Yggdrasil: meaning & mythology of the world tree

Yggdrasil is one of the oldest and most powerful symbols of spirituality in Norse mythology.

This immense cosmic tree, the one that connects the nine worlds together, has been used by practitioners of esotericism for centuries to understand the mystery of the cosmos and our place in it.

In this article, we will discover together how Yggdrasil can be used as a spiritual tool to find meaning in your existence and realize your full potential.

Contents :

1. What is Yggdrasil?

2. The origins of the universe: Yggdrasil the world tree

3. Knowledge: Yggdrasil and Odin

4. Cosmology: description of the nine realms of Yggdrasil

5. Mythology: the hidden meaning of Yggdrasil

6. The symbol of Yggdrasil today

7. Nordic magic: Yggdrasil and the runes

8. Get a Yggdrasil tattoo: meaning


What is Yggdrasil?

Yggdrasil (sometimes also written Yggdrasill) is a mythical tree found at the center of the universe in Norse cosmology. It serves as a bridge between the nine worlds and connects the world of gods, men and elves to that of giants, trolls and other supernatural creatures.

The Yggdrasil tree also symbolizes the life force that binds all that exists on Earth as well as beyond.

According to ancient Scandinavian sagas, Yggdrasil is made up of several layers or roots connected to the different divine realms of the cosmos.

Its majestic trunk represents the visible world as it is known to humans while its top extends to the invisible regions above the firmament.

Yggdrasill's three great roots reach deep into the ground to reach Wilhelm (the Ice Realm), Muspelheim (the Fire Realm), and Asgard (the Prime Home of the Gods).

The upper branches of the tree are home to a variety of birds including Huginn and Muninn - the ravens sent each day by Odin to bring back information gathered during their journey through Midgard (The Human World).

The continued presence of this magical tree allows the inhabitants of Midgard to place faith in divine justice as well as in the cyclical continuity between past, current and future lives.

However, despite his immense importance in the Norse universe, Yggdrasill would soon suffer a cruel fate as he was ultimately burned during Ragnarok, the final battle against the forces of chaos. Despite his apparent destruction, it is believed that his spirit will still survive through the energy of the spiritual traditions of the Northmen.

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The origins of the universe: Yggdrasil the world tree

In Nordic mythology, Yggdrasil is a gigantic tree that connects the nine worlds. It is a symbolic representation of the deep roots and high branches of the cosmos. The tree is considered the center of all that exists and it maintains the fragile balance between the different divine realms.

The name “Yggdrasil” means “Great Tree” in Old Norse or “knight of destiny” in ancient Germanic. This powerful symbol provided a path to spiritual access for human beings so that they could achieve a high level of inner and outer attunement to their own divine nature.

Another myth is that every day Nidhogg, a black dragon with red wings accompanied by four mischievous ravens, carefully monitors each of the infernal parts so that no one can cross this cosmic interconnecting World Tree without special permission, linking all the worlds together. Thus, thanks to Ygddrasil, each being can place their faith in this ancestral idea according to which our universe is connected by an invisible force orchestrated for a very long time.


Knowledge: Yggdrasil and Odin

In Norse mythologies, Yggdrasil also symbolizes knowledge, as it represents a direct link to Odin, the god of knowledge and wisdom.

Odin has been associated with Yggdrasil for thousands of years through ancient Norse myths. According to this ancient tradition, Yggdrasil was considered an infinite source of knowledge and understanding for those who sought to connect to the divine beyond their human limitations.

This actually refers to a legendary scene in which Odin hangs himself from the world tree by his feet to gain knowledge and wisdom.

According to this story, Yggdrasil would therefore be a divine source of spiritual knowledge rather than a simple physical tree.

The symbolism behind Yggdrasil also refers to that of the deep roots that nourish our physical and spiritual existence on Earth - our family, cultural and social ties - allowing each individual to find their unique place in this complex world that we call life, with wisdom and justice.

A little personal advice: If you would like to gain a better understanding of the fundamental principles associated with Yggdrasil, I highly recommend a regular practice such as guided visualization where you can imagine wallowing body connected to the central trunk of this immense cosmic tree.

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Cosmology: description of the nine realms of Yggdrasil

Cosmology is a branch of esotericism which studies the world and its creation and, in the field of Nordic religions, the nine kingdoms of Yggdrasill.

In short, each kingdom has its own history and very distinct characteristics.

The first realm is Asgard, the domain of the ásatrú gods. It is the home of most of the gods and goddesses of the Norse pantheon and is also home to Valhalla, the famous hall of fallen warriors. The people of Asgard are known to be very powerful and brave; they created Yggdrasil to maintain order between the different worlds.

The second realm is Alzheimer, the fairyland located on the peak of Yggdrasil. It is populated by the white elves who reign there as absolute masters thanks to the magical powers they possess, such as that of manipulating nature or even controlling sunlight. This enchanting place offers a wide variety of exotic plants as well as a diverse fauna of which no trace is found elsewhere in the other worlds of Yggdrasil.

Next comes Jötunheimr, the glacial territory ruled by Hela, the terrible queen of the Scandinavian Underworld. It is said that she terrorizes everything that crosses her path with her horde of frost wolves with bloody red eyes! With the freezing temperature making any form of animal or plant life impossible, Jötunheimr will undoubtedly remain the most inhospitable of the nine domains constituting Yggdrasill.

Niflheimr for its part represents a universe completely opposite to Jötunheimr: while the first was full of extreme cold, Niflheimr would be composed exclusively of hot vapor saturated with humidity. There only Muspellsheim exists; a place so fiery that no one dares to set foot there except Surt, the Lord of the primordial Fire always responsible for maintaining harmony between the different Realms.

Midgard, then, constitutes the spiritual and physical center towards which all the other Worlds linked to Yggrasill converge: here humans and Scandinavian deities coexist who share a peaceful existence far behind the terrible murderous conflicts taking place in certain neighboring Kingdoms such as Midgarðhrímnir (the World infernal).

Vanaheimr represents the ancestral home of Vanirs priestess; a divine race originating from the North recognized for having given birth to the first modern men after merging with Asatrus (AEsir gods) during the Divine War waged against Loki and his Wild Horde a long time ago... Vanaheirm would include twelve provinces representing the world natural, of which the three main ones were Sylgr (Forests), Gulltop (Hills) and Kjalarland (Mountains).

Dannmarkar arrives next, a verdant paradise covered by an imposing dense forest populated by many legendary animals, such as dragons, fairies and forest dwarves. This region nicknamed “the territory of the Sacred” was undoubtedly the richest and greenest.


Mythology: the hidden meaning of Yggdrasil

In the world of myths, Yggdrasil is a central figure in Norse mythology. This sacred tree spans several worlds and represents the harmony between the forces of good and evil that govern our universe.

It also symbolizes the union between humans and gods as well as all kinds of supernatural beings. The meaning hidden behind this symbol is very deep.

According to some interpretations, Yggdrasil is a bridge connecting the spiritual world to that of men to allow divine beings to communicate with them without needing to physically cross their space-time.

Others believe that it serves to maintain cosmic balance by unifying the different existing planes: infinitesimal (microcosm), terrestrial (macrocosm) and spiritual (mesopause).

Finally, some believe that Yggdrasil represents life itself. Thus, it connects everything by its magical foliage of which we can only see a part visibly identifiable as the cosmic tree.

Generally speaking, Yggdrasil is considered a source of divine knowledge that allows human beings to access useful spiritual information to guide their daily existence.

Even today, many turn to this ancient symbol to find strength and inspiration in the face of the difficulties encountered during our personal or collective initiatory journeys.


The symbol of Yggdrasil today

Today, Yggdrasil continues to represent what it has always represented: deep connections between spirit and matter, past and present, nature and humanity.

This means that Yggdrasil can serve as a guide for those seeking to understand how these different aspects interact together within our physical and spiritual universe.

Additionally, it provides spiritual seekers with a focal point around which they can find inspiration and inner strength.

Finally, we often find Yggdrasil associated with several important concepts such as:

  • Resilience and persistence
  • Protection and wisdom
  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual development
  • Creativity and intuition
  • Transformation and positive changes
  • Harmonization of vital cycles

Even today, the symbol of Yggdrasil remains an invaluable source of inspiration for those who are looking for alternative sources in order to increase their own psychic/spiritual abilities or simply to enliven their daily lives!

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Nordic magic: Yggdrasil and the runes

Nordic magic is a form of esoteric practice based on Scandinavian legends and myths.

In this type of practice, Yggdrasil is a very powerful symbol for those seeking to invoke or communicate with supernatural or divine forces. Druids often use Yggdrasil as a focal point for their magical rituals.

Runes are an ancient form of the Germanic alphabet in which each letter represents a different force, but always linked to nature.

They can be used for various spiritual purposes such as protection against malicious influences or personal development.

Using runes for divination draws on your deep intuition to more easily find your own intuitive answers instead of relying on outside guidance.

In the context of the world tree as a spiritual symbol, it is believed that using runes could have great healing power, greatly increasing your ability to guide your consciousness towards a higher purpose.


Getting a Yggdrasil tattoo: meaning

Getting a Yggdrasil tattoo means that you want to come into contact with something greater than yourself, that you want to reach a higher spiritual state.

This can be interpreted as a desire to improve one's personal life or even find one's path to inner and spiritual knowledge.

The symbol of Yggdrasil also represents harmonization between the opposing forces of good and evil, showing how they work together to create balance in our world.

It also symbolizes the infinite cycle of life, as it always remains green despite the constant change around it. Having Yggdrasil as a tattoo can serve to remind people that nothing ever stands still, that every moment is unique and should be appreciated fully while it is happening.

A Yggdrasil tattoo will not only offer its wearer a deep psychological meaning, but will also be very visually beautiful!

Indeed, thanks to its sinuous, subtle and fine shapes which recall those of the roots or branches of a real tree, this illustration gives the final motif a remarkably artistic natural beauty.

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