…

Magical altar on which are several esoteric tools, including sage

The spiritual domains of sage: white magic, astrology, etc.

Today, white sage is mostly used to promote wisdom and bring good luck.

It increases levels of emotional strength, and can easily help heal grief.

From a magic and witchcraft perspective, this plant is associated with protection and wish fulfillment. It can also be used as an ingredient in the preparation of countless potions and spells, particularly those from European traditions.

If the subject of witchcraft interests you, you should take a look at the part of our site dedicated to the subject.

For astrology, white sage is clearly associated with the planet Jupiter. This is also what gives it its qualities as a lucky charm.

The most paternal star in the solar system, being placed under the blessing of Jupiter also offers sage the ability to protect our homes and bring us a certain form of wisdom.

Modern science has also taught us that sage leaves contain tin: a metal oh so associated with Jupiter...

Despite this, some specialists classify it in the category of lunar herbs (probably because of the kind of whitish powder that surrounds its leaves).

Additionally, the element most often affiliated with sage will be air. It is in fact in its volatile form (smoke, essential oil, etc.) that it will express all its properties.

As this plant is associated with the protection of homes, some followers of white magic prefer to classify it in the “earth” category… and it must be admitted that it also finds its place there.

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The multiple spiritual properties of white sage

Sage cleanses and purifies. White sage is often burned to purify the air and provide a place with an atmosphere of freshness.

If this speaks to you, you can find burning sage here that we have found for you.

Anyway, now we're going to look at some of the most interesting spiritual properties of white sage.

1st spiritual property of white sage: less stress, more joy

The traditions of all cultures that have dealt with sage teach us that it has tremendous effects on morale.

Literally banishing all negativity, this plant allows us to live peacefully and protect us from many worries.

It is notably said that burning sage could improve mood by reducing the stress levels of the place where its smoke is deposited, but also that of the living beings there.

Additionally, many people in our community testify to another property of white sage: its effect on sleep.

It resolves our problems of stress and negativity, it is actually quite normal that sage improves the quality of our sleep.

Some studies also suggest that sage contains chemical compounds that could help relieve insomnia.

Relieving anxiety, reducing stress, improving morale and sleep: these spiritual properties of medicinal sage can really help us.

2nd spiritual property of white sage: the plant of wise people and seers

For many, white sage is associated with a more mystical, more irrational part of life... and they are right!

For healers and shamans of traditional cultures, burning sage allowed one to enter into second states comparable to “light trances”.

This type of state allowed them to develop healing and thinking skills that were superior to normal.

They could thus more easily solve community problems and advise the chiefs.

In fact, a very interesting property of white sage is the development of intuition.

Thus, there are also clairvoyants and magicians who have taken advantage of its smoke to access certain visions and ways of understanding the world.

These spiritual properties of sage may seem… very spiritual in fact.

However, once again, science has found an explanation for the phenomenon.

In fact, sage naturally contains a chemical molecule with psychoactive properties known as thujone.

3rd spiritual property of white sage: dissipate energies and strengthen others

We have already told you about the ability of white sage to ward off negativity.

This property is real but in fact follows from others that are a little more complex.

White sage can in fact be used during certain rituals to dissipate negative energies naturally present all around us. (Here is an article from the site femininebio which talks about this type of ritual. )

In short, whether it is painful experiences, trauma or even the energy emanating from a person or entity that would harm you, white sage has the property of cleansing all of this.

In addition to removing negative energies, it also brings (according to some specialists) its own positive energy.

Concretely, the essence of sage being found in its smoke, it permeates everything it encounters (people, objects, rooms of the house).

It is therefore advisable to burn a little sage when moving into a new home for the first time, to inaugurate a new meditation room or to clean an object from which you feel that bad energy is emanating.

4th spiritual property of white sage: daily motivation and energy

It knows how to dispel negative energy, improve mood and strengthen intuition... but the spiritual properties of white sage don't stop there!

Indeed, this amazing plant also has the ability to improve our concentration, our memory and our mental energy.

By getting rid of most of the bad energies that hold us back in our lives, sage allows us to open up to other, more motivating and energizing forces.

This is undoubtedly why many people have reported increased energy following meditation sessions accompanied by sage smoke.

Concretely, it was a question of reduced fatigue (mental and physical), greater clarity of ideas and greater motivation.

Some scientists are also interested in possible uses to relieve certain cases of Alzheimer's, dementia or a whole host of other neurological diseases.

The first tests were quite conclusive but further research will undoubtedly be necessary before the scientific community comes to an agreement on the subject of sage...

To learn more about the health effects of sage, here is a detailed information sheet on this plant which lists its main uses.

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Two Ways to Benefit from the Spiritual Properties of White Sage

It’s clear: the properties of white sage make it an ideal tool for creating a positive environment around us.

Whether it's creating a place conducive to meditation, practicing certain religious rituals or simply improving our living environment in general, this plant can really work wonders.

When someone chooses to use the properties of sage, it tells us a lot about them.

The message sent is in fact clear: this person decides to engage in a process of improving their life, they want to change something (at home or around them).

Once we have this in mind, using white sage can become the first step toward deeper personal change.

In short, together we will see two ways (among the hundreds that exist) to use white sage to our advantage.

But first, some clarifications are necessary…

Plastic headband on which it is put to take precautions

Usage precautions

Sage is recognized as a relatively safe herb to use.

However, its leaves contain thujone, a chemical compound that affects the nervous system.

The ritual or medicinal use of this plant can thus intensify the sedative effects of certain medications. It is for this reason in particular that the use of sage is strictly prohibited for pregnant women.

Even in normal times you will need to be vigilant: excessive or prolonged consumption of essential oil or leaves can be toxic.

Its oil, in particular, should not be used orally without the advice of a qualified aromatherapist.

Generally speaking, sage should also be avoided during pregnancy as it can cause disruption to the uterus.

It can also reduce milk flow and should therefore be avoided during breastfeeding periods.

Honey pots used to prepare various recipes

A recipe: honey infused with white sage

Infused honeys are a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of plants, especially aromatic herbs like sage.

Honeys can be eaten with a spoon, spread on a slice of bread or added to teas.

In short, here is the recipe (to consume within 4-5 months):

  • Fill a small glass jar ¾ full with finely chopped fresh sage leaves.
  • Pour honey in, stirring well to prevent air bubbles from forming.
  • Label the jar with the date
  • Leave to infuse between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on your taste
  • Strain the mixture to remove leaves and plant waste (you may need to gently heat the honey to make it more liquid)

Table on which there are works of white magic using the properties of white sage

Some white magic rituals using sage

We can use the properties of white sage from a spiritual perspective, in a healing process or to ease certain tensions.

Just about all forms of spirituality agree on this subject.

There is, however, one which, more than the others, gives pride of place to sage: we are talking about witchcraft, and more particularly white magic.

Here are some examples of rituals using sage that we have heard of:

  • Write a wish on a sage leaf and burn it. This will release your intention to the rest of the world.
  • An alternative is to place the sheet under your pillow at night. Thus, you should receive advice in your dream to achieve your goal.
  • Carry a white sage leaf in your wallet to attract money.
  • Burn sage incense when seeking advice about a difficult decision.
  • Add sage oil, incense, or herbs to any spell to temper your behavior and tend toward wisdom.
  • Here is a legend (not very credible, it is true, but which has the merit of existing): if you eat sage leaves every day of May, immortality will be granted to you.

Images of a spoon and fork in flour

Our take on direct ingestion

Some advise drinking sage herbal tea in case of a cold or sore throat.

You can then let your sage (fresh this time) infuse in boiling water.

It is also in this form that the plant will display all its anti-stress properties.

However, the properties of sage are multiplied in this way.

We therefore advise against consuming it in this form without the advice of a truly competent therapist.

In any case, you will find here some additional information (contraindications, dosage, etc.) on sage.

In addition, some people combine white sage and common sage.

Although they are from the same family, these two plants have different virtues and uses.

So, when you find a recipe using “sage” on the internet, make sure you know what it is.

Leaves of a cultivated sage plant

Culture, conservation and different forms

Sage can be found dried or in fresh form.

If you want to grow your own, you normally won't have to put in too much effort: sage grows in most gardens. (It is even possible that it will grow in pots on a terrace or balcony.)

However, it can be complicated to replant it yourself, as its roots are fragile. If you have any doubts about how to do it, ask for help from a gardening friend.

It is often said that sage likes company: it will do much better surrounded by other plants than if you leave it alone in the middle of the wind.

Sage leaves retain their shape well when dried and are an interesting addition to your potpourri preparations.

When crushed, dried sage can be burned with incense for purification.

Also note that its sage essential oil is easily available. In fact, you will find it almost everywhere in stores as a... pest repellent!

Yes, sage is also a good alternative if you have insect problems in your home. This is one more property that should not be ignored.

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