The Om Mantra: understanding its Meaning as a Symbol

The Om symbol is one of the most mystical and sacred in all religions.

When we look at it, it appears to us in the form of curves, a bit as if a “30” had a semi-circle and a point above it.

This pattern is not traced in this way by chance, and together we will discover its esoteric meaning in this article…

Before being a symbol, Om is above all a sound, a powerful mantra with a very particular meaning.

Basically, "Om" is described by Hindu tradition as the original sound that resonated throughout the universe from its creation. We will talk about all this in more detail, but this simple fact already makes us understand the full scope of Om.

It is often said that by understanding the meaning hidden deep within Om, we also understand everything that makes up the universe, what connects beings together.

To finish this article, we will discuss the many benefits that the Om mantra can have when chanted. Believe us: they are numerous and each one more interesting than the last.

In short, let's begin our study immediately on the meaning of Om with a few words on its history in the sacred texts of Hinduism.

Contents :

The Upanishads and Vedanta

The symbol of Om: the different states on the path to awakening

The place between Om and the Hindu gods

The Om mantra is one of the most powerful!

Chanting the om mantra has many virtues

Om in yoga practice


Open page of a sacred text of Hinduism speaking of the meaning of Om.

The Upanishads and Vedanta

The first mention of Om is found in a set of sacred texts known as the “ Upanishads ”, and more precisely in the book of “Mandukya Upishad”.

This writing, considered by many to be foundational for Hinduism, explains the different theories as to the meaning of the sound "Om".

Indeed, we are not talking here about the symbol as such, but about the sound you make when you pronounce it.

In short, the Upanishads present Om to us as “ something immutable and eternal in its essence, and in which is found everything that existed in the past, exists now and will exist later, as well as time itself. even in its nature.

This description of Om as an absolute and total sound presents it to us in any case as very powerful!

Yes, it is not for nothing that the Hindu religion decided to make it its official emblem.

In particular, the so-called “Vedanta” school, one of the six most widespread branches of Hinduism, gives particular importance to Om, which it considers to be an inexhaustible source of life, knowledge and truth.

All this may seem exaggerated, but it is the truth: Om as a symbol or mantra is considered by tens of millions of people to be the most powerful thing in the world.

A bracelet, a pendant and a ring all marked with the symbol of Om

calm down, anchor yourself

the om symbol will simply help you


The symbol of Om: the different states on the path to awakening

When we look at the symbol that represents it, the Om appears to be made of a combination of curves, a sort of crescent and a point. Each of these elements actually has a very specific meaning.

Concretely, Om represents the different states of consciousness through which we pass on our path towards spiritual awakening.

Here is a more in-depth analysis of the Om symbol:

  • The bottom curve : This curve represents the deep sleep state. This is the lowest level of consciousness, which corresponds to an absence of sensation and a completely closed mind.
  • The middle curve : Associated with the dream state, this part of Om corresponds to the moment when our consciousness is active but turned towards our inner being. It is possible to experience happiness in this state, although we are cut off from the outside world and reality.
  • The top curve : Here, we are facing the waking state, a kind of semi-consciousness where our senses are in contact with the outside world, although we do not control them.
  • The point above : Superior to the rest of the symbol, the point represents the state of enlightenment, a kind of spiritual absolute whose quest is one of the main goals of Hinduism. Each person who achieved this state would experience peace and happiness through a direct connection to the essence of the divine.
  • The crescent between the point and the rest of the symbol : This curve actually represents an illusion, a final obstacle which separates the meditator from awakening when he has succeeded in overcoming all other tests.

This message of developing consciousness leading to enlightenment is the main one carried by our collection of jewelry and lucky charms based on Om (to which you have access here).

Statues of several Hindu deities placed in a temple.

The place between Om and the Hindu gods

The symbol of Om is therefore really something very (but very) powerful.

However, its meaning goes even further than a simple representation of the path to enlightenment: yes, it is also associated with some of the most powerful Hindu gods.

The powers of Om could therefore be much more concrete than you thought.

Om and Ganesh, god of knowledge and wisdom

Very often, the symbol of Om is associated with the Hindu god with the head of an elephant, the very famous Ganesh (on whom you will find more information here).

According to the worshipers of this divinity, the shape of Om vaguely resembles that of an elephant: the curves on the left would be its head and its belly, while the one on the right would symbolize its bust.

This theory leaves us perplexed and we see, for our part, nothing very concrete in it.

Where, on the other hand, Om comes close to the characteristics of Ganesh, it is through its link with knowledge, intelligence and wisdom.

Om and Brahma, creator god of the universe

As the first sound of the universe, the Om mantra is closely linked to creation…and therefore a creator!

In Indian mythology, it is precisely Brahma who plays this role. If you are curious about its history, here is its Wikipedia page where you can learn many things.

What interests us is in reality a simple legend.

One day, this powerful divinity awoke to utter a cry into the void, a sort of great creative vibration from which matter and our material world emerged.

This cry, you must suspect, was Om.

Om and the Hindu Trinity

As we have seen, the Om symbol can basically be divided into three parts.

This leads to a whole bunch of more or less spiritual considerations and reflections on the ideas of trinity and tripartition.

Here are some of them present in the Hindu religion:

  • The trio of god Brahma, Vishnu and Krishna
  • The three kingdoms of earth, heaven and hell
  • Peace achieved through freedom from fear, anger and desire

In Hinduism therefore, but also in the Christian religion or ancient Celtic-Germanic Paganism: the concept of trinity is present in many spiritualities.

This leaves us, to say the least, wondering about its scope…

In any case, there is nothing surprising in the fact that so many followers of Hindu schools seek to pay homage to the sacred by wearing this style of pendant with the symbol of Om.

Several energy medicine stones, a soothing singing bowl and incense conducive to meditation

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


The Om mantra is one of the most powerful!

Sacred chanting is recognized as one of the most powerful spiritual practices in the world.

Anyone has been able to verify in their life the effect that such practices have on our mind, on our body and even on our soul.

As such, there are few cultures that have developed as advanced an art as the Indians have.

After all, we are talking here about the creators of the famous mantras!

Based on Hindu (and sometimes also Buddhist) teachings, a mantra is actually a reference to a word, sound or phrase that is repeated multiple times in succession during deep meditations.

The use of sacred mantras is known to have powerful effects on human beings. Healing, (re)connection, development of consciousness, reaching a trance state: the uses of songs are numerous and all very interesting.

As such, the Om mantra is one of the most effective.

If you have read the beginning of our article, you know all the grandeur and sacredness it contains.

From the moment when singing the mantra Om amounts to singing the sound that resonated in the universe at the time of its creation, it is obvious that this can only reconnect us to the essence of things (to ours, but also to that of the world).

In short, it is quite easy to understand why so many schools and spiritual movements place Om as the king of mantras!

Om symbol painted in white in front of a landscape full of plants.

Chanting the Om mantra has many virtues

Reciting the Om mantra for hours on end may seem like a tedious task...and it is.

Not all of us have enough time in our days to devote to our spiritual practices.

However, have no fear: even if you only do it for a few minutes here and there, you will already be able to benefit from many of the benefits that mantra chanting has to offer you!

Whether you suffer from stress, concentration, sleep, energy or morale problems, this practice, close to meditation in many points, could well be the solution you have been waiting for!

In short, let's now see together the main benefits that the om mantra can bring you.

A powerful meditation tool

The sound “Om” being at the source of all creation, its vibration alone is a formidable tool.

If for example we sing it at the beginning or end of our meditation sessions, while fixing our will and our intention on a particular thing, the quantities of energy that you will send to it (to this thing) will be very important.

According to the law of attraction present in the universe, energizing a desire or an idea in this way can only help you achieve it, a bit as if calling it was enough to attract it to you.

As a general rule, what we send out always comes back to us in one form or another.

To go further, here is a page talking about the power of intention in meditation which is quite interesting and which covers the subject in more depth.

In any case, one thing is certain: by its oh-so-special and powerful character, the Om mantra is undoubtedly the ideal vector for transporting our energy and our intention as close as possible to what makes up the essence of our world.

The Om mantra to reduce stress and anxiety

During certain forms of meditation, practitioners have noticed that reciting this mantra makes it easier to detach from oneself.

In fact, it's quite difficult to explain this experience to someone who hasn't had it. Roughly speaking, you can compare this to an abandonment of ego and individuality.

In short, by helping you to detach yourself in this way, the om mantra allows you to move away from your worries and daily worries, thus allowing your being to recharge its batteries far from all negativity.

Even if you do not have this type of mystical experience, reciting Om will certainly allow you to better anchor yourself in the present moment, to feel your sensations, your needs and your lacks, and to free your mind from the many mental parasites which could then occupy it.

These beneficial effects, correctly used, can help you experience a more serene, more peaceful and more balanced state.

More energy and more endorphins

If you feel sluggish, tired, or even downright lethargic on a daily basis... in short, if you lack energy, chanting the Om mantra could well dry up the source of your problems.

This type of meditation (some will call it meditation) often allows you to gain energy through a sort of inner “refreshment”.

When the stress and worries of your daily life undermine your morale and health, you feel tired. If you don't do anything about the problem, your energy level will gradually drop and the situation will only get worse.

There are a whole host of solutions to put an end to this truly vicious circle. Some are natural (without any hesitation, these are the ones we recommend) and others, a little less.

Among all the tools we have in hand, the use of the powers of Om stands out for its great purity in its effects and ease of implementation.

A way to activate the chakras and prana

Eastern philosophies, from Hinduism to Taoism, including Feng Shui and Buddhism, all admit the existence of an invisible energy which passes through and animates the human body.

Sometimes known as chi, ki or mana, the Indians refer to it as “prana”.

Basically, a meditation focused on the symbol of Om or the recitation of the associated mantra allows you to awaken prana and make it more active.

However, prana is not the only energy body on which our famous sound works: it has the power to activate certain chakras.

In particular, sages and gurus associate it with the heart chakras (linked to love and compassion), the third eye (linked to intuition and clairvoyance) and the crown chakra (linked to connection to the divine).

If in this respect, there are two accessories that have had notable effects on those who wore them, it is this bracelet and this ring.

Quite simple in their design, they nevertheless possess all the sacred energy of Om.

The Om mantra to control your emotions

Basically, our brain is that of an animal which, subject to dangers and external stimuli, must be able to react immediately, even when the risk is minimal.

All of this allowed us to survive over time... but with a certain cost: very often, humans have difficulty controlling emotions and their feelings.

To be able to live in society, however, we have learned to internalize them and not show our anxieties to others. Here again this has a price: some of us store and accumulate negativity to an excessive extent.

This can cause a whole host of problems, from the stress and fatigue we've talked about, to more serious illnesses like cancer.

Knowing how to control our emotions and move beyond them turns out to be something absolutely necessary if we want to live happily.

Fortunately, and this is why we are not talking to you here, meditation and recitation of the Om mantra is one of the many ways we can use to achieve this.

Two women participating in a yoga session while reciting the Om.

Om in yoga practice

We could not talk about the symbol of Om without talking about yoga.

Considered by many as simple gymnastics, yoga is a Hindu school in its own right.

Basically, its goal is to place human beings in a state of harmony with the world through very specific movements practiced in a state of full self-awareness.

To learn more, here is an article describing what yoga is.

Yoga therefore has many lesser-known tools, such as certain forms of meditation or the recitation of prayers and mantras.

If you have ever attended a yoga session (a real one, not the one we unfortunately find too often in our countries), then you have undoubtedly heard the Om recited religiously.

Like most other streams of Hinduism, yoga places Om as the most sacred thing in existence.

Some teachers use it without really understanding its meaning, simply because they have noticed its effects.

After activating our body, our soul and our aura through a well-done yoga session, reciting the Om mantra allows us to recalibrate and reharmonize with the world.

When, in addition, the whole group sings it at the same time, the feeling of unity between participants is only increased tenfold.

A statue of a Hindu deity and several other lucky charms from Hinduism

The mysteries of the Orient

through the ancient wisdom of Hinduism



You will have understood: Om is a symbol, but also a sound and a mantra. For Hindus, it is even the very first sound which created our universe and matter.

The benefits it can have on our health are numerous, and we do not miss its spiritual uses either.

Yes, there are really great things hidden behind the symbol of Om. There is therefore nothing (and really nothing) surprising that it has been used as a good luck charm for centuries in India.

The different jewels that we have talked to you about throughout this article are there to show it : he is capable of creating art that is not only good but also very powerful based on the symbol of Om.

In the end, its meaning is quite well described in Indian sacred texts, but it is up to you to give it something more personal.

Whether you're looking to reconnect, chase negativity out of your life, or experience a greater sense of oneness (with the world or with others), Om will deliver what you expect.

This article is now finished. We sincerely hope that you will find more and that the information provided will have been useful to you.

If you have any comments, questions or reactions, do not hesitate to send us an email or leave a comment just below, we will respond as much as possible and will be very happy to discuss with you!

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