Meditation to achieve emotional letting go

Letting go is a necessary quality for anyone who wishes to achieve happiness.

With today's guided meditation, you'll have access to an easy-to-implement tool that can help you achieve just that.

In just a few minutes each day, you will be able to free your mind from many weights and learn to live more serenely, with joy and peace.

Concretely, the meditation for letting go that follows was constructed as an aid capable of releasing the powers that lie dormant deep within us all.

Practiced regularly, it will therefore be a wonderful way to create a more spiritual, more relaxed and more serene life.

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Discover this meditation in video format

The effects of this meditation

Preparing meditation for letting go

The different steps

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Discover this meditation in video format

The effects of this meditation

Followed daily, this meditation for letting go and the power of liberation will free you from many burdens.

Too much importance given to things is undoubtedly one of the main causes of unhappiness, and certainly a weight that prevents us from moving forward in life.

Through a development of letting go, in reality completely new facets of existence are available to us. The mental benefits are real. More serenity, better posture, easier to calm down... Letting go is a precious jewel!

In particular, this guided meditation can help develop:

  • The Powers of Personal Liberation
  • The fight against external influence
  • Individualization and personality development
  • Real love, without barriers or facades
  • Relaxation, inner peace
  • Abilities to combat stress and anxiety

The powers of letting go appear clearly here. Concretely, by freeing our mind from the artificial importance it gives to the futile, this meditation helps us to refocus on the essential, on what makes us live.

Comparable in its effects to certain yoga or mindfulness meditation sessions, it will cleanse the body and mind.

Several energy medicine stones, a soothing singing bowl and incense conducive to meditation

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


Preparing meditation for letting go

Before starting meditation as such, you must place yourself in a favorable context.

Already know that we are going to practice some breathing exercises together. You must therefore put yourself in a place where the air is healthy.

Why not open a window and air out your room... or even practice outside, in a park or your garden, if the weather permits.

In terms of position, choose the one that is most comfortable for you, making sure to keep your spine straight, so that the energies can properly circulate within you.

To facilitate calm, and therefore letting go, it may be good not to be in a room that is too bright.

So close the curtains and, if it's dark, don't leave your room in semi-darkness.

We can now begin

Several stones in balance, representation of Zen and letting go.

The different steps

These different stages are actually supposed to follow each other harmoniously, rather than being divided into distinct parts.

After all, this guided meditation forms a whole constructed as a single work, a single tool capable of functioning in its uniqueness.

In video and audio, no distinction is made.

The following breakdown therefore has the sole purpose of helping you, a posteriori, to understand the modes of action implemented within the framework of this meditation.

Step #1: feel your body

Stop for a few moments.

Breathe calmly.

What clothes did you choose to wear today?

Do you feel their touch on your skin?

Feel that feeling of the fabric on your skin.



The bust…

The stomach and the back…

The Pelvis…


The feet…

The air in the room gently caresses your face. You feel that too.

No doubt it carries a certain smell, which you feel awakening your nostrils.

Try to smell that scent in the air.

The ambient noise around you is pleasant to you. It recalls life and its movement.

Now focus on the sensations in your body.

Your weight on the ground...

The feel of clothes on your skin…

The caress of the air…

Step #2: Breathing (beginning of calming the solar plexus chakra)

With each breath, a little fresh air arrives at the entrance to your nostrils, then into your nose, then your throat, then your lungs.

With each exhalation, slightly more humid air follows the opposite path, to be diluted in the space around you.

Inhale, then exhale.

Inhale, then exhale.

Fresh air has purifying properties.

With each inhale, you feel it cooling you, especially at your sternum, lower torso, where your sides come together.

Inhale, then exhale.

Inhale, then exhale.

With each breath, this part of your body is tickled by the new and healthy air.

Inhale, then exhale.

Inhale, then exhale.

You feel a certain warmth there, a pleasant warmth that relaxes you and helps you take long, slow breaths.

Inhale, then exhale.

Inhale, then exhale.

Inhale, then exhale.

Inhale, then exhale.

Step #3: Calming the Solar Plexus Chakra

Focus on your sternum for a few moments. Let this warm feeling capture your attention.

Feel the vibration there.

It contributes to the heat.

The fresh air continues to flow into you.

It refreshes you.

The freshness that it brings to this vibrating point makes it vibrate a little more slowly, as if its music were slowing down.

Its pleasant warmth is always present.

As the rhythm calms down, you feel more and more relaxed and peaceful.

You knew how to let go.

Step #4: free yourself from a weight

Without even realizing it, you are now lighter.

You feel it anyway.

The weight of the ground that you felt earlier is a little less important.

With every inhale you always feel that pleasant air.

With each exhale, the air you let out seems heavier, as if it were some kind of mist.

In reality, this mist is also light, and flies towards the sky.

With each breath, you get rid of a little negativity.

And you breathe in, a little positivity.

Inhale, then exhale.

Inhale, then exhale.

Step #5: return to calm

Continue to focus on your breath.

Inhale, then exhale.

Inhale, then exhale.

Less and less mist comes out with each exhale, as if you don't have any left in reserve.

Or rather, yes, but it is a clearly diluted mist.

Inhale, then exhale.

Inhale, then exhale.

Listen again to the noises around you.

They are the sign of the world that lives, and which has offered to free you from your weight.

Step #6: thank the world

So thank him.

Out loud or in your head, it hardly matters.

Gratitude is an important step in any letting go process.

You can now decide to include it in your daily life.

Waves that form soothing waves in the water.

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