Wu Lou gourd: history and meaning in Feng Shui

The Wu Lou gourd is a powerful good luck charm, a great remedy like (and recognized) Feng Shui.

Capable of treating many ailments and protecting us from a number of curses, the history and meaning of this decorative object is intriguing.

But actually, where does the Wu Lou gourd come from?

What are his powers?

How to use it to get the most out of it?

Together, we will now answer these questions and many more.

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Meaning of the Wu Lou gourd (Feng Shui accessory)

The powers and benefits of Wu Lou

What material for the Wu Lou water bottle?

Where to place your Wu Lou gourd according to Feng Shui?

Feng Shui lucky charms to pair with our gourd

Two dried gourds on a tree.

Meaning of the Wu Lou gourd (Feng Shui accessory)

The meaning of the Wu Lou gourd is a complex question.

This Feng Shui decoration is old and therefore comes with many theories as to its original meaning.

The best way to do this, however, is to take an interest in the messages of wisdom from ancient Feng Shui masters.

Origin of this strange gourd

In ancient China, the Wu Lou gourd was a simple fruit hollowed out and then dried, for use by Taoist monks during their travels.

A bit like the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela had their gourd, the Wu Lou gourd was used to store water, remedies and food.

For peasants, the Wu Lou gourd was used more to transport wine which, consumed in moderation, could also be linked to health.

In short, to contain medicinal plants or drinks, the bottle quickly became a symbol of health... but not only that.

A symbol of harmony

If the Wu Lou gourd is seen in Feng Shui as a symbol of health, its shape carries other meanings.

Quite flared, it represents two worlds unified in it : sky and earth.

The upper part of the gourd is celestial, and the other is earthly.

Using such a lucky charm therefore connects us to the harmony of the world where sky and earth coexist to bring life to men and fertility to nature.

The art of Feng Shui also teaches us that this sacred union can bring prosperity.

A Chinese legend!

We cannot talk about the meaning of the Wu Lou gourd without mentioning a legend associated with it.

It has been said: its use was clearly practical. Chinese monks used it during their travels as a means of transporting things.

However, there is a legend that even better explains the true meaning of the Wu Lou gourd in traditional Feng Shui.

One day, a young monk decided to cross China to visit all the biggest temples and the most beautiful pagodas.

However, crossing such a large territory necessarily meant passing through conflict zones.

It was while he was walking on an ancient war field that demons attacked him.

The evil spirits wanted his life... but the young monk had an ally at his side: his Wu Lou gourd.

By his innate power or thanks to the sacred plants it contained, no one knows: the fact is that the demons were imprisoned in his gourd and the monk was able to continue his journey.

Since that day, Feng Shui sages have advised using a Wu Lou gourd to capture negative energies.

This story is not very long, but that is how the Chinese sages tell it.

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The powers and benefits of Wu Lou

If you practice Feng Shui, it is very likely that you have heard of the importance of the Wu Lou gourd.

If this was not the case, you now know its meaning, and why the Chinese attribute such powers to it.

But in fact, what precisely are these powers?

Chi and longevity

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry or a Taoist decoration capable of potentiating your chi?

Do not go further !

Many Asian gods and deities are depicted holding a metal or wooden Wu Lou gourd.

The reason for this is simple: in the celestial world, it is used to contain the nectar of immortality.

Used on earth, this true elixir of life cares and heals.

It is said of the Wu Lou gourd that it brings health and places those who use it under the protection of Sau, the Chinese god of longevity.

Transmute energies

If this Feng Shui gourd knows how to capture negative energies and malicious entities, it also has the power to transmute them.

More than simply capturing evil, Wu Lou will transform it into good before returning it to those around her.

If you have projects to carry out, placing such a lucky charm in your home or office can make sense.

Activate your wishes

The Wu Lou Gourd, if used correctly, can also become a willpower amplifier.

When we think of something, the universe tends to make it manifest. The Wu Lou bottle will increase this phenomenon tenfold, but only for the positive (and fortunately!).

If you're the type to dream, the water bottle will help you turn your wishes into reality.

Protect your work (and its fruits)

Jealousy is an ugly fault and, when present in others, it can destroy your internal energy.

Using a Feng Shui gourd in your workplace will protect you from such negative thoughts and, thus, increase your chances of success.

A piece of rusty metal on old wood.

What material for the Wu Lou water bottle?

On our site, we only offer metal Wu Lou water bottles.

These models are more resistant and, above all, more powerful from an energy point of view.

However, there are different materials that can be used to create such lucky charms:

  • Copper : Copper is a highly spiritual material according to Feng Shui. It represents success, wealth and prosperity. A Wu Lou copper flask will therefore be ideal for those who seek success above all, go-getters and men of action.
  • Steel : Steel is one of the five elements of Feng Shui “Wu Xing” (along with earth/soil, wood, water and fire). A lucky charm made of steel will therefore benefit from certain qualities, such as clarity, precision and accuracy.
  • Wood : Wood is another principle element of Feng Shui. Associated with life and the movement of energies, it allows chi to circulate serenely. A wooden Wu Lou gourd will therefore be ideal for the transmutation of energies.
  • Brass : Brass is a metal alloy linked to joy, beauty and speech. It is therefore ideal for creating Feng Shui decorations that will facilitate human relationships.
  • Jade : Few materials are as precious as jade in the eyes of the Chinese. Considered a sacred source of life and chi, it will be used to create very powerful Wu Lou gourds, but also very fragile and expensive. To learn more about this mysterious material, here is an article describing the role of jade in ancient China.

Porcelain, citrine or chalcedony: there are other precious stones and many “fancy” materials that can be used to create gourds, but here you have an overview of the main ones.

A living room decorated with various statuettes and trinkets according to the rules of Feng Shui.

Where to place your Wu Lou gourd according to Feng Shui?

There are many ways to use a Wu Lou gourd in Feng Shui.

Among the many areas covered by this ancestral art, the decoration of our interior is the most emblematic.

By dividing our house into sectors, by associating one energy with our living room and another with our bathroom, and by seeking to let the chi circulate harmoniously, Feng Shui allows us to live more serenely.

To benefit from all the positive effects

The best way to use the Wu Lou gourd according to Feng Shui is to use it in pairs, placing one gourd on each side of your bed.

This will improve your vitality, protect your sleep from nightmares and the negative entities that cause them, and could even attract your long-awaited loved one.

With such decorations near your headboard, never again will acupuncture or tai chi sessions be a necessity for your well-being!

To chase away bad chi

If your home is affected by sha qi (bad energy, resulting from poorly circulating chi), placing a Wu Lou gourd in a strategic location may be a good option for you.

A noisy road, a bothersome neighbor or an ancient Native American cemetery under your window?

Place in this Chinese lucky charm in plain sight and it will protect you from energetic attacks from the outside world.

Thus, your vital energy will be cultivated, and your chi more harmonious.

A general rule

More broadly, you can place the Wu Lou in any place in your home as long as you respect the principles of Bagua.

Bagua is a branch of Feng Shui that is based on an energy map that divides your home into several zones, each linked to specific principles.

This art allows a good circulation of energies and will create a living space conducive to peace.

North, South-West or East sector: how to arrange your interior?

To learn more about this, here is some information on segmenting your home according to Feng Shui.

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Feng Shui lucky charms to pair with our gourd

Our site specializes in lucky charms from around the world. Everything that brings luck brings happiness, and is therefore central to us.

Obviously, Feng Shui (and Asia in general) were at the center of our concerns.

Whether we are talking about the Wu Lou gourd, the various lucky charms whose powers we are going to present to you here and many others: you will find them all in this collection dedicated to the ancient art of Feng Shui.

A representation of the three gods of happiness (Fu Lu SHou)

A bit like Buddhism has the laughing Buddha, Feng Shui knows the three gods of happiness

In Chinese culture, these three deities are said to embody values ​​essential to happiness: fortune (Fu), longevity (Shou) and prosperity (Lu).

Respected as much by Buddhists, Taoists as Confucianists, they are known as the white wolf in the Middle Kingdom.

Their meaning blends so well with that of Wu Lou, the powers of these gods will multiply with those of the gourd to bring you what you need most.

Pendant, necklace and other bracelet: there is no shortage of jewelry to represent them.

If you want to take advantage of their powers, however, we advise you to opt for wall decoration instead.

A bagua mirror

The bagua mirror is a Feng Shui device allowing you to deflect negative energies and, thus, protect your home.

Used in conjunction with the Wu Lou gourd, it will create real Zen sanctuaries.

Whether you want to rest, meditate or think, such a place will help you develop your inner being in peace and serenity.

Be careful, however: the bagua mirror being particularly powerful, it is more than advisable to seek the advice of a Feng Shui master before using it.

An amulet with the symbol of Taijitu

The symbol of Yin and Yang, also known as "Taijitu", dates back to ancient China, before the 3rd century BCE.

Used as an emblem of the Tao, it represents unity in duality and the creation of the cosmos.

As a symbol of unity between heaven and earth, the Wu Lou gourd therefore finds a common playing field with Taijitu.

If you want to explore the subject, here is what Wikipedia says about Taijitu. The file is quite complete and also draws parallels with other cultures.

Fu dog statuettes

In Chinese mythology, dogs were protective creatures believed to protect the palace of emperors.

With their power and courage, they frightened the demons and the enemies of China.

Apparently, their powers also work to protect business, which explains why so many shops, restaurants and businesses place such statuettes next to their front doors.

In short, here is an ideal gift for lovers of Chinese charms who are looking for a lucky protective object.

Lucky Coins

China has had many dynasties, which minted different currencies.

Each number on the coins was a kua number (if you don't know what that is, here's a pretty good guide to pa-kua ), and therefore offered them great benefits.

However, no type of coin brought as much prosperity to Asia as those of the Qing dynasty, which even went so far as to be nicknamed “lucky coins”.

A symbol of prosperity, abundance and wealth, they are one of the “ Eight Treasures ”, a group of eight particularly effective lucky charms used throughout Asia.

After all, what better symbol of wealth than coins?

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Wu Lou gourd engraved with various symbols

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