Why, how and when to say a Prayer to your Guardian Angel?

No one is safe from danger and being able to count on divine protection would be a real godsend. The question that arises is: is this possible? Many people will answer yes. Many of them believe in guardian angels and some of them are even ready to testify about their existence.

Have you ever felt this caring presence in your life? This is undoubtedly your guardian angel. If you have not yet felt his presence, you can very well try to invoke him and communicate with him. Why is this so important and how to do it? Find out the answers to all your questions.

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What is a guardian angel?

Why pray to your guardian angel?

How to say a prayer to your guardian angel?

When to pray to the angels?

Stone statue of a cherub, a small cherub from Christian tradition.

What is a guardian angel?

According to beliefs, it is a supernatural entity which accompanies and watches over each individual. In Christian tradition, it is a celestial being sent by God the creator himself. Since the 17th century, the feast of the guardian angels has been included in the calendar, thanks to Pope Paul V. All this indicates the real existence of these celestial beings. In Christian prayers, praying to the Holy Guardian Angel is as common as praying to the Heavenly Father, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ or doing the litany of the saints.

In several texts it is possible to find testimonies about interaction with these spiritual beings. For example, there are people who have avoided death in accidents thanks to the intervention of their protective angels. This is why saying a prayer to your guardian angel is important.

Who are they really?

Some people tend to believe that all guardian angels are none other than deceased loved ones and that they watch over us and our lives from the afterlife. This is an erroneous belief. It is important to emphasize that angels are not spirits of death. They are very living and eternal creatures.

In reality, they are holy beings who have existed since the creation of the universe. For a Christian, they are beings specially charged with playing the role of protector and guide. They can also serve as messengers. In this case, they bring good news or a promise of happiness.

The image of an angel is often associated with a winged individual, endowed with unparalleled beauty. That said, it's just a simple imagination. You must know that the angels of God are not visible but they do exist and they are next to you. They can see and hear you.

What is their role ?

It is important to emphasize that their action is limited. Angels are not able to act, think or make a decision in place of their protégé. Likewise, having a guardian angel does not mean that you are immune from illness or other problems. However, it is entirely feasible to invoke the protection of an angel.

Indeed, being an angel, a being superior to humans, does not give him full power. He is only a missionary and a messenger of God and he must only carry out the work assigned to him.

Who is your guardian angel and how to invoke him?

It should be noted that there are 72 guardian angels in action and there is an angelic calendar which begins on March 21 and ends on March 20. You are entitled to three protectors and they are chosen based on your qualities, your weaknesses and your past lives. You can identify them by referring to your day and month of birth.

For example, people born between March 21 and 25 can speak to the angel Vehuiah. On the other hand, those born between June 1 and 5 will have to call on the angel Hariel. There are several ways to communicate with your guardian angel. The simplest solution is to say a prayer to your guardian angel.

Generally, certain tools can also help you communicate with your protectors. We think directly of the medals dedicated to them, such as this one honoring the Archangel Gabriel.

More broadly, we can only interest you in the different lucky charms in this entirely Christian collection : there you will find objects of piety with unique meaning and effects.

The Jerusalem cross, a statue of Christ and a Templar amulet

Live a righteous life

thanks to the messages of these Christian symbols

Why pray to your guardian angel?

Believing in angels and entering into contact with them through prayer means accessing many benefits. Find out which ones.

Addressing a prayer to your angel means enjoying excellent traveling companions

Holy angels are charitable beings and their mission is to serve men. Why should we pray to them? First of all, they present themselves as excellent traveling companions. You can pray with them to benefit from their daily support, their guide and their enlightenment.

Meditating and praying to our guardian angels also means taking advantage of their strengths at all times. Being invisible beings, they are the only ones who can engage in combat with another spiritual being with bad intentions such as demons, the source of all suffering. They are evil spirits, angels who have chosen the wrong path. They have only one goal: to harm humans in order to prove their strength.

For ages, angels and demons have clashed and the latter appear particularly diabolical and malevolent. Fighting against these evil spirits is impossible for a human. You need the help of an angel of God. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to come and pray to your guardian angel regularly and even pray big prayers from time to time.

Pray fervently to avoid pride

Praying to the holy guardian angels is also necessary to avoid pride. We must not forget that pride led certain angels and archangels to their downfall. They simply refused the order and preferred to abandon the supernatural and higher life to the side of God out of simple arrogance and desire for power. They then became demons, malevolent beings.

To avoid becoming someone bad like them, one must avoid pride and the help of the angels in heaven is more than required. The latter are responsible for warning men against disdain or contempt, so that they develop purer feelings such as charity, honesty and love.

Address a prayer to your angel to defeat the forces of evil

Demons have only one idea, and that is to lead men to their perdition. They are particularly cunning and they do not hesitate to trap you. Only a benevolent spiritual creature would be able to foil their trap. This is why we must communicate with the angels regularly through prayer.

The objective of reciting the prayer to your angel is to always be able to count on his presence, his protection and his advice. You must know that fighting an invisible enemy is simply impossible. God and his angels are well aware of the forces of darkness and the way they work. They will also know how to establish a good strategy to defeat them. To pray to your guardian angel is to benefit from this divine plan.

A kind of prayer to have a life of happiness

When we pray to our angel of light, we also wish to benefit from a life of happiness. You will indeed benefit from his precious help in difficult times and from his daily guide. Your guardian angels can also inspire and teach you.

If you have to make a difficult decision, just call them. Your protectors will be able to clarify your ideas and boost your creativity, which will allow you to make the right choice.

Likewise, if you are going through a difficult ordeal, your guardian angel will envelop you in his love and give you a feeling of calm. He can strengthen you, comfort you and help you. This will prevent you from falling into depression.

Reciting an angelic prayer to hear God's message

Guardian angels are not just messengers responsible for carrying your request to God and interceding for you. They are also bearers of divine messages and you must learn to listen to them. In other words, angels act as intermediaries between humans and the king of the universe.

To thank your angels

Effective prayer might just be the way to meet your guardian angel. If you are wondering if you have already received their visit, these few examples of revealing events according to espritsciencemetaphysique.com may alert you.

If you have ever felt the presence of an angel from heaven in your life and if you have been able to count on his help and protection, you must learn to thank him. This is why you must say prayers every day. This is a great way to show your gratitude and establish a good relationship with this deity.

Sculpture of a guardian angel, one knee on the ground and looking towards the sky.

How to say a prayer to your guardian angel?

At first glance, speaking to a spiritual and invisible being is impossible. But in reality, there is nothing difficult about it. Just know the name of the angel watching over you and call him.

What to say during prayer?

During prayer, there is no magic formula to say or protocol to follow. You have the freedom to use your own words. It will be as if you are talking to a trusted person or a kind and tender friend who listens to your needs. Say his name and present your requests to him.

However, it is important to learn to pray to the angels with sincerity, humility and above all respect. You have to put your heart into it if you want to get favorable responses. You must remember that it is you who needs their help and protection.

“Can I ask my guardian angel anything? » This is a question often asked. Obviously, it is possible to ask your protective angel for anything. But it is still important to make a reasonable request. Indeed, it has to be something normal. As a reminder, the power and action of angels are limited.

Furthermore, they are not there to do the four wishes of their protégé. You will not be able to ask your angel to avenge someone who has hurt you. By respecting this golden rule, you can be sure that your holy angels will do what is necessary to ensure that your request is successful. Obviously, you also need to know how to interpret the answers.

Where to pray to the angels?

You can pray to the angels wherever you are. In the streets, in the metro, in the office..., when you need their help, don't hesitate to call them. That said, for prayers to be effective, it is advisable to go to a quiet place, turn off the phones and forget about the world around you.

You can even isolate yourself in a special place, light a candle and some incense. You must then turn towards the east, towards the side where the sun rises and begin the prayer. Nothing and no one should disturb you during this moment of communication with your guardian angels .

Woman praying to her guardian angel.

When to pray to the angels?

As mentioned before, guardian angels are our daily traveling companions. Their presence is essential to us day and night. So, you can say your prayers at any time, especially when you need their help and divine intervention.

But you should not wait for a problem to arise before communicating with your heavenly protectors. To benefit from their protection every day and at any time, it is advisable to say a prayer in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Even a simple hello is enough to establish contact with your protectors.

Evening prayer is just as important. It is a true moment of communion and an opportunity to thank the angels for having guided and protected you throughout the day. During the evening prayer, you should also ask for their protection during the night so that they help you repel the evil forces that might harm your sleep.

More broadly, here is a fairly in-depth article from the “Christian Family” magazine which describes the different times to pray. You will undoubtedly find advice there on the right time to communicate with your guardian angels.

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