Soul Smuggler: find out if you are one, Develop Your Powers

Many films and books talk about soul smugglers, these beings having the parapsychic power to communicate with the dead. For many people, this is just science fiction. They believe that a smuggler of souls is a fictional character invented for the sole purpose of capturing the attention of spectators. However, they exist in the real world.

Just like shamans, healers or clairvoyants, each soul runner has inherited a particular gift. Moreover, he acquired this gift without wanting to.

But what is it about? What is the role of this different being? Discover with us all the mysteries around the smuggler of souls and the signs that could help you know if you are one.

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What is a smuggler of souls?

The role of the conveyor of souls

Develop your gift as a conduit of souls

Ways to recognize a soul smuggler

How to accompany a soul to the afterlife?

The main guides of soul smugglers

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What is a smuggler of souls?

First of all, it must be clarified that a smuggler of souls belongs to the spiritual family of smugglers. They are human beings with an innate ability that allows them to communicate with the spirits or souls of the deceased. In other words, they have a specific link with the invisible world, life in the afterlife. There are many testimonies about soul smugglers. They confirm that the latter really possess a specific power, difficult to understand for ordinary mortals.

A soul passer therefore has mediumistic abilities allowing him to speak with the dead and to manage problems relating to spiritual life. .. But where does this gift come from?

Until now, there is a great mystery about the origin of the power of soul smugglers. This is why they are considered mystical beings whose nature is beyond understanding. Perhaps one day science will be able to explain the phenomenon but, today, the only possible avenues are purely esoteric.

Another question that arises is: is a soul runner a medium? Certainly, they each have the power to communicate with the dead. However, their mission is very different. The medium often acts at the request of a living person who wishes to contact a deceased loved one.

On the other hand, the ferryman of souls is mainly at the service of deceased people who are going to begin a long journey into the world of spirits. This does not mean that he cannot provide help to the living. He is fully capable of intervening on souls still alive. Also note that being able to speak to the dead does not make mediums soul smugglers. Likewise, the latter are not necessarily mediums.

If you're still confused about what we're talking about, here's the Wikipedia definition of what a psychopomp is (this term is a synonym for "soul-smuggler", so its definition applies to our subject).

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The role of the conveyor of souls

The soul runner has many functions. In addition to establishing contact with the dead, it can intervene in multiple areas.

So now discover some of his roles.

Helping the souls of the deceased

First of all, it is important to specify that the souls of the deceased fall into two categories.

On the one hand, there are wandering souls, that is to say, disembodied spirits. Most of them usually come from violent death following a road accident, natural disaster or crime. Thus, they have not had time to realize the separation of their astral body from their physical body and are unable to put an end to their previous lives.

Then there are the souls attached to living people. In general, it is the living who hold them back. But it is also possible that souls do not wish to leave earthly life or the world of the living out of fear or doubt regarding the existence of another life after death. It may also be a simple desire to relive certain experiences.

This is why paranormal phenomena like haunted houses exist. The soul smuggler will come to the aid of these souls belonging to the spiritual worlds so that they can reach the light, go to the beyond.

Helping the living

The soul smuggler doesn't just make contact with death to free the wandering spirit. He also comes to the aid of the souls of the living, most often, by laying on of hands.

First of all, he plays the role of spiritual healer. In other words, he is an expert in spiritual medicine, a practice increasingly known in Europe. The principle is to place beliefs on metaphysical entities endowed with energetic powers in order to heal the body, mind and soul.

The soul runner is therefore capable of eliminating the energy blockages at the origin of various health disorders for physical and mental well-being. So, if you have health concerns, turning to a soul courier and her spiritual practice is an adequate solution. A spiritualism session with a soul smuggler also allows you to harmonize the energy centers and remedy energy variations.

This spiritual being also has the power to resolve personal and professional problems. As a spiritual guide, he can, among other things, speed up the healing of your broken heart after a breakup or guide you in finding true love. It is also endowed with a beneficial energy giving it the ability to help you improve your relationships with those around you and to help you resolve conflicts.

A specialist in communicating with the dead, the soul runner can also help you get in touch with the dead or a specific deceased person. He can also play the role of a clairvoyant medium, capable of transmitting messages from a divine entity, such as guardian angels.

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Develop your gift as a conduit of souls

Being a soul runner is a privilege since you have the opportunity to provide valuable assistance to wandering spirits. But it can also be a source of anxiety, especially if you don't know how to use your mediumistic ability. Having the gift is therefore not enough!

To fully develop your supernatural abilities and fulfill your role as a smuggler with complete peace of mind, taking training is a good option.

With this in mind, nothing is better than increasing your sensitivity to the subtle energies of our world, to spirituality and to hidden things. We could advise you on dozens of things to put in place to get there but, in the end, many of them are accessible through the objects in our collection dedicated to meditative practices. In particular, our guide to 19 meditations intended for practitioners, curious people and teachers will be an ideal starting point with a view to building your psychic sensitivity.

Besides this, there are currently establishments which offer adequate support to soul smugglers, especially beginners. During the course, you can initiate yourself to spiritual practice through the use of your gift. You will also discover the secrets of protection and the different ancestral techniques adopted by smugglers.

There are also books that might be useful to you. They generally talk about spirituality of an educational nature. The practice of meditation and yoga is also necessary in order to free yourself from anxieties, fears and all the energies that invade you.

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Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools

Ways to recognize a soul smuggler

Being a smuggler of souls without knowing it is a possibility. Remember that this is a naturally acquired gift. It can fall on anyone. Furthermore, many of us have this ability to communicate with spirits, but we try to hide it and ignore it for fear of judgment. In short, how do you know if you are a smuggler of souls?

There are several clues that could put you on alert.

The desire to help others

In general, soul smugglers work as doctors, nurses, midwives, teachers or life advisors. These individuals are caring by nature and they have a good heart. They also have a positive vision of humanity.

Soul smugglers also believe that every soul is worth saving. So, when you feel this desire to help your loved ones and people around you, chances are you belong to the family of smugglers.

Sensitivity to the feelings of others

The other symbol of soul smugglers is their strong sensitivity. Indeed, they are capable of feeling the energy released by each person around them. They are hypersensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. They are also empathetic and are able to feel the suffering of others.

A desire to play the role of savior

Soul smugglers usually develop Saint Bernard syndrome (or savior syndrome). This means that they like to help the most vulnerable. They place themselves in the place of the savior, sometimes to excess.

A feeling of being invaded by wandering souls

This is what clearly answers the question: “ how do we know if we are a smuggler of souls ?” ". If you belong to the family of smugglers, you will have extraordinary experiences. Indeed, you will feel the presence of several wandering souls waiting for their savior.

This can affect your physical health and you will be constantly tired, anxious or depressed. It must be emphasized that it is you, or rather your aura, which attracts the wandering spirit. These spiritual entities are waiting for you to guide them towards the light.

Furthermore, you will feel this luminous presence and you know deep down that you have a mission to accomplish. In addition to all this, you are always looking for ways to bring spiritual healing to these wandering souls.

A being who inspires confidence

Another sign of soul smugglers is this tendency to easily gain the trust of others. So, if you notice that people confide their secrets or their problems to you easily... If you have the gift of bringing them peace and relief... In short, if you have something that attracts living beings in search of well-being, this may be your gift of mediumship.

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How to accompany a soul to the afterlife?

To accompany a soul towards the light, the first thing to do is to recognize it and make contact with the deceased person. He must then be given personalized support so that he can release all his emotions.

The next step is to reassure him by explaining to him how the trip will go. We must then invite the soul to follow the light and verify that it has really passed into the spiritual world, or rather that of the invisible. Finally, remember to thank him for his trust, as well as that of the other beings of light who contributed to his passage to the beyond.

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The main guides of soul smugglers

Many people believe that someone who can speak with the dead is doing black magic. However, if a ferryman of souls manages to accomplish his mission correctly, in particular that of guiding souls towards the light, it is thanks to the guide of a divine entity. In other words, he owes his spiritual faculties and psychic powers to guardian angels and other archangels.

If all this seems confusing to you, here is a little tutorial to learn how to connect to your spiritual guide.

In short, in the world of spiritualism, these divine beings have the mission of helping smugglers identify the solution to ensure the passage of a soul to the beyond. They also provide positive energies which allow the practitioner to help mortals overcome their illness or discomfort. Furthermore, when the ferryman accompanies a soul towards the light, he often resorts to prayers. He can also rely on discussion or the use of visualization helped by his guardian angel or by saints.

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