Meditation to Combat Stress (Without Pressure)

As you will discover, today's guided meditation is a wonderful tool in the fight against stress.

As a result of our modern lifestyle, stress affects us all to some extent.

When we do not know how to fight it effectively, it then grows, taking up more and more space in our lives.

Its consequences can also become significant, with disruptions to your physical health, but also psychological, spiritual or energetic.

With this meditation to combat stress without pressure, you will be able to get rid of this parasite that pollutes your thoughts and your mood.

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Discover this meditation in video format

The effects of this meditation

Preparing for meditation to combat stress

The different steps

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Discover this meditation in video format

The effects of this meditation

Stress is undoubtedly the evil of the century. It creates depression, clouds the mind and generates anxiety.

With this guided meditation, however, you will be able to get rid of it and finally live in the present moment. With a few simple meditation techniques, you can see a reduction in stress.

As the consequences of stress on our lives are numerous, the benefits of what follows will inevitably be as well.

In particular, we can cite things like:

  • Improved sleep and reduced fatigue levels
  • More fulfilled relationships with others
  • Better mood in general
  • Recovered concentration and memory skills
  • Better regulation of the body, particularly at the hormonal or immune level
  • Less rumination, negative or intrusive thoughts

In reality, it's not so much about releasing several years of accumulated stress all at once (anyone who would promise you that would be a damn liar), but rather about ridding yourself daily of the weight of the worries of life. daytime.

In fact, this meditation to combat stress prevents it from accumulating, it also prevents it from making you aware of its biggest worries.

Several energy medicine stones, a soothing singing bowl and incense conducive to meditation

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


Preparing for meditation to combat stress

To prepare for this meditation against stress, I advise you to find a warm, welcoming and reassuring place.

This can be your bedroom, your living room or, why not, your garden.

If it's daytime, and the weather is nice, you can enjoy the sun's rays and their positivity. That said by the way, this advice applies to every moment of your life.

In terms of the position to adopt, you are once again very free.

If you practice meditation according to any school, take your usual position.

Otherwise, you can lie on your back, or simply sit in a chair.

Some people like to light a little incense, or other ingredients capable of triggering relaxation processes.

For this guided meditation, this is not recommended, because a significant part of the exercises are based on breathing, and the purification made possible by healthy air.

Buddhist monk meditating while sitting to relieve stress.

The different steps

These different stages are actually supposed to follow each other harmoniously, rather than being divided into distinct parts.

After all, this guided meditation forms a whole constructed as a single work, a single tool capable of functioning in its uniqueness.

In video and audio, no distinction is made.

The following breakdown therefore has the sole purpose of helping you, a posteriori, to understand the modes of action implemented within the framework of this meditation.

Step #1: A Quick Body Scan

Meditation begins now.

Place yourself in the position of your choice and observe your breathing for a few moments.

We will now proceed with a deep relaxation technique based on the gradual relaxation of your body.

Imagine a circle of light surrounding you, a sort of hoop large enough to contain you.

The light from this circle is not dazzling, but still powerful enough to emit a reassuring warmth.

Visualize this circle for a few moments surrounding your feet, and feel its warmth gently relaxing your toes... then the soles of your feet... then their backs... then your ankles.

This familiar warmth in which your feet are now bathed reminds you of the duvets of winter mornings, when it is good to wake up in bed.

The luminous circle now moves slowly, very slowly along your body.

Your calves…

Your thighs...

Your pelvis and your hands…

Your lower back, your stomach and your forearms…

In fact, it's a bit like slowly getting under a warm, cozy blanket.

Your bust and your arms…

Your shoulders...

Your neck...

And your face, slowly, each muscle relaxing one by one, all the way to the top of your head.

Step #2: the purifying breath

Now that your whole body is calm, feel your breathing... regular.

Breathe slowly and deeply.

Feel the air caressing the inside of our nose, your throat, and your lungs.

The air enters through your nostrils, then passes through your throat from top to bottom, before filling your rib cage, which then stretches gently... before releasing, letting the air travel the opposite way.

Inhale and feel this path again… then exhale.

Inhale… then exhale.

Inhale… then exhale.

Continue to focus on your breathing and the sensations it gives you, while listening to me.

With each exhale, you will now let the negativity leave you.

When the air reaches the end of its journey and is in your lungs, it actually takes on this negativity.

You visualize this in the form of gray smoke, which you gently expel with each exhalation, and which leaves you to dilute around you, then disappear entirely.

Inhale… then exhale.

Inhale… then exhale.

Each breath brings you new, fresh and pleasant air, offered by the world, capable of purifying.

Each exhalation relieves you of a little smoke.

Inhale… then exhale.

Inhale… then exhale.

With each cycle, a little less of the gray smoke comes out, its reserves diminishing little by little... until you feel a sweet serenity.

Inhale… then exhale.

Inhale… then exhale.

A weight has been lifted from you.

Inhale… then exhale.

Inhale… then exhale.

Step 3: thank you

Able to transmute it into positivity, the world has offered to relieve you of some of your stress.

Be grateful.

Inhale… then exhale.

Inhale… then exhale.

Every day now, when you wake up, remember to give thanks.

Inhale… then exhale.

Inhale… then exhale.

This meditation is now finished, but I invite you to continue the exercise for a few more moments.

Lotus flower, symbol of calm, inner peace and meditations.

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