Symbol of Friendship: a gift to share with your loved ones

Friendship is an essential value to human life.

Wanting to find a piece of jewelry that represents this beautiful value is completely normal. Wanting to offer it to those close to us is even more so!

So here we are going to list some lucky jewelry bearing symbols of friendship.

You will know what gift to give to your friends, or what symbol to keep with you to best cultivate your relationships.

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Why wear a symbol of friendship as a lucky charm

Symbol of friendship #1: the friendship bracelet

Symbol of friendship #2: the Celtic knot

Symbol of friendship #3: the Maori twist

Symbol of friendship #4: the eternal flower

Symbol of friendship #5: the Claddagh ring

A symbol of friendship as a tattoo?

But holding hands.

Why wear a symbol of friendship as a lucky charm

That’s true: why wear a symbol of friendship?

Well, wearing the same accessory as someone you care about will inevitably bring you closer to them.

It will be a way to show your friendship to the rest of the world but, above all, to remind you of the importance of your relationship.

Wearing a symbol of friendship is also a way to increase the power of your bond in a more… mysterious way.

Certain symbols are indeed renowned for their intrinsic powers.

Whether you believe in this kind of mystical phenomenon or not, millions of people believe in it... and get great results from it!

Is it psychological or esoteric?

The debate has begun. In any case, one thing is certain: wearing the right symbol of friendship through your lucky charms will help you strengthen your most sincere relationships.

Two friends wearing a friendship bracelet on their wrist.

Symbol of friendship #1: the friendship bracelet

A friendship bracelet is a kind of small cord braided with threads of many colors.

This is a very popular gift that many friends around the world like to exchange.

This unique bracelet is marked with tenderness and gratitude. Without any other connotation, it shows sincere friendly devotion.

If you have more than one person with whom you would like to share such complicity, this symbol of friendship is made for you: here you will find a set of ten friendship bracelets.

You will be able to please nine people, but also yourself.

Even more interesting, it is said that friendship bracelets allow you to make a wish.

Once attached around your wrist, you will have to wait for it to be detached by the action of time to see your wish granted.

Whether it is true or not, this is in any case a symbol of the attachment between two people, a symbol which will create a unique bond with those to whom you offer it!

Celtic knot of infinity, carved on a cross.

Symbol of friendship #2: the Celtic knot

In a sense therefore, the Celtic knot is very close to the friendship bracelet.

It is a symbol of the eternal friendship between two people, a platonic but extremely powerful bond.

Just like the lines of this stylized ring, the life paths of two friends are made to cross, and cross again, endlessly.

The symbol of Celtic friendship that we are talking about is even more linked to exceptional relationships.

It represents something infinite and eternal, something as solid as a rock and that nothing can ever change.

If you can think of a particular person reading these lines, give them a lucky charm showing this symbol of Celtic friendship and explain to them why.

If seduction is the prerogative of lovers, fidelity is undoubtedly that of friends. The messages carried by the Celtic knot will also show this.

Maori spiral engraved on a wall.

Symbol of friendship #3: the Maori twist

The Maori twist is made up of a loop whose two branches intersect at several points.

The message here is strong: two friends are two people with unique paths but who, when they meet, begin to become one.

With this symbol of Polynesian friendship, the feelings that unite such comrades are marked by great complicity and limitless attachment.

When the understanding between two people becomes so complete, we speak of an alter ego. Simple camaraderie then transforms into harmony.

In short, this pendant with a Maori twist will suit the most loyal allies.

In any case, this is a symbol of Polynesian friendship in a more than benevolent sense.

The sincerity of the feelings will be confirmed, and any chance of friendly infidelity will be ruled out.

A flower with petals of all colors.

Symbol of friendship #4: the eternal flower

We know that roses are symbols of love. They represent purity and devotion to the loved one.

Every man once gave such a flower to his girlfriend, and every woman once received one.

But do we know that roses are also used to show feelings of friendship?

Indeed, nothing better expresses the union (even purely friendly) between two beings than an eternal flower.

If unfortunately the plants of the world wither, this is not the case for those of lucky jewelry.

This is why this necklace decorated with a red rose is so appreciated by our community: its messages will never perish.

This is the symbol of an eternal friendship, a friendship that we want to see engraved in marble rather than in plants.

Yes: a bouquet of roses will wither. Offering such a necklace will therefore allow you to benefit from the language of flowers in a more lasting way.

Two Claddagh rings on purple petals.

Symbol of friendship #5: the Claddagh ring

The Claddagh ring (which you can find here) is a symbol of Irish friendship that you just have to look at to love.

It is a ring set with a heart (jasper, amethyst or crystal: there is no shortage of variations), itself surrounded by two hands and a crown.

The heart represents love and friendship. The hands are those of two people whose souls communicate. The crown represents the sacred and superior nature of such a relationship.

More than simple friendship, the Claddagh ring expresses boundless loyalty and sincere feelings.

In the past, this ring was used by young women to show that they were single.

Nowadays, it is more of a symbol of friendship (intended for women, it is true) to offer to anyone whose loyalty to you has one day marked you.

Some legends even say that this lucky charm is placed under the protection of the goddess Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of femininity and passionate love.

In short, the Claddagh ring is a good choice if the recipient of your gift is a delicate and nuanced person.

Two friends who had an anchor tattooed on their fingers.

A symbol of friendship as a tattoo?

Sometimes friends want to take it to the next level and want to get a joint tattoo.

The symbols of friendship that we have just seen are all valid, but there are other motifs here that are more suitable for ink drawings:

  • Anchors : They will symbolize a solid relationship that no wave can overthrow.
  • Intertwined hearts: Such stylized hearts simply show that your two hearts are connected.
  • Infinity : It will show a meaningful relationship lasting for life.
  • The arrow : The arrow is a symbol of Native American friendship that will be worn by those who have found each other.
  • A (pink) crystal : Agate, rose quartz, rhodonite or pink opal… You are spoiled for choice here when it comes to your pink colored crystal.
  • An Asian symbol : Certain Chinese ideograms express friendship, just like Japanese kanji. Choosing such a symbol will necessarily mark a relationship of sincerity.
  • Intertwined hands : Holding hands is a public and intimate sign at the end of a friendship without limits.
  • Songbirds : The symbolism of birds carries beautiful values ​​such as freedom, love and compassion... but also friendship.
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