How to Cultivate Universal Vital Energy for a Fulfilling Life

Universal life energy is a force that connects us all. It can also be used to cultivate health, happiness and abundance in our lives.

By learning to connect with this energy and use it consciously, we can find creative solutions to the most difficult problems.

In this article, I will explain to you how to cultivate universal vital energy in order to lead a full and fulfilled life.

Contents :

1. What is universal vital energy? (definition)

2. Qi, chi, prana and ether

3. How to increase a man's vital energy?

4. How to increase a woman's vital energy?

5. The practice of meditation

6. The practice of prayer

7. The practice of Reiki

8. Exercise: feeling the energy in your hands


What is universal vital energy? (definition, understanding)

Universal life energy is a force that exists in all living beings and manifests itself in different forms. This energy can be used to cultivate inner peace, physical and spiritual well-being, as well as to strengthen our connections with the universe and the divine.

Cultivating universal vital energy makes it easier to find solutions to daily problems, because it also offers a deep connection to our intuition and our personal creative power. It helps us better understand the meaning of things and life, and to develop harmonious relationships with others.

To cultivate this energy, we must realize that it is present in every person and learn how we can connect to its infinite source.

A simple way is to close your eyes and breathe calmly until your body is completely relaxed. Then focus on your heart chakra to feel the unconditional love with which you are surrounded by the Universe. Your mind should then begin to gradually calm down and your heart will open to the boundless flow of love that flows everywhere around you, at all times and in all places.

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Qi, chi, prana and ether

Universal life energy is a force that connects everything that exists. It can be called “qi” in China, “chi” in Japan or even “prana” in India.

This subtle energy governs our physical and mental health as well as our social relationships. Additionally, it can help us develop our spiritual abilities.

According to Eastern traditions, the goal of cultivating universal life energy is simple: we must amplify its vibration to create a deep connection between the physical body and higher spiritual planes.

By cultivating this subtle energy, humans balance their mind and body in order to find inner peace and lasting joy.

The East has taught us several ways to cultivate this form of energy. Here are a few :

  • Practicing physical exercises such as qi gong or yoga
  • Connecting to divine forces through meditation
  • Breathe correctly to release body tension
  • Consciously eat healthy foods
  • And many others

All these activities will allow you to stimulate your auric and energetic system, in order to balance you on all levels of being at the same time: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How to increase your vital energy for a man

How to increase a man's vital energy?

When we are in harmony with our life energy, we can then find inner peace and physical well-being. A good connection with this energy can therefore improve your overall quality of life.

But actually, how can a man increase his vital energy?

First of all, it is important to understand that each individual has their own unique source of life energy that they must learn to cultivate in order to increase their strength and vitality.

Healthy habits such as regular exercise, a varied and nutritious diet, good sleep hygiene and respecting the natural circadian rhythm can have an almost miraculous effect. All these activities will go a long way in maintaining or increasing energy levels in men.

In addition, certain techniques such as deep meditation or conscious breathing can help strengthen the connections between body and mind thanks to the alpha waves produced by our brains during these calm moments. Concretely, such practices will release the tensions accumulated during the day.

How to increase your vital energy for a woman

How to increase your vital energy for a woman?

For women, it is important to cultivate your energy in order to be able to better face their many daily challenges. Luckily, we have some tips for you.

Drink a lot. Keeping your body hydrated promotes the proper functioning of the central nervous system as well as that of internal organs.

Regularly practice physical activity appropriate to your age and physical abilities, such as brisk walking or possibly jogging, outdoors, in order to benefit from the benefits of the sun on your body.

Then, try to devote a few minutes every day to breathing exercises which stimulate cellular oxygenation, allowing muscles and tissues to be more resistant to external attacks.

So the advice to give to men and women isn't so different... It's food for thought, isn't it?

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The practice of meditation

Meditation is an ancestral practice that allows you to connect to the universe and increase your awareness. It can be used to cultivate the subtle energy that flows within and around us, this invisible force that nourishes our minds, bodies and souls.

By cultivating this energy through meditation, you can boost your creativity and intuition. Your dreams will then be able to take shape. Your ability to manifest positive things will increase through this intuitive process of meditation.

In addition to bringing mental and physical calm, this spiritual practice offers a better understanding of the interactions that determine our unique incarnation on Earth.


The practice of prayer

Prayer is a form of communication between heaven and earth. It is a way to access universal life energy that can be used to guide people's lives. Prayer allows people to connect with a higher spiritual mind, to seek answers to their questions and find support on their path.

So, the practice of prayer is very important, as it helps us cultivate our life energy so that we can better navigate our daily experiences.

Here are some tips to help you cultivate your vital energy through the practice of prayer:

  • Take a moment each day to thank God or whatever higher power you depend on.
  • Establish a regular routine. Perhaps the best time for you to pray will be in the evening, perhaps it will be in the morning.
  • Use short, simple sentences.
  • Focus on what you want to accomplish rather than what you don't want.
  • Consider thanking, rather than asking.
  • Allow time after making your request before you see any changes.
  • Consider the results you have achieved through your prayers. What surprising forms have they taken?

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The practice of Reiki

Reiki is a method of energy healing that allows the person to access the subtle levels of their being, and thus cultivate universal vital energy with more ease. It is a gentle, holistic form of healing that can have profound effects on the body, mind and soul.

The main purpose of Reiki is to help people regain their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional balance by restoring the natural flow of universal life energy.

This practice helps relieve certain physical ailments such as chronic fatigue, headaches or even joint pain. Reiki also offers greater mental clarity, which will logically allow us to make wise decisions.

But actually, why are we talking about Reiki in this article?

The answer is simple.

The benefits of Reiki come directly from the connection maintained by the practitioner with this infinite source of unconditional love that is the Universe.


Exercise: feeling the energy in your hands

One of the simplest exercises for manipulating life energy is feeling in our hands.

Feeling the energy in your hands involves focusing on your own magnetic field in order to perceive the invisible force that circulates between it.

To start, find a quiet place where you can be completely relaxed, without any outside distractions.

Once settled, place your hands in front of you at face level and close your eyes, while taking a few deep breaths. Focus on this present moment.

Then visualize how this energy flows through your palms. Try to feel its warmth or coolness, depending on your personal perception.

Your main goal now is to slow down the mental flow so you don't get distracted by your usual thoughts. Stay connected to your breath until you can truly feel that unique sensation filling the hands, like divine vitality from the truly deepest depths of your soul.

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