Meditation to Know How to Calm and Relax Gently

Sometimes in life, we experience more tumultuous periods, where stress is daily and tension is present every moment of our days.

In times like these, it can be good to know how to calm down and relax. This is precisely what this guided meditation was designed to do.

By dissipating our internal tensions, we can sometimes even trigger more or less profound emotional releases which, ultimately, rebalance us and make our lives better.

Through this meditation to know how to calm down, relax and soften, you will have with you a daily weapon in the fight against your heaviest concerns and worries.

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Discover this meditation in video format

The effects of this meditation

Prepare for meditation to calm down and relax

The different steps

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Discover this meditation in video format

The effects of this meditation

When we hear “meditation for relaxation,” we immediately think of simple relaxation and relaxation techniques. This guided meditation will include some, yes, but not only that.

We are also going to add real energy work here, particularly at the level of the heart chakra, the one which governs self-confidence and peace, as well as some notions from mindfulness which helps us to refocus and focus on our feelings.

Practicing this meditation regularly to know how to calm down, relax and soften will offer you many benefits, among which we can cite:

  • A more serene vision of your future
  • A reduction in stress and its consequences on your life
  • Facilitated social relations, by a more pleasant character
  • More kindness towards the world, and vice versa
  • An ability to remain calm even in complicated situations
  • A clearer mind thanks to a reduction in parasitic thoughts

Several energy medicine stones, a soothing singing bowl and incense conducive to meditation

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


Prepare for meditation

The framework of this guided meditation must only meet one condition: be calm.

We are indeed going to practice some “mindfulness” type exercises, which too intense external stimuli could make complicated.

So any room in your house where you can be alone for a few minutes will do.

Some people also like to practice this guided meditation in nature, in the forest for example, but you will then have to be careful to deviate from the established paths to be sure not to be disturbed.

The position to adopt here is not fixed, but must however be sufficiently comfortable to be held for the duration of meditation.

So put on some loose, comfortable clothes, settle in, and let’s get started together…

Silhouette of a person doing yoga in front of a sunset.

The different steps

These different stages are actually supposed to follow each other harmoniously, rather than being divided into distinct parts.

After all, this guided meditation forms a whole constructed as a single work, a single tool capable of functioning in its uniqueness.

In video and audio, no distinction is made.

The following breakdown therefore has the sole purpose of helping you, a posteriori, to understand the modes of action implemented within the framework of this meditation.

Step #1: body relaxation

Whether you had a stressful day or not is of little importance, because now together we will calm down, relax and relieve the pressure.

A good way to calm your mind and calm your body.

By being in this position for these few moments that the meditation began, you have already come a good part of the way.

Linger for a few moments on your breathing, which will slowly slow down.

Your inhales are deep, and your exhales are slow.

Now feel each part of your body, and identify tensions, places that are more energized.

From top to bottom.

From the feet, to the thighs, to the hips, to the back, to the neck, to the face.

Each part one by one.

Maintain this physical relaxation, and focus again on your breathing.

Step #2: Let thoughts pass, without judging them

Breathe slowly.

You feel serene and, gradually, your mind no longer focuses on anything in particular.

You are here, in the present moment, calm and peaceful.

Take advantage of this physical state to clear your mind. Let the music resonate within you.

A few thoughts may occur, but they are of little importance, and pass quickly.

You are in the present, and the ideas that cross your mind are of no importance to what you are doing. So let them come and go, without judging them.

Music helps you with that.

Step #3: activation of the heart chakra

It is nice to feel your mind calm.

Your body is still just as relaxed.

Now focus on the sensations running through your body.

The energy is constantly moving there, as if an invisible but yet colorful fluid was following the path of your veins.

From the palms of your hands, towards the inside of your arms, you feel this energy.

The feeling is warm and luminous.

The energy continues its path towards your chest, then your heart.

From your feet, towards the outside of your thighs, you feel the same sensation... which reaches the bottom of your spine, and gently rises to the top of your head, then in turn joins your heart, illuminating along the way your face.

From this central point, energy flows throughout your body, as if a moving vital force were animating it. This is indeed the case.

Feel this energy flowing through you.

It brings you quiet strength, vitality but also great calm and pleasant serenity.

Step 4: thank you

Feel this energy flowing into your heart...the center of love...of love for you.

The great relaxation you experience is you who created it, you who gave it to yourself.

So thank yourself for that.

The energy that you may have felt actually makes up each living being, and the world as a whole.

Why not thank him too.

An attitude of kindness and gratitude is the greatest gift you can give.

This will help you maintain this calm, this relaxation that is now yours in your daily life.

Zen mountains full of calm, with a mist floating over them.

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Among the many objects that we offer to our community, we have notably collected some meditation tools.

Here is the collection in question, made up of objects from cultures from the four corners of the world but sharing the same goal: to help the practice of meditation or, quite simply, relaxation and relaxation.

In short, you will find singing bowls, various musical instruments, flags and decorations, reiki pendulums or even various ingredients and crystals.

Here is also a collection of free books that may help you in your life. Between healthy eating, self-hypnosis, prayers and self-confidence, many themes are covered in our library which, once again, has been entirely open to you.

If you would like to discover our other meditations, here is the section of our blog which brings them all together.

Here too, we wanted to deal with the most varied themes possible (within the limits of our knowledge, of course).

If, however, you do not find what you are looking for there, do not hesitate to tell us by leaving a comment in the section at the end of one of the meditations: we will read it and try to take it into account in our work at come !

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