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Simple Hummingbird Pendant

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The hummingbird is an astonishing bird, which stands out from the rest of life in many ways.

  • Many of us would do well to take inspiration from the hummingbird
  • Some of the most spiritual peoples have detected unique qualities in him.
  • Wearing this pendant is an invitation to live better, quite simply.
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Pendant size: 2 x 1.9 cm
  • Chain length: 50 cm
  • Refund ALWAYS possible (see our returns policy)

Why should I wear this hummingbird pendant?

Hummingbirds have been recognized for millennia as highly spiritual animals.

The first peoples who were confronted with it all agreed on it.

The Aztecs, for example, considered these small birds as soul carriers or even divine messengers.

Some Native American tribes made the hummingbird their symbol of love and joy.

While in Europe we used the heart as an emblem, some men on the other side of the world saw the most beautiful feelings expressed through the hummingbird.

If you ask us, they weren't wrong.

One of its notable characteristics is that the hummingbird feeds on the nectar of the most beautiful flowers.

We can see from this that he is looking for what is most beautiful in life, what is sweetest and most exceptional.

Having a hummingbird near you (for example by wearing this pendant) is therefore a constant invitation to do the same.

Yes, his wisdom is a real invitation to live as happily as possible, a bit as if you were drinking the nectar of the most beautiful flower.

Here is a resolutely positive message which gives this little pendant its title of lucky charm!

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Do you provide tracking numbers?

Of course ! We will also add it to the status of your order as soon as the transport companies send them to us.

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