Understanding Karmic Knots (definition & liberation)

The karmic knot is a very ancient esoteric notion which refers to patterns of behavior and experiences that we are led to relive again and again.

This phenomenon can occur during one life, but also over several successive incarnations.

It is extremely important to analyze and understand them. Indeed, esotericists around the world consider the concept of the karmic knot as a powerful tool that could help explore the cycles of human existence and find solutions to some of our problems.

Contents :

1. What is a karmic knot?

2. Karmic knots, debts and wounds

3. How to free yourself from your karmic knots?

4. Let’s stop repetition patterns!


What is a karmic knot?

A karmic knot is the source of a situation that repeats itself and in which we cannot find a solution.

We are talking here about these recurring patterns that keep coming back, and for which it seems impossible to find a satisfactory solution. These problems can be linked to romantic, financial or professional relationships.

Most often, this type of blockage results from karma accumulated over time and intended to teach you certain vital lessons so that you can grow spiritually.

Karmic knots are therefore painful experiences, but very useful, because they allow us to learn more about ourselves and our past lives.


Karmic knots and debts

Karmic knots and debts are esoteric concepts that help us understand the essence of karma.

To understand the parallels that exist between all these concepts, let's analyze together what they are.

A karmic knot is a recurring situation or problem in your life that appears due to accumulated karma from the past. Karmic knots are often caused by the unresolution of previous conflicts such as personal dissatisfaction, jealousy or pent-up anger.

A karmic debt is a specific form of karmic knot created by passive or aggressive actions committed against others without consideration for their future effects. Karmic debt usually manifests itself in the form of financial, relational or spiritual difficulties that can affect our physical and mental well-being at this time. Once identified, it may then be possible to get to the bottom of the problem to find its source and become aware of our past faults, in order to break the vicious cycle created by our own errors.

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How to free yourself from your karmic knots?

Releasing your karmic knots is an essential step to achieving inner peace and happiness.

Indeed, a karmic knot will prevent us from living our existence fully, by limiting our possibilities and blocking access to certain opportunities.

In fact, freeing our knots can be achieved through various means such as meditation, magical rituals or even energy treatments.

The first thing to do to free yourself from your karmic knots is to identify their root causes. This can take time, because we explore our consciousness in order to find the precise point from which we accumulated this type of obstacles.

Once this cause is identified, then comes the crucial phase: working on it so that it can no longer affect your daily life. To achieve this, specialized personal support can be very beneficial.

External help will in fact simultaneously allow you to have a clear vision of things, and to intensify the process towards spiritual and physical healing thanks to appropriate techniques (reiki, acupuncture, naturopathy, etc.).

Let's stop_the_repetition_schemas

Let's stop the repetition patterns!

Karmic knots can be related to past experiences or poor mental programming. People who experience a karmic knot often find themselves stuck in the same type of situation, regardless of the action taken to get out of it.

Here, nothing will be more essential than immediately stopping the negative repetition patterns that make up our days.

The first thing to do is to become aware of the problem so that you can begin the healing process. It means accepting what has brought us here and recognizing our responsibilities in our own personal evolution.

When you understand how your karma works, you can then release the past wounds that keep the cycle in place and regain control over your future.

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