Quantum Meditation for Healing with the Universe (full script)

Do you know that there is a higher intelligence, a kind of great consciousness that governs the universe?

Some call it God, and others Nature. Scientists talk more about physics and its rules.

In any case, one thing is certain: there is indeed an all-powerful force present everywhere which defines the laws of our world. The goal of the quantum meditation that will follow will simply be to bring you closer to this consciousness through work to raise awareness of your being in its matter and in its energy.

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Discover this meditation in video format

What is the principle of quantum healing?

The effects of this meditation

Preparing for Quantum Meditation

The different steps

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The History of Quantum Meditation

Discover this meditation in video format

What is the principle of quantum healing?

Quantum meditation is in fact part of a family of alternative medicines called “quantum therapies”.

Based on the principle of resonance, the aim of these therapies is generally to increase the energy levels (some speak of vibration) of the body through visualization exercises aimed at the direct activation of "flow" connecting us to the universe.

All this may seem complex to you but, don't worry, you will quickly understand what we are talking about.

A major element that differentiates quantum meditation from all other forms of meditation is that it does not only aim to calm and relax us, but to act on the matter that makes us up. By connecting us to the unchanging things of the world, this spiritual practice aims to expand our consciousness. This expression may sound "boaty" but, in reality, quantum meditation can place us in trance states where we become one with the universe, where our mind merges with the infinite.

Besides this, quantum meditation is known to work directly at the level of our cells. Some even claim that it can cure some.

By combining principles of mind-body medicine with quantum physics, quantum meditation aims to heal our being at the quantum level, at the quantum level (a component of matter even smaller than the atom).

Several energy medicine stones, a soothing singing bowl and incense conducive to meditation

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools

The effects of this meditation

You will often hear practitioners of quantum therapies talk to you about a “vital force”, a “cosmic energy” or an “elementary principle”. All of this actually describes the same thing: the essence of matter that is found in everything and that makes the world the way it is.

Through visualization (and therefore awareness), quantum meditation allows us to act directly on it and direct some of its flows in the direction of our well-being and our healing.

We will now illustrate this through two benefits (two, but there are many others) that this type of meditation will bring you.

Better concentration skills

Meditation helps increase our concentration abilities, it's a fact.

By practicing focusing on the moment and our sensations, our mind is trained to concentrate. Like an athlete's body, it gradually builds muscle and becomes sharper.

What's different about quantum meditation is how it works on our brain. Indeed, certain studies have shown the production of alpha waves during sessions practicing it, particular waves which travel through our gray matter and which determine our mental state (but not only that).

Concretely, the waves that we produce when we sleep, when we concentrate on our work and when we have fun are not the same. Alpha waves particularly help focus on a task and are associated with high productivity.

Practicing quantum meditations could thus train our brain to produce them, subsequently facilitating our concentration.

Healing at the cellular level

Please note, what follows is to be taken conditionally, as the scientific community does not yet admit the effects of quantum therapies.

From the point of view of tradition and spirituality, people suffering from chronic and degenerative illnesses could find relief through quantum meditation.

Modern medicine does not yet know how to answer all the questions, and it would seem entirely possible that work at a quantum level could provide better well-being in the face of illness.

In any case, many of those who suffer from this type of ailment look to quantum therapies and find there an easy way to feel better, a way to calm down and move towards peace through a deep meditative state.

If in addition a real action on their cells were proven, they would also find an interesting additional healing path!

Moment of meditation in front of a red sunset typical of autumn.

Preparing for Quantum Meditation

This guided meditation offers a journey within yourself aimed at healing our being at the quantum level. For the process to be carried out correctly, you will have to let go of your limiting beliefs. Time, causality, inner transformation: we are going to transcend all of this.

For it to be effective, quantum meditation must also be practiced in absolute calm. So look for a place without noise and hustle and bustle.

The spiritual phenomenon, almost alchemical, quantum in reality, which will occur here can put us in states of unusual consciousness. This should not come as a surprise, this is completely normal.

As for proper placement, simply sit in a chair. Place your feet firmly on the ground and let your legs relax. Also drop your shoulders. Relax your jaw, face and hands.

In short: take a comfortable position in which you can hold without any tension.

It's good ? So now we can begin.

Boy in front of an image of the moon, with stars and the milky veil.

The different steps

These different stages are actually supposed to follow each other harmoniously, rather than being cut into separate parts.

After all, this guided meditation forms a whole constructed as a single work, a single tool capable of functioning in its uniqueness.

In video and audio, no distinction is made.

The following breakdown therefore has the sole purpose of helping you, a posteriori, to understand the modes of action implemented within the framework of this meditation.

Step #1: Beginning and accepting meditation

Relax. Let your body go.

Close your eyes. During the next few minutes, listen to me and let my sentences resonate within you.

I become aware of my breathing.

I inhale. And I exhale.

I take a purifying breath, which frees my body of its tensions.

I observe my breathing calmly

I inhale. And I exhale.

Without trying to control it, I breathe.

I inhale. And I exhale.

Step #2: First Visualization of Quantum Energy

Science tells me that I am 99% void.

In every cell of my body, there is emptiness. And there is emptiness between the cells itself.

This empty space of matter, however, contains something: energy.

99% of me is energy.

I inhale. And I exhale.

By breathing in, I let what comes come. As I exhale, I let go of what is leaving.

I inhale. And I exhale.

Inspiration brings me a beautiful luminous energy, which enters my body and, like an ink stain, visits every corner.

I inhale. And I exhale.

Step #3: Let your instincts guide the healing

I now let my attention focus on different places on my body and, if one catches my attention in particular, I let it linger there.

Starting with the feet, I gradually move up to the waist, back, shoulders, head.

You may have felt warmth, tingling, energy...

This area that will be retained, now bring your attention there, and guide there the light energy that comes with your inspiration.

I inhale. And I exhale.

I inhale. And I exhale.

I inhale. And I exhale.

The action of this energy can take the form of a feeling of warmth, a color, a vibration felt.

I inhale. And I exhale.

Let the healing appear to you, and let go of all judgment about it.

I inhale. And I exhale.

This bright energy, this healing energy.

Step #4: Communion with the cosmos

I feel this moment, how the energies around me help me.

These energies are actually found throughout the universe.

With each breath, I will now imagine my inner energy, the same in reality as the one I was breathing in, expanding, stretching.

I inhale. And I exhale.

It takes up more and more space, and leaves my body.

I inhale. And I exhale.

Expanding, still expanding.

I inhale. And I exhale.

This energy is not matter, it is a void, it is the world.

I inhale. And I exhale.

This void is nothingness, and all at the same time, the universe.

I inhale. And I exhale.

Step #5: Return to calm

I now feel a positive energy circulating within me, circulating freely.

I inhale. And I exhale.

This energy is one with that of the universe. It is the same.

I inhale. And I exhale.

I feel great clarity, great positivity. My mind is awake, my body too.

I inhale. And I exhale.

I allow this positive energy to awaken me. And, little by little, I let his image fade, leave my mind.

I inhale. And I exhale.

Little by little, I regain awareness of matter and my environment.

I inhale. And I exhale.

The noises, the smells, the sensations on my skin.

I inhale. And I exhale.

I open my eyes, and am now ready to observe how this vital energy was present in me from the beginning, and how it has done me good.

I thank myself for that.

Lavender field full of colors and good energies.

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The History of Quantum Meditation

The concept of “quantum healing” stems from centuries-old spiritual practices but, strictly speaking, it was created in 1989 by an author named Deepak Chopra.

Through his book “Quantum Healing” (literally, “Quantum Healing”), he establishes the principles of this therapy. It notably discusses the ideas of spontaneous healing, the link between health and matter, vibrations and principles present in the universe.

By establishing a link between quantum physics (then little known to the general public), transcendental meditation and ancient principles from oriental medicines, Deepak Chopra created a fairly innovative method based on the visualization of an energy entering us, then of this energy expanding in the universe and, finally, of the awareness of what this energy is.

All spiritual considerations aside, recent studies have demonstrated real effects following the practice of quantum meditation. Scientists talk about a placebo effect but, of course, the effect is there.

Some health specialists sometimes advise the practice of guided meditations such as the one proposed here as a complement to some of their patients who are receptive to it. However, the subject is clearly debated in the medical profession, with some only wanting to rely on hard and conventional sciences.

Simple placebo effect, healing through a spiritual (or even sacred) principle or almost mechanical effect resulting from a science that we have difficulty understanding: quantum meditation remains a thorny subject today.

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