The symbol of Cho Ku Rei: use Reiki Energy

The Cho Ku Rei is a powerful and mysterious symbol. It carries within it a power that many can only imagine, and its practical uses are numerous.

But actually, what do you know about Cho Ku Rei?

Coming from reiki, too few people have heard of him... and that's a shame!

Yet here we are talking about an energy vector that is simple to use and from which each of us can benefit in our daily lives. With notions of harmony, accuracy, kindness and interconnection, the messages carried by Cho Ku Rei are also very interesting.

Through a study on this symbol in particular, we will try in this article to understand how simple motifs can be used to help us grow our spirituality, learn more about ourselves and, quite simply, improve our life.

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Introduction: What is reiki actually?

Understanding the Cho Ku Rei symbol

Amazing energy!

Different uses of Cho Ku Rei

And so ? How to implement all this?

Cho Ku Rei as a mantra

Three Japanese lucky charms: a Maneki Neko figurine, omamoris and a daruma doll

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


Introduction: What is reiki actually?

To fully understand the symbol of Cho Ku Rei that we are going to talk about, you must first learn more about the doctrine/philosophy/school (call it what you want) which saw its birth: reiki.

Simply put, reiki is a form of alternative therapy based on energy healing processes.

Appearing in Japan during the 17th century, it would also seem that its roots and the teachings on which this practice is based are much older.

If you have never participated in a reiki session, know that there is nothing spectacular about it in itself, at least from an outside point of view.

Most often, the practitioner will work by laying on of hands (or sometimes also using tools such as pendulums, a copy of which you will find here) in order to transmit his energy to the patient.

This energy, moreover, is not that of the patient, but rather that of the universe. This seems a bit pompous as it is, but it is nevertheless the reality.

The Reiki practitioner will in fact seek to channel certain vibrations to retransmit them in the chosen way.

Besides this, a traditional session also involves relaxation, breathing and meditation exercises.

Reiki is thus a seemingly simple method, but which requires great technical skill.

When it is practiced well, the benefits are numerous. For example, we can cite:

  • The initiation of self-healing processes
  • A reduction in certain types of pain
  • Reduced stress and discomfort
  • General improvement in health
  • Ease of taking a fair and peaceful look at the world and what is happening to us
  • And many other benefits

We are therefore talking here about an art so complex that it is difficult to learn it in one go. (It could even be dangerous for you and those you practice on).

Reiki has thus been divided into several “branches”, notably that of its symbols.

If you are interested in spiritual practices in general, you will undoubtedly like our collection of tools and accessories dedicated to meditation.

So, now that we have (very) quickly described what reiki is, let's take a closer look at Cho Ku Rei.

Pebble stone on which the Cho Ku Rei is traced.

Understanding the Cho Ku Rei symbol

Yes, the use of energy symbols is indeed an important part of reiki… and what a part!

In summary, using a symbol like Cho Ku Rei during your sessions will allow you to increase the effects of your practice and open new paths that will help you achieve your goals.

Very often, using the right symbol at the right time can be the “little extra” that makes all the difference.

In short, understanding what is hidden behind Cho Ku Rei can only help you develop your techniques and skills.

From a purely material point of view, this symbol of reiki is represented by a horizontal line which suddenly goes downwards forming a right angle. Once you reach the bottom, this line begins to form a spiral which then turns towards its center.

This alone carries great spiritual messages.

It is often said that the horizontal line represents the connection with the energy of the universe. She is the “highest thing” in Cho Ku Rei.

The vertical line that follows indicates how this energy sometimes accesses our material world, a bit as if it passes from one plane to another.

The spiral shows us how energy can also behave and move in a paradoxical way in the face of established rules.

Some also describe the horizontal line of Cho Ku Rei as a representation of the chakra line in the human body.

As such, it is interesting to note that the spiral cuts it into seven points... which then represent the seven chakras!

In any case, one thing is certain: the symbol of Cho Ku Rei expresses an awareness of energies and the way they work.

If you also want to benefit from its astonishing powers, take a look at this pendant decorated with Cho Ku Rei. It will allow you to easily enjoy all the benefits of this symbol on a daily basis.

Several energy medicine stones, a soothing singing bowl and incense conducive to meditation

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


Amazing energy!

In fact, reiki in its essence is linked to energy work.

The term itself is derived from two Japanese words: rei and ki. Rei means “higher power” or “spiritual power” while ki translates as energy (this word is very close to the Chinese “chi”).

Reiki would thus consist of the use of a sort of “spiritual force energy”… Interesting!

Concretely, using Cho Ku Rei will allow you to take, channel and redirect this energy according to your goal.

Yes, symbols constitute the main tools of many reiki practitioners. This is so true that most of them refuse to explain to the public how they use it in practice, for fear that their art will be misused.

One thing, however, appears to be a constant: the use of Reiki symbols constitutes a form of energy work.

Whether it's charging, purifying, or strengthening, there will always be a way to use the energy of Cho Ku Rei.

We will describe all of this in more detail in the next paragraph…

Woman practicing spiritual arts in the midst of an ethereal environment.

Different uses of Cho Ku Rei

You will have understood: the symbol of Cho Ku Rei is very powerful and will bring you its energy (or rather, bring you the energy of the universe).

This is all well and good… but how exactly can you use it?

Well, it is exactly this question that we will now try to answer.

Between healing, potentiation of other symbols and calming of our relationships, let us now focus on the uses of Cho Ku Rei.

A tremendous effect on energies in general

Cho Ku Rei is often described as “the greatest of Reiki symbols”. This is not entirely false.

It has the astonishing ability to potentiate the power of other symbols with which it will be used. In other words, it will increase its effects.

Often, it is even described as a kind of switch capable of activating (or not) certain energy flows.

Truly, we are talking about one of the most powerful motives here.

Many of those who have used it during their reiki sessions have reported very tangible effects on their energy, almost as if they felt the ki running through their body and could better control it.

In any case, one thing is certain: using Cho Ku Rei as a catalyst can be effective.

In particular, this can be a good idea when it comes to physical or emotional healing, purification or increasing concentration abilities.

If this kind of consideration speaks to you, here for example is an article on self-healing as well as another on concentration meditation which will allow you to go further.

Dispel negative energies, attract positive ones

More than just a catalyst, Cho Ku Rei has powers that he can express on his own. It is a great way to remove negative energy from a room or entire house.

This symbol can therefore be very useful in places where bad waves tend to accumulate.

Even if the ideal is of course to prevent this from happening, we are not all experts in Feng Shui and Zen decoration!

Cho Ku Rei, chakras and conflicts

When you find yourself in conflict with someone, you are actually experiencing separation from that person.

This creates a lack in you which is felt particularly at the level of the solar plexus chakra, the one which is most linked to emotions.

A good way to remedy this type of deficiency (some call it imbalance) is to reconnect with the energy of the universe.

Our modern way of life tends to distance us from each other and, above all, from the essence of things.

By connecting to the symbol of Cho Ku Rei, we reconnect through it to the primordial energy of our world and can therefore resolve our emotional disturbances.

Improve our relationships with others

The final use of Cho Ku Rei that we would like to discuss here is improving our relationships with others.

This phenomenon is based on exactly the same resonance as the previous point. All living beings are in reality made from the same impulse of life, from the same energy.

Getting closer to this energy through the symbol that we have been talking about so far can certainly be a good way to bring us closer to others.

Young woman practicing meditation according to the Reiki doctrine on a beach in front of the sea.

And so ? How to implement all this?

So we now know the main uses of Cho Ku Rei... but practically, in reality, how can we use it?

Answering this question is actually quite complicated, as the techniques implemented by Reiki practitioners can be so personal.

In general, however, Cho Ku Rei will be used at the start of sessions in order, as we have already told you, to increase the power of the symbols and rituals which will be used subsequently.

This is often done through drawings on the body, particularly around main energy centers.

Some practitioners also like to draw the Cho Ku Rei pattern in the room where the session takes place in order to provide it with an aura and a protective atmosphere.

Even if at first you don't get great results, don't give up: as is often the case when it comes to energy work, it will probably take you some time to fully understand this symbol.

Once you live at Cho Ku Rei, however, you will easily see everything it has to offer you.

Several sound therapy instruments: a singing bowl, a temple gong and a wooden musical instrument

Vibrate, feel, heal

thanks to sound therapy and its instruments


Cho Ku Rei as a mantra

Earlier, we talked to you about Cho Ku Rei as a symbol, a pattern to draw.

However, there is another way to use it: in the form of a mantra.

To put it simply, a mantra is a sacred phrase or sound that is repeated during meditation in order to obtain certain benefits.

There are thousands of different mantras and their uses are extremely varied. (Here, for example , are seven whose powers are explained to you here. )

In short, the one that interests us here will be used to emit energy around us. Basically, reciting the sound “Cho Ku Rei” will energize your own environment.

With enough experience, some are able to energize a specific area, your part of their body... During reiki sessions based on the imposition of hands, we immediately see what this can be used for!

Let us also point out that, despite the strictest possible transmission of the tradition, it sometimes happens that it is modified.

Typically, it is not impossible that the symbol of Cho Ku Rei has been alternated since its creation.

The sound used to pronounce it, due to its simplicity, is however much more complicated to modify. Using it is therefore in a way the assurance of remaining faithful to the original tradition.

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